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  1. BigEdMo

    USJ vs JCS

    Sounds right. JC got a gift. I just Never seen before and just had basketball to go by.
  2. BigEdMo

    USJ vs JCS

    Sounds right. To be honest just never seen it in football.
  3. BigEdMo

    USJ vs JCS

    For the life of me I could Not figure it out. But the delay of game sounds right and would have moved it back 5 yards. I will Say it even though they are a rival but USJ got hosed on calls all night. Now the unsportsmanlike calls are another story. But I can Understand the frustration building all night.
  4. BigEdMo

    USJ vs JCS

    Ok not beating a dead horse. Curious what type of penalty should have been called for JC asking for a timeout when none are left. In basketball it is a technical foul and loss of possession. It was 4th and 17 when JC called the fourth timeout.
  5. TSSAA just posted that Mckenzie will get 4 timeouts per half. The standard was established this past Friday.
  6. BigEdMo

    USJ vs JCS

    Nope I watched it again and 4 were given
  7. BigEdMo

    USJ vs JCS

    Jc was granted a 4th timeout before the 4th and 17 play.
  8. BigEdMo

    USJ vs JCS

    How many time outs does a team get per half. Asking for a friend.
  9. BigEdMo

    USJ vs JCS

    Man what a game. Throw my records out the window.
  10. BigEdMo

    USJ vs JCS

    JC opponents this year are 0-13 on the season. Hmmmmm. Not starting anything. Just facts and yes Usj opponents only have 4 wins total. But that is more than 0
  11. Good luck to you guys. Hope y’all get it back rolling. Man I wish We could play in the non region game. We reached out this year with all of the covid stuff but y’all had already scheduled a game.
  12. I still Have nightmares from Neary. He was a stud.
  13. Should. Covid I think Is the only thing that stops them. But to y’all game. Dirty birds still have not recovered from goldsmith taking it to the house from the one yard line. Tide big. Hahahahahaha. Miss you redbirds.
  14. Still roaming around. He has been on the middle school side watching my 8th grade. We will be back up with the big boys soon.
  15. That’s it. Pissed off and need some roughage.
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