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  1. Did I hear That Douglas had a bye week going into the playoffs. Did a region 8 team really forfeit their last game to Douglas. Wow that means they had 2 weeks to rest and practice for UC offense. Hmmmmm. Oh and also Mitchell had the same thing. Sounds like R8 pulling out all the stops to try to take out R7. Something smells fishy to me.
  2. Funny Douglass had a forfeit the last week also. Both were region games. And Mitchell knew early enough to come scout. Hmmmmmm sounds fishy. 2 teams region 8 had two weeks to prepare for the playoffs. Sounds like Memphis is back to their old tricks
  3. Did I hear Correctly, Mitchell had a bye week last week leading to the playoffs??? Because a forfeit. Must be nice to rest and prepare for 2 weeks going into the playoffs.
  4. Brother stats can be deceiving in Memphis. They may have passing stats but against who. Also it showed no rushing yards. My guess is they use the short pass as a run.
  5. They had multiple layers and they spent more time adjusting their gear. I dont Know why Memphis teams don’t like to hit. Heck when it gets cold it hurts more to me also.
  6. Another thing to consider. It will be 35 degrees at kick off. Mitchell players will bundle up and it will slow them down. Also when we went there and beat them we hit em hard. They did not like hitting in the cold. Mckenzie needs to go in smack em hard and keep hitting to the end of the whistle.
  7. South side will be no match. Jackson schools are weak this year.
  8. You know highlight films out of Memphis are not true. UC will pop them in the mouth and the coaches will not be able to adjust. Period
  9. Again I quoted Vandyfan. Stop jumping in. I don’t really care how much you practice whatever. You straddle the fence with TCA because of your grandson. So save It. You are part of the problem or part of the solution. I have never put huntingdon down and i don’t have blood attending there. Good night. And again good luck in the play offs. From history you need it.
  10. Sorry for the redirect. Just defending my points. I am Not the normal private guy. Go “old school”. Go public. I love The hard nosed, go with what you have game.
  11. Man I like the record. But I want The ending. Chunk the ball a couple of times you take the next step. But if your happy with third round then I am Also.
  12. This is from a man that has seen a little football. As I have Said you can’t put a square peg in a round hole. If the stangs don’t toss it a little they will be out again.
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