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  1. Looks like Diffee will be bringing the greatest show on turf in Milan next year.
  2. That just means they will be 5th year seniors next year. Freshman year was redshirt year when they were all at trezevant.
  3. I know This thread is for the Germantown hire. But! What does this do for Fairley? There will now be mass transfers to Germantown and other schools now.
  4. I guess The Chargers are waiting for the Titans run to end so that they can request contact with Mike Vrabel for their coaching vacancy.
  5. Whatch it. Ma mamma ma say you better watch out talkin like that. That is an opinion that is not accepted here. Hahahahaha
  6. Thank you. I’ll be here all week!!!! Hahaha
  7. Greenfield coach is still out there.
  8. Man you better watch out. Momma might get after you.
  9. Trader I hear Ya. The coaching lost the game that night. You shot gun all night then you try to go under center to end the game and you fumble. I go Back to tca and we shot gun every play. Not matter what. Heck a few years ago tca had the ball on the one yard line and needed to just get a play off to end the game against Adamsville. We still snapped in shotgun and ended the game. That is coaching. Peabody I love Ya but that night the Fairley players and team beat you. Their coaches gave you the game at the end on the scoreboard. Part of being a champion is also recognizing the gifts that every champion gets throughout a season that gets them there. No championship team never made it to the end with a break or a gift. Coaching beat Fairley. Their own and Peabody
  10. What the heck. I go Away because people have hurt feelings because people can’t handle opinions. But this is a thread on TCA vs GCA and now it is a moaning and gripping about the coaching or the best players not getting the touches. Heck sounds like the football threads. Good grief. Suck it up. Support your coach, you know the one who lead you to the title last year. Trust the system and sit the ones who do not buy in. Heck y’all will blame the privates next. Hahahahaahahaha.
  11. Trader I had Signed off for a while because people had gotten cloudy. Don’t you know people can’t have an OPINION! Keep talkin the truth brother!!!!
  12. Bless your heart. No ma’am I did Not come at you first or quote you first. You told me to take a seat. So go check your posts before you try to point out to me. So don’t throw the rock then hide the hand and say poor me you are coming at me now. I posted And gave my opinion on an open forum. Since you have been on here for a while you should know this.
  13. You quoted me. So shut up and support your son and leave me out of it then. I didnt Come at you. If you don’t like responses then I suggest To sign off. Ha newbie.
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