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  1. Bingo. And I feel Humboldt lost Friday but had a great showing. They are slowly starting to get their feet under them. Storied program. Hope they can get it back.
  2. Thanks brother. The Tide is still high I see Keep it rollin.
  3. Good win tonight. Work to do and now on to week 2.
  4. I agree St George ranked 2nd in D2AA and they were beat by the number 9 in D2A. Commercial appeal does not have a clue. St George is weak and plays dirty because they are no good.
  5. I bet I know A neighbor y’all want to embarrass!!!!!! Shake shake shake!! Good win last night good luck.
  6. BigEdMo


    Hahahaha. There was a little smack there. And it’s a OK!!!!! Their new slogan is “build that wall”.
  7. No man. Don’t put a whole lot of weight in scrimmages. But I do See schemes and discipline problems with teams. Also I am Not a Peabody fan. Just watching the game and call it as I see It. Plus Peabody still had starting Qb in the 4th quarter. Why?
  8. I agree But Milan had a better flow. Why is Baugus still running. Get him out of there.
  9. Milan mixed it up that drive and they found the end zone.
  10. Exactly. You can do it with formations. Peabody ran a screen to the up back with 3 spread out to the left. It’s all about getting the D out of position. Milan offense looks like a pop warner offense.
  11. A one dimensional offense will not beat Trenton.
  12. I agree Totally. I have Seen Covington and north side scrimmages this year. They would get clocked. Good luck BPM the rest of the year.
  13. Milan’s offensive coordinator has no creativity. In formation or play calling. I’ve seen better play calling on the old Texas instrument football game.
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