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  1. Trader it’s ok. Maybe we can get a board with 4 D1 members. 4 D2 members. 4 open enrollment members. Then let’s have 1 small rural are member for the tie breaker. Then maybe something will get done. Oh wait that won’t work because everyone has to have their own division. So let’s have 1 D1A , 1 D1AA, 1 D1AAA, 1 D1AAAA, 1 D1AAAAA, 1 D1AAAAAA, 1 D2A, 1 D2AA, 1 D2AAA, 1 D1 rural, 1 D1 Metro, 1 open enrollment person. Then have little Johnny mom be the tie breaker. Man always someone is butt hurt. Hope all is well on the Hill.
  2. Great hire Trader. Scotts Hill is very attractive for many reasons. Good luck my brother.
  3. Alright Trader y’all got another good coach down on the Hill!!! What’s up brother? Great hire.
  4. No we stopped believing in fictional characters a long time ago.
  5. The Easter bunny is real. !!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you caught it.
  6. Ok. Voice of reason. Since I am Usually football and I have Another Kid coming up now to high school. I see Football with a shortened season. I believe There will be a season but a shortened summer to prepare. Again I hate It for the kids but I believe There will be Friday night lights.
  7. You assume because I am TCA that I dont Have a dog in the race. Do you know what nephews I have??? No !!! So no wise crack. Just a fact. The facts were there a month ago. You did not want to accept it. So again don’t turn your anger at me.
  8. Man don’t turn your anger at me. I said From the get go it was over. Again like I said A month ago. I hate it for the kids so bad. It’s just some of you parents are but hurt more than some of the kids. But that’s ok. Hope the Easter Bunny brought you some goodies Sunday.
  9. Anyone with any sense knew it was over a month ago.
  10. Mic drop with the dumb and dumber quote.
  11. No no. Old crew would squeeze in an early week. The new man in charge will do it by the rules and kick everyone’s butts that are cheating.
  12. Thanks I knew That. I used Dandy Don because this is a sports thread.
  13. In the words of Dandy Don. Turn out the lights the party over.
  14. Schools are delayed now to April 24. Really y’all think this going to happen. I’ll put money schools will be out past the 24th. Come on man!!!!!!
  15. Dang man I have Been in self quarantine and been banned from devices. And you are shaking the bush boss.
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