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  1. BigEdMo

    2019 State Baseball Poll Rankings (Poll #2)(4-14-19)

    Well I will Put in my final thoughts then it is back to the football thread. I myself Have never seen anything like it. I really Hate it for the young man. TCA did their best and I am So proud of them. Sometimes in life things don’t go the way you planned. G if you read this there is nothing to hang your head for. I have Enjoyed watching you play and grow up. But more important I cant Wait to see how God uses you and this situation in the future. I love All those young men and glad to say they represent my school. We can pick out this and pick out that but the truth is that it is just a game. I myself Have to be reminded of that. Good luck to all the players from both schools in their future endeavors. And congrats to Greenback.
  2. BigEdMo

    Trenton Peabody Golden Tide 2019

    Ok thanks.
  3. BigEdMo

    Trenton Peabody Golden Tide 2019

    Who do y’all open up with
  4. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    Is everyone aware that Single A has more post than AA and AAA combined??? Real passion. Hahaha
  5. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    I am the same. It is killing me not being there. I have Known these boys since there were in elementary school. I am On cloud nine seeing them in this spot. I am Sure you feel the same about your guys. No losers tomorrow.
  6. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    Sure we do. I told You we just on here to have fun and for laughs. Come on brother don’t be so serious. It is just Coach T. It is high school kids. Heck who knows what will happen tomorrow. I am Just looking forward to a great game.
  7. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    Hahahaha. Man it’s going to be a chess match. And our coach is Bobby Fischer!!!!
  8. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    We will make sure not to throw that one pitch tomorrow.
  9. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    It would be a great match up
  10. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    I know. Just had to smoke a little more to draw it out to be sure
  11. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    Bye. Bored with you. Like Reitz said. Control your women and go check out of the hotel and find some real batting practice coaches. Because you suck as a BP coach. See ya sucker. Enjoy the game tomorrow.
  12. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    Y’all got USJ on the schedule?
  13. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    I remember That. You were giddy keeping me posted.
  14. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    Forsythe is a Miss. State commit. He has it all on the mound. But he is a gem in the field and at the plate. Really these guys don’t care about 90 plus fastball or junk pitcher. Their coach has them understanding baseball is a game of adjustments. And TCA will make adjustments depending on what is happening. The coaching staff is loaded. Head Maddox has a state title already. Assistant coach Drew Hayes is for Mr. baseball. Played at Vandy and played for the Cincinnati Reds. He has really done great with the pitching staff. The. You have coach Bunch who is the ultimate motivator. Warrior mentality and no quit. It is going to be a great day tomorrow. Win or loose be ready for a battle.
  15. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    Thank you brother. There is something to say about doing it the right way like you do at the HILL. Will be a Scott’s hill fan forever.