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  1. Just what I heard, that he was reached out to.
  2. I am now hearing Jeremy Pruitt has been reached out to by Blackman. I could see this happening if the money was right. Jeremy was a very successful high school coach, and his dad is still in the high school scene. This job for him would be much less stressful. Anyone else hearing this?
  3. Green Hill 8/20 Siegel 8/27 Kenwood 9/3 Wilson Central* 9/10 Columbia Central 9/17 Hillsboro* 9/24 White County* 10/1 East Nashville 10/8 Hunter's Lane* 10/15 BYE 10/22 Station Camp* 10/29 Mount Juliet* BOLD- Home *- Region
  4. UT can't even keep the best in state kids in state. The state's top players this year are going to Clemson, Michigan, ND, Ohio State, UGA, and Ole Miss.
  5. Alright guys, several jobs have opened up over the last couple of weeks. I would like to hear your thoughts on which is the best job. IN NO ORDER: 1. Franklin 2. Blackman 3. University of Tennessee
  6. Well the people I heard that from had boys on the team. I'm sure all the winning and success would blind some eyes. Who knows the truth man.
  7. Also, I am now hearing from multiple people Palmer is in fact a name in the hat, along with Derek Pritchard, DC at Ensworth. This will be an interesting hiring process.
  8. I have heard this from a few people. What baggage? I've only ever heard about how great of a man he was, and was valued on Christian beliefs and morals.
  9. Hmm, fair point. I would personally have a hard time leaving Alcoa if I were him. I'd have to ride that ship out. Coming back to RuCo for a job like Blackman would be just that, a challenge.
  10. Why could he not draw his state retirement from Blackman? It has been rumored for several years that he would like to finish up his time back in RuCo.
  11. I have heard a few names with interest in A- Leaving their job B- Taking a better job. The following names are NOT names I have heard in correlation with the Blackman job, just names I have heard buzz about leaving where they are. I cannot stress that enough. 1. Gary Rankin- Alcoa HC 2. Steve Williams- Smyrna OL 3- Trey Perry- Mt. Juliet HC 4- Matt Kriesky- Centennial HC 5- Derek Rang - Gatlinburg Pittman HC
  12. This official yet? I mentioned it yesterday and the doubters didn't believe me lol
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