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  1. Big win for the Green Wave as they continue to return to their dominant state in Sumner County football hierarchy.
  2. Always appreciate a Bucs win over the tea sippers from by the lake.
  3. It was the best program in Sumner County. It can be very good again, however I do not know if it can get back to being the dominant program it once was. I hope it gets better and for the coaches in the program, good luck wherever you end up. People often forget that a change at head coach can also affect the assistants as well.
  4. Great win for the Bucs. Now they get Henry Co. again.
  5. Congrats to the Bucs. Was pulling for the Wave.
  6. Coach Moore was a great mind of the game. It was always special when he would be in front of the chalkboard drawing plays. He will certainly be missed.
  7. Really weird turn of events in the Gallatin game. Hillsboro blocks a punt, it is in the air beyond the LOS. Hillsboro player tries to catch it and muffs it, Green Wave recovers. They are able to get a couple of first downs and run out the clock. Great effort all night by both teams. I know the Gallatin kids needed this win.
  8. Congrats to the Bucs. Interesting match up with Brighton next week on the hill, in the hollow, on the island at the Beech.
  9. So, if I understand things right, Gallatin can finish 3rd or 4th. Cane Ridge is going to be one, the winner of Beech Hillsboro will be second. If Beech looses then they are 3rd and Gallatin 4th. If Beech wins they are second and it will depend on the outcome of the Gallatin CR game to determine third and 4th. I think I am right, but I could be wrong. I am sure Hville is eliminated.
  10. Congrats to the greenies. Too bad for the commandos
  11. 42-20 Stick a fork in the tea sippers, they're done.
  12. Have to admit that this one shocked me. Congrats to the Bucs, though I still firmly believe Hatfield is a better coach than Crabtree.
  13. Hendersonville will win. Crabtree only wins when he has the better talent. He is nowhere the coach that Hatfield is. Go back and look, over his career at Beech, who has he beaten that he should not have? No one.
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