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  1. As said in prior repy. Potts and the sophomore WR core, have played together since 6th grade. So the chemistry is there for sure!
  2. Ya Potts, and the talented WR core have played together since 6th grade. So the chemistry should be there for a good year. Potts def. works well in the pocket and can go threw his progressions pretty quick. Will be fun to watch.
  3. You are going to see a lot more of this. This wont be the first or last one. The baller's are coming over the boarder and taking little Johny's spot. lol
  4. C/O 2023 Powell QB Jordyn Potts dominated this weekend at the Gunslinger Challenge. Their was some good competition there as well. There was a Kentucky commit their, both Oak Ridge QB, Chandler Wilson from Carter, and Stone Hatmaker from AC just to name a few. Potts did his thing. They say he is about 6ft tall now and 170lbs. It will be fun to watch Powell this year.
  5. Jordyn Potts C/O 2023 from Powell won the Gunslinger this weekend. Lot of good talent there. Had a Kentucky commit, Chandler Wilson from Carter, Stone Hatmaker from AC, the the OR boys. Potts put on a show. Was impressive. A lot of local talent at the QB position. Should make for a fun year in HS Football. (if we have one)
  6. That is because they are "paid" members of the site ranking them. QBhitlist "premium members" ALWAYS get ranked ahead of NON members. Really the rankings hold NO water. Just FYI
  7. Exactly.....can't beat them on the field.......beat them off the field....lol There are a lot of other teams with similar names.......but lets go after the big dog.....lol
  8. I agree. The O line looks good....and there big to! Should be fun to watch.
  9. Not sure why you took me saying one of the best young WR core in TN. As me saying they have offers? But since you asked...... Rising Sophomore #9 Redmond offer list: LSU, TENNESSEE, FLORIDA, KENTUCKY, GEORGIA, TULANE, AND MORE. Rising Sophomore #4 Foust has offer from Tulane. They also have many more rising Sophomores and Juniors that will have offers at end of the year. Very talented at the skill position.
  10. Panthers lost some talent from last year, but are still poised to make a deep run in 2020. They still have talent all around the field, and probably one of the best young QB's, and WR core in all of TN. Should make for an exciting season! With all that said, 5A region 3 is a very tough region. They will have there hands full with Oak Ridge, and West for sure! What are your thoughts?
  11. TSSAA is gonna leave spring practice up to the coaches, and admins of the schools.
  12. IMO Potts will be fully ready for the season. Very skilled and highly talented QB. Powell will def. miss Trusley though. The biggest difference in Trusley and Potts, is Trusley was a one read, and take off running QB. Potts is more of a "QB" stay in the pocket and come off of multiple reads.
  13. Powell will be a MAJOR FACTOR. Ya they break in a new QB, but the new QB has a better grasp of offense, with his reads, and where the play should go. Walker had a tuf time after his first read, that's why plays had to be extended. Walker was a great "athlete" playing QB. Now Powell will have a "true" QB back there that can come off his first and second reads. so extending the plays with his feet will not be a factor. IMO
  14. English please.....lol You said a mouth full. First off kid in question is average player at best. So for schools to go out of there way, like you are saying is ridiculous lol. Bottom line is kid lives in Powell and was going to Alcoa. Who paid what and drove what, to where, and so one makes no difference. Player in question would be 4th string RB, and maybe 2nd string corner on this years Powell team.....so Powell in non shape or form would get involved with Alcoa, TSSAA, or attorneys about this kid that lives in Powell and is zoned for Powell.
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