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  1. English please.....lol You said a mouth full. First off kid in question is average player at best. So for schools to go out of there way, like you are saying is ridiculous lol. Bottom line is kid lives in Powell and was going to Alcoa. Who paid what and drove what, to where, and so one makes no difference. Player in question would be 4th string RB, and maybe 2nd string corner on this years Powell team.....so Powell in non shape or form would get involved with Alcoa, TSSAA, or attorneys about this kid that lives in Powell and is zoned for Powell.
  2. The "transfer" from Alcoa lives in Powell, and has for a long time. Alcoa recruited that kid AWAY from Powell to Alcoa. Just ask TSSAA. That is why Alcoa is under investigation as well right now.
  3. LMAO.....TSSAA must be board....talking to teenagers that think they heard, or might could of possibly been told something....this is comical if true!?
  4. Powell had to beat the refs and West in the first game. Great game though. Refs made 2 HUGE game changing calls that affected the score and the game. 1st one was on the CATCH on the sideline that would of put Powell inside the 10 and most likeley would of scored. Instead they had to punt. Second was on the opening kick off to start the second half. Clearly a fumble, and would of set up Powell in inside the 20, and probably would of put points on the board again. Powell is a 14 point favorite, and with the correct calls would of won the first time by at least 14-21. I just hope the second time around, the refs let the kids play, and let them decide the game on the field.
  5. Powell by a lot. Let's not make this into something that is not going to be....a close game.
  6. I wish at times that Trusley would throw more underneath routes. He has a great long ball, but that seems to be his only throw, and all he looks for? I think the key to Powell's playoff games, is to keep feeding those 3 RB. The O-line is tough, and those backs mix it up well. I would run 80 percent of the time if I wear Powell. Cause teams are going to star keying on the deep ball more, and I don't know if Trusley can complete or read the underneath routes, Just my opinion
  7. Exactly my thoughts. I believe Powell will win by at least 3 TD's. It will be a close game till halftime, then Powell's depth will prevail.
  8. Another big game for Powell. Powell with the win is surely to have the first 3 games of the playoffs at home. Oak Ridge is playing well as of late. What are your thoughts?
  9. They slam our QB on the ground and we get flagged 30 yards for complaining......lol Cant make this up!
  10. Powell wins by 2 touchdowns if not for the refs! They made GAME CHANGING CALLS! See for yourself at 5star Preps. One of the plays the refs MISSED AND HE WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE PLAY was when Powell had a HUGE gain and ref called WR out of bounds......Would of set Powell up in side the 5 yard line. Instead they had to punt. 5star Preps got play on film and it has over 15k in views on twitter. TERRIBLE
  11. Right...lol Only people being turned is the crew that reffed the game! Both schools, are forming complaints and sending film to TSSAA! Worse officiated game I have ever witnessed!
  12. I have been involved in HS football for over 20 years, I have NEVER SEEN officiating this bad both ways. Only difference was the so called "refs" made 2 terrible game changing calls on Powell that would of put them in the redzone both times. 1st one was they called Baylor Hughes out of bounds on a great sideline catch that would of set Powell up 1st and goal (you can see the pay on 5star preps. Has over 15k vies) The other one was the opening kickoff of the second half, when West litteraly dropped the ball on the return and Powell recovered inside the 20. THEY OVER TURNED THE FUMBLE!!!! This crew is being turned into TSSAA for calling an absolute atrocious game. TSSAA should be embarrassed! Film and multiple complaints are being sent in as we we speak!
  13. It will be streamed. Diamond Clear Media usually doesnt put games or content up on there sight until like 30 min before kickoff. But both Powell and West are Diamond Clear Media partners. so it will def. be streamed. check sight at 7:00 pm
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