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  1. Exactly right. BigDog is mad that Powell spanked them 34-0 and it was the first time since FOREVER that Fulton did not score a point. Lol.
  2. Who are the players they stole?
  3. Powell had 3 TD called back. on phantom flags. It was border line ridiculous. Powell should of had 55 points. I had the game scored Powell 34 and the refs 21....lol
  4. Grow like size? He is 6'2 185lbs or so. lol and a Freshmen
  5. Your right. AC is not a deep team thought. They will never be "fresh" in second half. Way to many kids play both ways. Especially on the line. That is asking a lot of a kid to bang for 4 quarters on the both sides of the ball, and stay fresh. But if I were to hit the mega millions, maybe I wouldn't be commenting on these message boards..... lol (kind of the same thing)
  6. How do teams with an 0-2 record get ranked? Especially over some good teams that are 2-0, not even ranked. Seems like these polls are inconsistent across the board.
  7. One of the teams I feel that should be in the top 10 is West. I would put them over 0-2 Henry County at #10.
  8. Fulton has improved from week one to week 2. Played Central tuff. Powell will improve to 3-0 after playing Fulton. Score not sure, but Powell will beat down there front 3 on D, just like they did vs AC in the second half. Powell has a stable of RB that can get the job done, hard to maintain stamina when they are running the ball up the gut on a consistent basis. Powell will simply where them down.
  9. Ya, he is out for the year with torn ACL. Had surgery last week on it. He will bounce back better than ever though!
  10. diamondclearmedia.com will have live stream of the game. Powell is one of there schools.
  11. LOL...Never said Powell had a better QB than Greeneville. What I said was it would come down to QB play in my opinion. Then I said Powell QB plays good at times and Greeneville's QB is in his first start for Greeneville. I actually thought the QB for Greeneville was better last night. Greeneville made mistakes that Greeneville doesn't and hasn't made in the past. Penalties, blocked punt, fumbled snap (both blocked punt, and fumbled snap were inside the 25 and led to TD'S) are some of the things that killed Greeneville last night. They are going to be tuff for sure in 4a. If they can develop a consistent passing game to go along with the POWER run game, I think they have a real chance to get back to Cookeville.
  12. LOL....Okay, first I never said Powell had a better
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