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  1. best thing that could’ve happened for SC, lose now instead of later
  2. Wow, I mean what a turn around for the Bison of Station Camp. Last week beat Mt. Juliet with the come from behind win 29-28. Last night seemed slow to wake up with playing on fall break and went down to Wilson Central 10-0 but the Bison ended up winning 41-16. Looks like that Green Hills game in 2 weeks the Bison can outright win the region championship. Seems like every opposing coach has talked about the Bison’s offensive tempo playing a big factor and their defense only allowing some 10 points per game. How far can they truly go?
  3. Great win for SC, could not be more happy for that community. If you’ve yet to play MJ and have them scheduled, beware of late hits, face masks, and outright blatant dirty hits after whistles. It was bad. In all my years never watched that many dirty hits with no penalties. Multiple people have said stuff on here about it so it’s not a new thing.
  4. Powell is not a bad team at all, but to win the big one you have to have a good run game and a good run defense and I believe Powell lacks both. They figure those two things out I don't think anyone could stop them in 5A. However, I still believe Powell are frontrunners. Matt Lowe has done a great job turning that program around but I still question how bought in are their players. In no way is this a shot at Powell, I'm just an outsider looking in, but I see a lot of selfishness in players and a team trying to be flashy. But that is what had to happen for Powell to get to the position they are at. Powell and West will meet in the playoffs, it is almost inevitable. Way too early to predict anything, I just think both teams have a lot of building to get to the point they want to be at.
  5. Out of both schedules take out the outlier of Maryville and Alcoa and what do you have. I will give props to Knox West, I am high on them especially after the battle they gave Alcoa. But Powell, I've never been high on. Powell has beat a 2-4 4A Anderson County team, did not score majority of the points against Maryville until starters came out, and beat Halls by one score.
  6. I am still going to say Knox West will be coming out of the East, the west who knows.
  7. Whoever comes out of the west for 5a will beat the east team, and it ain’t gonna be Halls. Also, I can see why MJ would be overrated, but Station Camp? Station Camp was 0-24 coming into this season and have made it to 5-0. I don’t know about overrated but from being the laughing stock of Middle Tennessee to 5-0 and in this sort of game with MJ is big time.
  8. 6-0 Mt. Juliet travels to 5-0 Station Camp this Thursday. Big game for region and playoff implications, who ya got?
  9. Your game vs Wilson Central should be interesting with so many ex WC players at MJ now. MJ is good this year and this region has now become very competitive it seems.
  10. Well half his coaching staff left for Beech, I think that points to some bigger issue.
  11. White County is a much better football team than people think. What hurt them in the SC game was they stopped doing what was working. #6 for them was averaging like 8 yards a play on counter and they stopped running it. White County is big, scrappy, and #6 is a phenomenal player. SC had 5 turnovers maybe and somehow won. White County’s downfall is depth.
  12. buddy calm down. y’all just didn’t want to start 0-2 with another loss to Blackman.
  13. Should he a really good game this year for the Mayor’s Cup. Gallatin coming it at 1-2 (1 Covid Loss) and Station Camp comes in at 3-0. Who ya got?
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