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  1. Taken out of context how? Like he’s responsible for transfers? I’m sure Tygard understands he needs transfers to compete with Oakland and Riverdale who consistently get top talent to move in but he also knows he can’t publicize that info. That will get you on probation real quick. Ask the state champs.
  2. Seems like the new guy is trying positively promote his new coaches and create a buzz going into the season. He seems innovative and energetic. He’s trying new things in this county.
  3. People forget that before McDaniel went to Oakland they had a pretty rough stretch. Yes he inherited talent but it was a .500 program. creasy inherited a program that had become a 3rd/semis type program. Creasy has won championships at places that have traditionally been successful.
  4. I don’t think there’s a comparison between Creasy and GQ. Would have been interesting to see more head to head match ups but the numbers speak for themselves. Now the McDaniel/Creasy debate I believe is closer. Creasy has benefited from having some really good defenses. Most years Oakland gives up about 7 pts a game. so maybe the debate is does Creasy have a better staff than McDaniel?
  5. I had to google those ladies. Quite the contemporary reference. So Creasy is that much better than McDaniel in your opinion?
  6. Can most high school HCs coach in college? Does success in HS translate to success in college? Just curious. Seems like most would go if they could
  7. So does Oakland practice with all their players together? (Freshman/JV/Varsity) If they practice separately how could he coach both freshman and varsity?
  8. Not sure how big of a role vetetoe plays on offense at Oakland. Creasy has several former head coaches on that side of the ball. All with play calling experience. (Watson, Dobbs) Seems like Creasy would be QB coach.
  9. Well the post said " from a very prominent near school" so that takes Rang out and I believe Steve Britton has retired from teaching a year or two ago.
  10. Several rings and Head Coaching experience? Hard to find those coaches anywhere. I doubt they would turn away someone with that resume if the actual existed. Names would be helpful.
  11. Oakland loses 2-3 coaches every year. Probably plenty of people that would like to be the DC at Oakland.
  12. Creasy is usually pretty good about subbing out with a lead but maybe not this week. I think he's ready to show off that new quarterback. For all the talent at Oakland its amazing the lack of talent at quarterback for years. This one really has a 6A arm and potential to go to the next level. Could be scary in that offense.
  13. Tough situation for all. Hate to see future players punished but obviously a punishment of some kind is warranted. Would like to see TSSAA do what is best for players for once.
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