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  1. Props to TSSAA for taking a stand against domestic assault and making a swift decision in this matter. Kids need to learn at a young age how their actions can affect their lives. Hopefully Ooltewah makes the right call and keeps this young man out of tonight's game. Life lessons are more important than a W on Friday nights.
  2. I went to Franklin. Graduated in 2005 and played HC a few times. A couple at HC and 2 or three at Franklin including our senior year when we played HC in the second round of the playoffs and they gave us all we could handle. Was good to see how far HC came from the time we were freshman and go to play in our first varsity game to the time we were seniors and the final score was 10-7 or 17-10 or something like that.
  3. I hope it is a close game and honestly I don't care one way or the other who wins! I didn't go to Centennial, instead one of their big rivals, but will always cheer for WilCo teams. My money is on this being one of, if not the, best quarterfinal game. Hope both teams bring it all to the table and both leave injury free. Safe travels to HC fans coming in. I used to hate going out to play yall just because of the drive!
  4. You are the first HC fan to give any such credit to CHS... Since the first game all I've seen HC fans say about this game is they have the advantage now... How? Because you outplayed CHS for 7-8 min. of a 48 min. game? HC has as much of a chance to win the game Friday as CHS but a close game late and CHS ahead it will be the Cougars with the confidence they can close it out because they already have against HC. If Centennial pulls ahead by a margin like the first game I would be surprised to see CHS let HC back in the game again. But then again I'm just a fan of high school football and know all to well anything can happen on any night
  5. I watched that game in person and have seen film since. CHS played several second and third string players for a majority of the fourth qtr. You call that running out of gas. I call that being comfortable with a lead and getting valuable experience. Bottom line Centennial knows they can beat HC whereas HC knows they can come from behind against CHS' second and third stringers. Friday will be a good game and good luck to both teams but Centennial has the upper hand going in. Just up to them what they do with it
  6. You were quick to point out how Centennial was able to score and keep drives alive by help from the officials yet you had nothing to say about how inept HC was for 3 1/2 qtrs. of the game. And as swarm4life stated Centennial let off the gas when they had a comfortable lead which led to HC finally being able to put points on the board. I don't expect Centennial to have as easy of a game as they did the first go around but give credit where its due. Funny how HC fans claim this will be a completely different game because they have the revenge factor and extra energy in practice... Highly doubt Rector's boys are hyped for this game and a chance at an all WilCo semi against Indy.
  7. How many HC scores came after CHS had a comfortable lead in the 4th qtr?
  8. I wouldn't expect WH to take the game lightly at all because every team in the quarters surely deserves to be there but again just after seeing WC twice and knowing what I know about WH's talent I don't see how WC can stay in this game. I've been wrong before and am mostly going off hearsay about WH. WC improved considerably from week 6 or 7 when I saw them to the second round of the playoffs but will have to be much better all around this Friday then they were against Franklin to pull off another upset this week.
  9. Wouldn't put your eggs into the basket of thinking/hoping Centennial will be looking ahead to Indy. Rector continues to impress me with what he does with teams on the decline and how he brings them up rather quickly. He has made Centennial relevant again and will be sure to have his boys focused solely on HC. Of all people Rector knows it is tough to beat the same team twice in one season and he will have his team ready for HC. I expect this to be a closer game than the first time but would not be surprised to see Centennial pull away late either. Good luck to both schools Friday and here's hoping to an injury free game!
  10. Saw WC play twice this season against Franklin and they are much better now than they were in the regular season but not quite near good enough to make it a game against WH. That is if WH continues to play the way they should and doesn't shoot themselves in the foot. Congrats to both on making it this far and good luck going forward!
  11. Any news on Franklins starting QB? Thought I read somewhere he left last weeks game with an injury and didn't return. Will he be good to go tonight?
  12. Donnie Webb is too smart of a coach to game plan the exact same way he did for the first meeting against WC. Franklin will have several new wrinkles as well as I'm sure WC will. The playoffs are a completely different animal and games are usually much closer than the first time any two teams played in the regular season. The only thing Franklin has going into this game that WC doesn't have is the Franklin players know they can beat WC whereas if things don't go WC's way early a seed of doubt will come into their players minds because of the way the first game went.
  13. If both teams come out and play to their absolute best potential Independence should win... Just because they should doesn't mean they will This may be one of the best matchups in the second round of any class on Friday. Good luck to both teams.
  14. Its not always an easy task getting your players to look at a team seriously they already beat handily during the regular season. If Coach Webb can pull that off this week Franklin should win this game and continue their season.
  15. Franklin knows they can come from behind and get the W while Centennial is trying to figure out once again how they gave up a lead in the 4th. Centennial can win this game but with the confidence Franklin has with the home crowd behind them this week it is my opinion they find a way to pull out the W this week. Should be a very good game as well as a very good crowd!
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