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  1. Playing the 6A game on Thursday Night is so TSSAA....stupid so stupid!!
  2. Was he hurt or did they practice too hard and he went home
  3. Amen ...this is a great topic...way too many classifications...5 public and 2 private is perfect. These past 3 days proved it...most games all blow outs
  4. The Whitehaven team I saw in that semifinal game was a pee wee offense and had a holding penalty on almost each and every play and that was reason Cane Ridge won- Whitehaven was just bad this season...hence CR played a real 6A team in the finals and got their #### handed to them as expected. CR side of the bracket was very average this year and played out to be that way in the finals...the Championship game was in Marville in the Semifinals...case closed. I knew this result last Friday after watching CR/Whitehaven play....both very average for 6A ball. Last..like to add East Tennessee won 5 State Championships ...Middle & West won 4 together. Power this year was in the East big time.
  5. How Ya Like Me Now.....blowout last night as I predicted. Oakland /Maryville was State Champ Game.
  6. Going just as expected...28-0 .....not even half
  7. Talk weekly with Coach Webb and Franklin is preparing to get ready for new turf field. All are excited about the off season program and next football season.
  8. LOL - enough holding penalties for a whole season......neither could hold a stick to Maryville or Oakland. But Congrats to Cane Ridge
  9. Had to be the worst 6A Semifinal game ever
  10. Blowout....this game will be over by half...Maryville another Gold Ball...Congrats- State Championship Game was last night.
  11. OK Mr. BCD.....I'll change SnowFlakes to Quitters- you like that better...by the way are they now on the way to CPA ?..... and you are doing a lot of guessing in this thread! My last post on this mess caused by 1 family....if you can't see exactly what happened here...I can't help ya any more... Great job past 2 Friday Nights by Coach Webb and staff!!
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