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  1. The first definition is “warn,” but I’m pretty hard headed.
  2. Not all that strange. Clinton coaches do have first-hand knowledge of OR Schools.
  3. Maybe Coach Keith, if it is really him, could respond and clear up these rumors.
  4. Surely, this isn’t really Coach Keith.
  5. For some strange reason, he thinks Ron Gray should be the new coach.
  6. I think they wanted more head coaching experience than a few years at a junior high.
  7. A tenured teacher assigned to an administrative position, even a crappy one, would get a pay raise. I doubt that would run anyone off.
  8. I doubt the principal can change it. Sounds like an administrative or school board decision. And rumor has it that an assistant will be going to HVA to coach while continuing to teach at OR. Another teaching position wasted.
  9. What really stinks is that two teaching positions which would allow a new coach to bring some assistants with him are held by Clinton football coaches.
  10. With all of the coaches who have reported him and the TSSAA being spineless about it, he already had a target. This circus just made the target bigger.
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