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  1. I talked to a man that seems to know a few things. He said Keith is a lot like Gaddis. He lets his coaches coach and overrules when he needs to. Players seem to like him because he’s no nonsense with them. He tells it like it is and doesn’t use “coach speak”. When I was in school back in the 70s CLINTON was known for having tough hard nosed teams. They had winning seasons I believe but of the three schools in that county only OR has won any titles and the last one was in 1991. Yes they played for a couple more but 1991 was a long time ago! If I’m Oak Ridge I think I would be a little more humble. AC has never went to a final. So you can hang your hat on 12 wins here and 11 wins there if you like but at least CLINTON DOES HAVE A SILVER BALL! Just my two cents. I know it doesn’t mean anything but hey it’s an open forum right!?
  2. Let’s discuss Region 3-5A and where the Clinton Dragons fit in the mix next season. They went 6-4 I believe and should be better. I’m told Clintonions truly believe in Coach KEITH. Thoughts?
  3. I told ya so. I said it after the Karns/OR game Miner to HV.
  4. If I had to guess this will be an internal hire or a better way of saying it, a promotional hire. However, I do know three former Oak Ridge assistants have applied. From my source I’m told those three and a bunch more notable applicants.
  5. Talked to a player from last season (said he graduated 2020). Asked him from a players pov about all the speculation I’m reading on this thread about Gaddis and weightlifting etc. He said YES it IS mandatory and the DC Minor (spelling?) is in charge of the weight program. However, he said there are exceptions to the rule. For example Kendall Jackson doesn’t necessarily have to be there since he works out separately with trainers and his Dad apparently. Also he stated others as well that have a pass. He also said that Gaddis doesn’t really coach and that he leaves everything up to his staff. Having said that he clarified that Gaddis doesn’t just do nothing…he said he’s a great leader and he “knows players like the back of his hand” and “remembers every player in detail he has ever coached”. He said players love him. Just my 2 cents. Thought I’d share what this young man said.
  6. The player I reference is a starter on offense. Said the OC will not be back (they found out yesterday afternoon) and “Hoge” or “Hodge” (can’t remember) is now the OC. And other coaches are moving positions. New offensive line coach as well apparently
  7. Directly from a player and when I asked a person close to the program to verify he said he cannot deny it. But he wouldn’t confirm
  8. Fellas, I have been told that the OC at Oak Ridge has been let go and the coaching staff has been shook all to pieces moving guys around. If true, this is bad….especially for Gaddis. This might be the end of an era!
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