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  1. Five hours until 7 on 7 at Blankenship Field! Weather dependent as last week. RWR!
  2. Today's 7 on 7 at Blankenship Field has been cancelled due to risk of inclement weather.
  3. Be at Blankenship Field in nine hours for 7 on 7. RWR!!
  4. I heard that practice went well for the first day back. Work gets in the way of morning practice observation, unfortunately.
  5. August 9th - Blankenship Field - Scrimmage - ORHS vs Maryville - 6:00 PM October 14th - Blankenship Field - Games - Freshman vs Maryville - 5:30 PM JV vs Maryville - 7:00PM
  6. Wildcat summer football practice begins tomorrow at 8 a.m. RWR!
  7. That is too funny! We posted this at almost the exact same second. RWR!
  8. Awesome news! RWR! Jacob Adams, LB, Oak Ridge (TN): Fast and physical, knowledgeable and smart, the 5-11 and 205-pound senior went and proved himself to be a worthy opponent. https://bluegreyfootball.com/blue-grey-all-american-combine-southwest-super-scouting-report-2019/
  9. Mitchell Gibbons # 14 is in Thibodaux, Louisiana attending The Manning Passing Academy from the 27th through the 30th of June. According to The Weather Channel, it was 105 with the heat index Thursday. HWH! Hydrate Wildcats Hydrate!
  10. Mitchell Gibbons and Cameron Malone are at a Maryville College prospect camp at Rocky Top Sports Complex in Gatlinburg today. Maryville is undergoing grounds maintenance.
  11. The 7 on 7 at Maryville College, July 13th, has been cancelled by Maryville College due to grounds maintenance.
  12. The 7 on 7 at Maryville College, July 13th, has been cancelled by Maryville College due to grounds maintenance.
  13. Jacob Kesterson went to a camp at Wofford College this weekend. RWR!
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