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  1. Possibly the whitest thing I’ve ever seen.
  2. Has the burrville coach been wearing his lucky flip flops during the games?
  3. I remember when sevier county beat evensville like a red headed step child. I also remember when evensville stole a game from Sutherland ave on broadcast TV. Pemberton will never beat the 865 when it matters.
  4. 1OldClown still hasn’t shared the phone call he has recorded. Hard to be butthurt over something that doesn’t exist
  5. BarneySox2007 HEF award and MurpyCollege posting on coacht.com has caused quite the commotion on cedar street and dolly’s parkway. That was a good win for the smoky bears last night. It sure is good to see the forward pass again. Sevier county should be 3-0 but dumplin valley handpicked refs that are associated with the dandridge little league team. As far as I’m concerned the 2023 sevier county football team will win district and make it to the 3rd round. 1OldClown will be dribbling a basketball come October 28.
  6. Clowns can’t post audio on the internet
  7. Sevier county has a win streak against both these 2nd rate schools.
  8. That’s a good one Barney. Murph always enjoys the word of the day. I’ll say Sevier rushes for 215 and LC for 175. I expect a grind it out defense dominant game. LMAOc draws up the home run at the right time and SC wins 14-10.
  9. Most fans will pick LC, and I see why. But I really like what I’ve seen in practice at 1200 Dolly Parton pkwy this week. I’m going on record right now and saying smoky bears by 10. I expect a grind it out game this week, and LMAOc will dial up the home run ball at the right time. Pound the rock and hit em where they ain’t. Rose Glen > Bussell Island
  10. You should have seen it coming. At least 2 of the zebras drove over from field of dreams.
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