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  1. With all the cold weather coming and the soup kitchen cutting back their hours I need a good home made soup recipe can someone help me out? If its good i'll bring it to our next game.
  2. I like our chances in this game 21-20 RWR When we win this game people will understand what I mean by saying we're back.
  3. So young man are you a West fan or an OR fan? Hard to tell, back in my day you would roll the hill for saying such things.
  4. So two years ago you believed that team would make it all the way to the state championship?
  5. No i'm actually not just a fan a long time fan you do you i'll do me.
  6. I will try that this weekend since we're off.
  7. I must be the only one that believes then. I'll shut up and be negative like everyone else I guess.
  8. Does anyone have a good recipe for gameday chili? Please share below I plan to use it at our tailgates.
  9. The whole thing stinks not coverage like it used to be in Knoxville. I can promise you its better coverage in surrounding areas though.
  10. Ok understood but I have to always try and help my boys out. Lets see if they get mentioned in October I believe they will.
  11. I like the list but Oak Ridge has to be somewhere. Our only losses are against 6A schools thats why its a 5A poll not an overall state poll.
  12. I don't like this list simply because its based of wins more then strength of opponents. AP have got really lazy with their coverage you would think they would be better with all the technology.
  13. We still have the tougher schedule.
  14. Listen Davey you worry about 4A we will worry about 5A big boy football. When you play Oak Ridge we will talk also. Until then keep shaving kids to stay in 4A. Door is open if you want to play us next year also. RWR
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