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  1. Maxx arnold is the starting quaterback for the rebels
  2. yankee

    overbey and poore sign

    i ment to say commited to ole miss. i am very proud of all the boys preston and jake overbey and logan and nick poore have been best friends starting from childhood and even with their busy lives today they still find time to hangout. God has blessed us poores and overbeys with some great kids and a lifelong friendship.
  3. yankee

    overbey and poore sign

    jake overbey signed to play baseball for ole miss he is a infielder .logan poore a rhp a bethel college transfer signed to play for dyersburg state.
  4. My kids grew up in jackson tn playing most of their baseball at oakfield.we watched daddys coach the teams and their kids always made the alstar team knowing they should have never been on the team in the first place.it would dive me crazy but as my boys have gotten older and still play ball college and highschool and I see now that those children had to get awards then cause there was comming a time even those kids knew they were no good at baseball.it is sad parnets can talk or buy their kids a spot on a team. Cause when the truth comes out in the end I am sure it hurts lol.
  5. 21 and under tavel baseball team looking for games or tourments. Please call (731)415-0948
  6. yankee

    mckenzie in 09

    What kind of season will mckenzie have have in 09?
  7. yankee

    west tn travelball

    Looking for travel ball players for the 09 season. Call 731-415-0948. Need Pitchers, Catchers, and all other positions. Will play about five tournaments. 18 and under
  8. yankee

    USJ at Milan

    i was at the game butchie and i saw no blowout i just saw two good teams and a heck of a game.
  9. yankee

    USJ at Milan

    how do u know if they do or not? u maybe dont but how do u speak for everyone?
  10. yankee

    USJ at Milan

    alot of people have not been giving usj credit but i have feeling after friday they will earn it. i live in mckenzie were we have a very good team ourself . but jake overbey and usj are one of the best teams around and they will do all their talking on the field friday.everybody can predict a score and thats great but win or lose usj will earn repect.
  11. yankee

    USJ at Milan

    after usj wins i will share it with you.
  12. yankee

    USJ at Milan

    usj 42 and milan 21. jake overbey will be the differnce.the kid is good and getting better.
  13. yankee

    2009 Warrior Spring Classic

    can any more schools get in?
  14. i vote usj qb jake overbey.the kid is just good every week.
  15. yankee

    Westview V.S JCS what do ya think?

    westview will win 35 to 20