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  1. yeah i agree with u many of the good keepers play on teams that have really good D and it also makes them look even better
  2. yeah man im really sorry..... i just thought a few other players shouldve been on that list ur right it is ur opinion and i am sorry just to let u know...... "And just because you are on the all-district team doesn't make one of the best" i dnt play soccer for overton i just go there so yeah:
  3. hey guys who are the Top 10 Goalkeepers in midstate?? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  4. overton lost 1 senior they have a very talented junior class i think they will be among the top teams next year:
  5. brentwood should win this game atleast 3-0 or 4-0 brentwood is very good up top and also at D and the mids are just great the team is almost unstopable everyone would like to see Brentwood lose because of there undefeated 21-0-0 season but sry to brake the bad news that B-TOWN should and will win STATE end of story guys
  6. 3-0 brentwood game wasnt even close brentwood had like 20 shots but missed most of them high and wide
  7. INDY 3-0 shocking!!!!!!! to many ppl but watch 11AAA teams are way too good for these teams:
  8. Yeah Overton's kepper is Ahmed Al-zhyri (JR) made the All District Team this year only a junior pretty good goalie he played very well against Indy but Overton came up short on a own goal with 3 mins left in the game 1-0 indy hes not well known because, he plays on a team thats not that good this year he had to make some really good saves to keep them in games at times in the season.
  9. Indy at Brentwood 7 p.m. thursday 5/15 Indy with the upset maybe 2-0 Indy
  10. hey geremy6690 idk you but u have that mixed up buddy i know McGavock players very well and they had each and every player Vs Overton the truth is that 12AAA stinks balls and 11AAA is the sugar so dnt try making up excuses Y Mcgavock lost to the last place team in 11AAA
  11. overton09

    Best Juniors

    ivan villanueva-overton was a starter for overton last year very good all around player he can do about everything a midfielder should do and better he even scored on brentwood and jordan leedle twice last year and o yeah he was only a sophomore!
  12. yea i heard about him but i never really seen him play:
  13. my bad about FRA i meant jordan leedle. and the goalie for overton very talented goalie i go to school with him and i saw that CPA goalie play against Overton which overton won the game 5-0 good goalie but not that great and overton keeper had sum good saves also...
  14. hey guys overton's keeper is really good i go to school with him he almost shut out brentwood last year 1-1: 17 saves and it was only his sophomore year
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