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  1. How about a Todd Hood created coach in Coach Sutherland from Springfield? Maybe it is time this county gives one of our own a chance to show what he is made of after a short leave to Christian County High School Kentucky and Springfield High Tennessee. 4 teams, 4 playoff appearances, and 1 was a state runner up game. Maybe he would be a good fit. He is from Clarksville, and lives off Purple Heart Highway. So why not see what he has learned?
  2. Southerland could bring a wide open offense to Kenwood with a tough defense, but his special teams will make other teams do extra work each week. Seems he always has good special teams during a game.
  3. I do believe Southerland will reach out to 2 of these programs. Kenwood seems to be his first choice, and Montgomery Central being his second. Knowing Chris, you would see how much he has grown up these last 4 years since being at Northeast. Plus I personally believe he would do a decent job at either. Close to his home, and where he was raised. Hope the county gives his a fair shot in the interviews. By being under Coach Patterson, Coach Hood, Coach Myers, and Coach Lovelace he has learned plenty to help build a good foundation at any school. Good Luck Cheeky!
  4. A shame, I just hope the family is OK! My family's prayers are with the team and family!
  5. No matter how annoying this man can be, but does he make this website fun. I know he and I are like two boxers that will never meet (Mayweather vs Pacquiao.), but he really makes this site fun to read and chat. We cannot deny that! I would rather vote Red Warrior as Lex Luthor and I am Superman! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
  6. Actually Red Warrior, I think all posters like and enjoy QBPrez 100%, but the big issue is with a man (YOU) that tries to sound important on a website which truly makes him look pathetic. You were asked to share your identity several times, but you were scared to do so. So instead of me leaving this site, you read your post, take your advice, and stop posting. RollingRed - different groups playing that 4 - 3 make it difficult to defend the midline, plus coverage plays a huge roll in option defense. I am so surprized the Red Warrior did not mention this in his posts! Lastly, Red Warrior claims he knows it all, fact: Biggest issue in Montgomery County is not only coaching turnover rate, but student turnover rate due to the army. Plus rezoning every 2 - 3 years does not help, and not having Middle School football is the major issue. Unlike a County School, these Clarksville Schools face many more issues year in and year out than the Paris Community. Some of our students worry from day to day when or if Daddy, Mom, or Both will be coming home alive. You don't know what you think you know, and please stop while you are a head! On a brighter note, happy thanksgiving all!
  7. Funny that several of those average coaches have moved to other counties and found great success. I can personally count 5-6 that have state championships within 2 years leaving the Montgomery County System. The greatest of them all is Todd Hodd, now at Clarksville Academy, has 3 state championship rings. So this coaching at best learns here dealing with all the political crap, and moves on to win at programs that care. You truly dont know anything.
  8. It is quite funny that now the Henry County fans are starting to see The Red Warrior for what he is, a complete idiot! The more he talks the more he makes that great program look bad. I think he needs to put down the Play Station football video game that makes him feel he is a former great coach, and come back to the real world or visit a doctor at his age and take the happy pill to correct his mental embalance! Please The Red Whining Warrior, stop whining! I am thinking you are the Springfield coach trying to get everyone wound up to get a thrill hiding behind your screen name! You have been called out several times, still won't meet anyone, and need to go to Wal-Mart and by some Imodium AD Extra Strength for that diarrhea that comes out of your mouth daily!
  9. As I read these post over and over again and talk to my buddy, we have come to one conclusion about our dear red warrior! We think that the red warrior is a coach on the Patriot staff, and I personally think he just may be the head coach. Funny that he knows so much information, is a great football coach, and knows more than anyone. But wont meet up with Southerland or Me! S C A R E D!!!!!
  10. I agree with your projection but will not place a winner for either team. the winner scores 24 with the losing team 21! Northeast just does not have some speed, but they have at least 5 boys running 4.5 forties, and Reco Williams #34 can run his forty in 4.7. The fastest of all of them is Rutledge which can run a 4.47 forty. Plus they are pretty big too and healthy for the first time in a long time. If Northeast can stop the fumbles, play great special teams, then the Eagles just may win this game. I will say the game will be focused on the QB play of Northeast QB Jalen Reves! The winning team of this game will be 7 or less! Two really good defenses will play friday night!
  11. You are not too bright are you? You want to talk up the NE vs Hendersonville game then go to that thread and post on it! This is Hendersonville at Henry County Thread, and has nothing to do with Northeast! So if people want to talk they can, and Newcastle after Northeast beats you, you will be on that thread doing the same! See you at the game Friday night!
  12. Newcastle, NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY, SO DO US ALL A FAVOR AND PLAY A GAME OF SHUT YOUR MOUTH! This is a message board, so if you dont want to read stay off! The Red Warrior, I am coming with Southerland when you guys meet up!
  13. Red Warrior, which school was it that you coached for so I can look you up, or snowplow2010 can help us research your past coaching career! I dont doubt you at all, but would like to see what your old school was like!
  14. Stop trying to get him to speak sarahpalin, he so calls speaks the truth, but will not share the truth of his historic coaching career! Think Mississippi is putting him in the high school coaches hall of fame next year, and don't understand why Henry County did not hire him when Gaddis left town.
  15. As you keep speaking! I am out, good luck next year! But as we know you will not stop all your whining on here until you are heard. Typical! See ya next year!!!
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