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  1. jgarrison

    Elizabethton Lady Cyclones State Bound

    Look for Pigeon Forge there, they will be pulling for the east teams. Go cyclones
  2. jgarrison

    Strangest question asked on here!

    PF is going to watch
  3. jgarrison

    AA Girls All District Team

    Division II or District 2?
  4. jgarrison

    School Tranfer Question?

    If they are going to Div.II why should it matter? They are aloud to recruit and give scholarships. I could be wrong, but as long as the school is not in the A, AA, or AAA but remains private I would think it would be okay. You need to make sure you get everything in writing from TSSAA just to make sure, we all have our thoughts, but theirs is the only one that matters.
  5. jgarrison

    Elizabethton Wins Region 1 title AGAIN!

    Not this year.
  6. jgarrison

    Elizabethton Wins Region 1 title AGAIN!

    Why did Unicoi get 2 players on the all tournamnet and not Claiborne?
  7. jgarrison

    Elizabethton vs Pigeon Forge

    I agree totally, I think both teams have done an outstanding job this year. One think we have to remember is that Betzy spank the Tigers last year and I think almost all players are the same, so this will be an interesting game. Will it be close or will it be a blow out? I just hope they have good officials and let the teams play their games and determine the outcome, but then again I could win the lottery too! Good Luck Tigers!
  8. jgarrison

    Who has 30 Wins!

    Add Pigeon Forge to that list. After tonights win they are 30-3. Way to go Tigers thumb
  9. jgarrison


    You are correct. Region 1 has a long drive for people in and around Knox county and Sevier county and Claiborne County. You need a Passport to get there from here.
  10. jgarrison

    Elizabethton vs Unicoi

    Tigers aren't there yet!
  11. jgarrison

    Region 1 AA

    I am just hoping PF gets a win tonight, then we can worry about Unicoi or Elizabethton. I don't take any game for granted. Bad shooting, not playing defense, or anything could cost you a win at this level. I thought CC play very slow and not aggressive the other night, but blieve me they are tuff on pressing the ball causing turnovers, we will have to be ready to play.
  12. jgarrison

    Elizabethton vs Unicoi

    Well the Tigers are trying to stay focused on each game as they come. I can tell you this, after the spanking Elizabethton gave Pigeon Forge last year in the semi-finals they are not thinking anything except they are the top team of the tournament. Yes Pigeon Forge has improved this year, but so has Elizabethton. IF (and that's a BIG IF) both teams advance to the finals and they both stay out of foul trouble and play both at their best, it would be the best game all year.
  13. jgarrison

    Region 1 AA

    Hey sportsguy, will you be calling the games over the internet this week?
  14. jgarrison

    District 2AA scores?

    Questions? Why hasn't the Knoxville News Sentinel posted the all District team for District 2AA. Was it forgotten after the media black out voted upon by the coaches? Or does the Knoxville News Sentinel just don't care? PS. I haven't seen it in the Mountain Press either. ( I smell a conspiracy )
  15. jgarrison

    Unicoi Vs. South Greene

    I haven't seen Unicoi Play, but I think this years regionals is going to be the best we seen in a while. With all the talent that is going to be on the court, I wouldn't want to bet for or against any team.