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  1. I know that one is for sure lol. I still remember Coach Duncan's drills from 30 years ago when he was at Sevier County High School!
  2. For the ignorant (such as myself), who is Shane Wells? And how are you sure he is or isn't a candidate? I agree with an earlier post, this will indeed be an interesting hire - hard to think of a more visible coaching position in ET basketball, a lot of tradition here.
  3. Current coach got an offer he couldn't refuse from an Arkansas school. It was covered in Knoxville and Blount papers this week.
  4. Aren't they returning just about the entire team from last year?
  5. OK, big changes at Alcoa Men's Basketball it seems . . . what's the low-down? Who stands out as the possible replacement? The coming year's team was set to make a solid run, or so it seemed. What's the current thinking? Inquiring minds want to know!
  6. Jose Agosto of Gatlinburg-Pittman committed to Canisius.
  7. Anyone can look it up, I said at the beginning of the season, and again after they had a horrible start and were counted out in East TN - Fulton has talent, very solid talent, 6-8 deep and is playing very focused basketball. They also seem hungry for the wins.
  8. Big grats to the Falcons for their win. Fulton is playing solid team ball, and as a GP parent, I wish you all the best as you represent our district from here on out.
  9. Hate to see Sevier County not land someone on this list, but then again their success this year is truly a testament to "team ball" over sheer talent. Kudos to Sevier County for reminding us all that basketball is, at its core, a team sport! And further grats to their coaching staff for getting the most out of their players.
  10. To say this win, at Carter, was not an upset is a bit of a stretch. While Stone has indeed played the teams you cite, they lost almost every one of those games. That said, they are also an obviously improved team over the first part of their season, winning 12 of their last 13 games (including an impressive 84-67 win over Alcoa in late January). Basketball is a tournament sport, and Stone is certainly on a run at the right time.
  11. Grats to Sevier Co. in their big win over DB tonight! Sevier County deserves alot of respect for making the most of their season. I don't think anyone saw them making a run this deep at the beginning of the year.
  12. What's up in that game, period. Safe to say this was one of the bigger upsets of the night across all divisions. Any and all details of the game would be appreciated.
  13. Big Gratz to the Fulton program - check the threads back in the late fall, I was quite insistent that too many were discounting Fulton's balanced talent. Should be some very interesting Region 2-AA games!
  14. Thanks..Luck i guess :)

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