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  1. BS, craig, only going to games is not the support needed. You need to stay on the porch and pick your banjo. The female leader of HL has no idea how to get the HL base of alumni to come and help and she does not care. All she wants are puppets to bow down to her. Maybe terry can come to Sumner county and help the fat man.
  2. Another metro mess. Hunters Lane down the tube and nobody cares in administration, school or higher. Lay across the log bunch does it again.
  3. The metro cretins can't post when not in school. Jr. high johnnies will be on soon with metro is great and 56% winning is our goal. J. Gore is rumored to have the job. I thought former BEECH assistant S. Murray would be best choice, but going outside metro incest is better for Mcgavock.
  4. The cretins of metro strike again, wilson at the book school and broome [fired at Mcg ] at maplewood. Why, they may recycle Brown, Pigue, or Elrod , nah, they still have Law and Thompson for da Raiders. They had a busy spring break this year finding enough logs to lay across on their canoe trip. And you want the public to respect metro football. The joke of the state.
  5. No anger or hate. Just a plain and simple dislike for someone who always puts metro down, always see the negative but never the positives, always thinks he knows much more than he actually does, and thinks his grass is always greener even though he's sitting on a beech with no grass. I think its funny how he never mentioned Beech before this year. In the past it was always Gallatin and Hendersonville. Fork you going to be spoons assistant at McGavock or maybe ya'll want East Lit after all? junior high jonnies, Beech__________- State Champs, live with it
  6. When lilal is correct about metro he is CORRECT. The ticket counter at the book school was so wrong........ still no coach, maplewood is uh, remains in gridlock and nobody in power cares, now the 6a is wanting in the act. Mcg. is in a change mode and will take weeks to fill, if anybody ever wakes up and HL chokes on pending decision. A regular spring in cretin land, and you want us to take metro football serious. BEECH-------State Champs, that's serious.
  7. I bet none were from Sumner Co., home of the 5A state champion.
  8. You must be tight with the ticket counter at the book school, but you pick a metro guy to get the job on another post. Calling about the job and interviewing are not the same. Metro M.O. -- large numbers apply and we chose the very best. [in 20-30 min. interview ]. Log layers rejoice, MW is open and the canoe trip can continue.
  9. Ring around the logs, as in a previous post, Thompson to book school and Law to Maplewood. Ah grasshopper, you learn well, keep agreeing and it may keep you of the banjo pickers. DC at Hillwood, Sycamore coach are correct. To answer another post, Phillips came to metro from willamson co. Log layers gearing up for spring canoe trip, and trying to get B.R. to be a guest paddler.
  10. Good stats and I wonder what the career record of each coach is going into next season. Recycled coaches are the norm in metro.
  11. Thanks, but the crazies rule in metro, and they rarely hire quality assistants to help the bozo head coaches. They even dip into the old, old retired head coaches to be assistants. Football in metro will continue to be bad until it is finally phased out in a budget cut.
  12. Metro tops itself, log layers abound. Phillips wins 4 and loses 26, and gets better job at whites creek, Spears begins a program at east and runs off after 5-5 season to take hillwood [ a proven graveyard ], Thompson tries to leave maplewood and gets lavernge's principal fired, Law may go to will. co. or not. I know , law and thompson can duel over east book school. Ring around the log is favorite metro game. Cretin city, and you want other systems to respect your football programs, PLEASE. But the good news spring is not far away, and the banjo pickers can plan the canoe trips to the land of logs.
  13. Sorry Westy, you lose to a 1st year METRO team coached by a has been and a 100 year old assistant, no way will you be close to a real football team. WHITE HOUSE
  14. The Eagles of North Sumner CO. will defeat the eagles of metro. This is a first year team with no stadium and having to play at the very old TPS field. Metro says it all, Westmoreland rolls to an easy win.
  15. Fat Man, do you, do you not remember the last two times you handled the offense. Your last year as the Beech head coach and the first year as WC head coach. DUH
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