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  1. I thought this was board policy for accounting purposes.
  2. We had one here where a player played for one school in basketball until Christmas, got mad transferred to another achool in town and played the rest of the season. He moved I am sure. Something about that is not right, whether you move or not. Two teams in one season.
  3. Agree with all your points, glad we got bumped into quad 3 lol Under this model, if RHS had lost to the KY team, and coffee co had gone 10-0, they would be seeded ahead,eventhough I think their is little doubt RHS is the best team in their quad, if not the state. Agree with your point about BHS, OHS is farther east than both RHS and BHS and closer to Chattanooga than BHS. Antioch and Glencliff are both farther eat and closter to chattanooga than Centennial and Columbia, yet they are in quad 3 too. Yes, which is why i didn't want OHS in quad 2, because people somewhere think Coffee Co is better than OHS because Coffee Co finished 2nd i a bad district. If OHS doesn't make it, I hope its Smyrna, since they have been in the playoffs for the past 5 weeks....just show again how the system is flawed, a team that was 1 loss away from being eliminated in September from the playoffs plays for the Gold Ball! good luck to RHS.
  4. David, This system is not, and has never been about being fair. We know this. Honestly it's not fair that LaVergne is not in the playoffs. I agree 100% with your point, problem is people in the TSSAA office what a nice clean cut way of doing things, and their isn't 1. #1 ALL DISTRICTS ARE NOT EQUAL, but the format assumes they are, then go seeding based on finish in districts then overall record is completely absurd, sounds nice, sounds easy, but it's not fair. I've been saying for a few weeks how you really want to be seeded 6th or 7th. Something is wrong when RHS would have a better draw being seeded 6th or 7th than 1st, agree?
  5. That's the argument, even when there are 3 Knoxville area teams and only 2 Chattanooga area teams...google maps says OHS is closer to Chattanooga than Blackman anyway. And why is this argument not used in 5A to send Antioch and Glenfliff into quad 2 instead of Columbia and Centennial. It's hard for me to imagine the geography of the state of TN has changed that much since I was in 7th grade, but I guess it has. Either that or "Geographically" doesn't have anything to do with Geography. BTW best draws look like Oak Ridge got the best 1st and 2nd round draw, and they are a #7. top of quad 2 and 4 are tough!
  6. As predicted, 6 and 7 is the best draws in the brackets...shouldn't #1 and #2 be the best draws?
  7. But don't let the fact that OHS is actually closer (according to google maps) to Chattanooga than Blackman is get in the way of grouping "geographically". Also, don't let the fact that 3 teams on I40 would be in the grouping and only 2 teams in the Chattanooga area. Basically seems like it is not really grouped geographically. Also, i promise you want to be seeded 6th or 7th, seems like it will be the easiest draw.
  8. what is interesting, after looking into the criteria to seed the playoffs teams, I really think the best playoff seed this year will be the 6th or 7th seeds....wait and see....
  9. Yes I remember Probably Arlington and Brighton seeded 1/2 in Quad 4 and Riverdale and Oakland could be (hopefully not) seeded below them in their own quad.
  10. Glad you made it up, also glad they got the game scheduled after neither team could fill their schedule at the end of the spring. Too bad our play clocks were wasted for half the game. I bet it's a long time before Arlington installs them Most of the time the previous 25 seconds hadn't run out before the next play clock was started.
  11. So...how did Arlington like their taste of 7AAA football last night?
  12. I'm back...would like to point out there were ZERO delay of game calls last night....Go PATS, looked good!
  13. My guess would be because of all the transfers into Siegel High. Wasn't #23 kicked off the football team? What about #20 a few years ago who led the entire state in technical fouls?!? It's called history, do your research...right warriormom? Where there's smoke there's fire. And when he starts posting things about you, personally, in his posts, it's kinda hard to deny who's posting it, yet people still deny it. I too got the story from someone who would know all the details, you are dead on with what I heard as well.
  14. Ha, you've been awfully quite since joining Coach T, can't keep up with all the identities? LOL Was #23 a well mannered, good kid for Siegel?
  15. Oh goodness, I come back to this? And I am sure you know the details, or are you just a little upset he's no longer playing for you? If not, why would you, of all people, start a thread about this? Anyway, I know he is suspended from school, and hence playing, from last week though the 1st week of January, that's pretty severe if you ask me. Good luck to Coach Woodson.
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