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  1. give me a call also if you work out a senior run. lol
  2. Big Sandy should be a really good team next year... they're only losing one person
  3. [ Yeah i made that predictions forgetting the rain was comin then i realized that prolly nuthing but a bunch of running in this one... SC 17 Camden 14 Still late second field goal makes the difference wow!! yeah ok....i have no clue where your gettin that from. camden hasn't played that bad in like forever. it won't even be that close. CAMDEN 42-7
  4. i said wrong... 4th went to JCS then USJ.
  5. Region 7 1.Dyersburg 2.BIG SANDY!! 3.TCA 4. i think USJ
  6. well i liked the hit that ross put on 84 i think towards the sideline. that was a hard hit! lol Good job lions!! i knew they would kill.
  7. ok??? you don't think camden is good? yeah ok. i dont know where you have been for the past maybe....um i dont even know how long. this game will be good but not good enough for them to win. 21-7 camden and its bIg not bEg /roflolk.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflolk:" border="0" alt="roflolk.gif" />
  8. ha i think your leavin out a team
  9. i ran down in Georgia a lil. Once you get out of north georgia almostall the rest is crazy flat
  10. "This game means nothing. Gotta win in the 2A playoffs" i dont know what your talkin about, but every game means something to camden!
  11. yeah, mark is fast but not that fast.
  12. region 7 2A....and just everybodys in general
  13. whats everybody think regions this year?
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