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  1. I personally have only seen one bad outcome from metal cleats. Three years ago a centerfielder from Westview got her metal cleat hung in the centerfield fence trying to keep a ball from going out. Snapped her leg like a twig...pretty gruesome. But I've seen lots of broken legs/ankles and blown out knees from bad slides in rubber cleats, so I'm not sure the metal ones are anymore likely to cause injury (except for being cut from the metal cleat)than the rubber ones.
  2. Camden remains undefeated and moves to 8-0 (2-0 in district play) with a big win over a good Harpeth team. Go LIONS!
  3. Deven Wilson-----C------Camden Central--------UT Martin
  4. Marshall Co did not win...14-7 Camden. Milan will be fine...maybe not as dominant early, but by the time it counts, they'll be running on all cylinders as usual. Camden still has big...BIG question marks. This Saturday against Lipscomb will tell the tale on how their season goes. Henry Co as usual has athletes all over the field...they'll have a good year. Lexington was the most impressive team to me...fast, fast, fast! This year if they don't make a run for the big money at the end of the season then they never will.
  5. I think wad was being a little sarcastic. Wad knows that E. Renfroe is only asked to pitch where Brandenburg pitches, fields and hits for her team. No stats required for that one... Let's leave it at they are two of the best the state has to offer. But if I could choose one to NOT play against, I know who it would be.
  6. As an all around player Amanda Brandenburg was absolutely hands down the best player in the state last year. Now if you wanna talk about the best pitcher, Ellen wins that one easy. And this year, Brandenburg has already received numerous awards...OVC Freshmen of the Year, OVC All-Newcomer squad, and 1st Team All-OVC. She leads the OVC in batting and slugging pct., leads the OVC in doubles, leads UTM in ERA and wins and I'm sure the accolades are far from over. She also pitched against a ranked Ohio State team and shut them out early in the season. Granted, she doesn't play in the SEC (although she easily could), but she does lead her D1 team on the mound and at the plate- all while hitting clean-up, stealing bases and hitting home runs. Can Ellen say that? No... Is Ellen good at what she does? Absolutely, she is one of the best... but so is Amanda and she does more for her team. Camden once again has a very young team with only 2 seniors and only 1 player with more than 2 years starting experience(and that's not either one of the seniors). They have 2 sophomore pitchers and one senior, none of which has any starting experience. Big adjustments have had to be made with a brand new coaching staff and a completely different coaching style. Still alot of talent on this team, they just have to figure out their identity. Hopefully with the big win over a very good Waverly squad last night to make it out of the district, they are beginning to figure it out.
  7. I wouldn't jump to conclusions just yet if I were you TBall "cause both teams will still be very good this year, but I will say that Creekwood will have a leg up in District 11AA and will be a favorite for a Boro run.
  8. Time to put up or shut up!! Safe travel to everyone headed to Benton Co. Let's do this thing Go LIONS!!!
  9. any chance of catching up with you before the game? would like to meet if possible. needless to say I will be there early.

  10. The pressure's on Camden? Are you sure? From what I hear your coaches are breaking out the desperation tactics. Making up "Camden 15-0 State Champ" T-shirts and painting up the school like Camden players supposedly did it? Sounds like your coaches are feeling the pressure and are putting it squarely on the Bulldog's backs. Big pep rally for Camden last night...glad to see the huge turn-out as usual. Hey Deek, maybe that's where all the Bulldog fans were last night...took a wrong turn and showed up in Camden maybe? Seriously, should be a great game and great atmosphere. Congrats ahead of time to both teams on great seasons. Let's pray for an injury free game and that whoever wins goes on next week to whip some middle TN football butt. Go LIONS!!!
  11. Awwww Bulldog that's not necessary...you guys can kiss our feet AFTER the game Friday. But hey, if you wanna get a head-start I guess you can.
  12. Camden has removed more than a few monkeys from their backs in the past 7 years... Bruceton- Check McKenzie- Check Huntingdon- Check Westview- Check Milan- ?? 4 down, 1 to go...I think this year's the year Go LIONS!!
  13. Way to go Lions! 2 stout red zone stops...glad to see ya had it in ya Congrats to Westview on a good season and a great couple of games...as others have said they left it all on the field. I'm sure we'll do it all again next season. This was a great game for the Lions to get under their belts to prepare for next week. Gonna be a slobberknocker for sure...time for the Lions to get that Bulldog off their backs. Go LIONS!
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