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  1. The coaches are doing a pretty good job and the players have worked hard this year. The caoch that "no one likes or respects" IS the freshman coach. All three coaches dress and act very classy. I am not too sure you even know what you are talking about. Congratulations to Cloudland on a good run the state tourney and good luck in the next game.
  2. The Rangers showed some promise this year at times, and at other times not so much. It seems like they could have went out on a better note, but overall I believe the program is headed in the right direction. Any thoughts (and I'm sure some critics too, from what I've read before).
  3. This is so true. If every parent could comprehend this, athletes and schools would be so much better as a whole. Quitting is not the answer, but if it is to work on academics, then so be it for whoever decides to do so. A good education will take many people in Carter Co. farther than athletics does. Very few move on to do something else in athletics, particularly at Unaka (Aaron Dugger, Chad Lewis, Rusty Chambers, John Minton, Mike Ensor, Donald Ensor, Eddie Holly, and I'm sure there are others not mentioned).
  4. There are a bunch of those young kids who are good baseball players. He was a good pitcher coming up through the junior high ranks and did miss alot last year. If he works hard at it, he will probably have a good chance at going somewhere with it. Who knows about basketball... he is still young and has some time left. Good luck to the Rangers in the Region.
  5. It's about time somebody called out the old King. I don't even know who Fonzareli is, but man that's good. Tarpit and George are giving zaza90 a run for his money. Like I said, about time! Unaka wins the tourney. They are playing better than anybody. If they can manage their turnovers and close out a close game or two, who knows how far they can go. They play harder than any team in the conference and they are playing good at the right time. Best of luck to all teams!
  6. I was at the game but didn't hear what happened. I know the Hampton coaches are always tough on the players and so are the fans because of high expectations. What happened, I mean really, it was a great game from both teams?!
  7. It seems like a long time since Snavely gym has been crowded and so loud that it hurts your ears when Unaka scores a basket. I was at the Cloudland game the other night and I don't think the student section sat down the whole game. Plus, the rest of the crowd was on their feet for most of the fourth quarter. Peterson and Covarubias hit two threes toward the end to put the game out of reach and the place was going nuts. It's great to see this again, and good call Lord Vader, kudos to Minton and his staff. Those guys have so much energy all the time and it shows with the players and the faithfuls. Chuckey Doak will make a fortune this year for hosting the tourney.... it's going to be one of the best.
  8. RangerCountry, good call on the "classic" game last night. Both teams played well and Unaka did play with more heart. It seems as if they are doing that more and more each night. The guards from Hampton played well, too and it made for one of those matchups between two teams that are big-time rivals. It should be intersting to see how things play out in the tournament, especially when these two teams meet again. I saw the player-coach exchange on the bench as well last night. Both coaching staffs are were coaching their teams hard, as they should. I didn't hear what was said on the Hampton bench, but I could see what was going on. Some of the things that happen on the floor and on the bench (who knows when they are off the floor) with this particular "coach" has to be pretty embarrasing. From the games I have seen (and last night), Coach Minton from Unaka is tough on the players but he is encouraging at the same time and it shows in how hard the players play. It's just a matter of time before that team gets a big win, and it will probably come during the tournament. Congratulations to both teams in a hard-fought battle last night that could have ended either way. However, when something like what happened on the bench stands out in a big home conference victory, it takes focus off of what the players accomplish and puts it on the coaching staff..... pretty selfish.
  9. The Cloudland and Hampton game was pretty good the other night. Cloudland wasn't able to put enough pressure on the Dogs like they have some other teams, but things may be different on Roan Mountain when the Dogs have to travel. The conference race doesn't get much easier in the next few weeks for any of the local teams. University High has lost to Hampton and Unaka in overtime and both schools have to play them again. Cloudland has to travel to Unaka and to University High. The Dogs have to play on the road at Unaka Tuesday after a non-conference rival game against Elizabethton. Hampton may be in for a surprise in the next few nights. Good luck to all teams as the conference could shake out a number of different ways!
  10. Anybody have any ideas on this one? Betting this one will be a big momentum swinger in the WVC.
  11. Looks like we took Johnson Co. down to the wire last night. Missed the game but heard they played well. Looks like theirs some promise for this season if they can come together. What's the outlook on the conference so far? Are any of the teams in the league looking competitive besides Hampton, even though the dogs were handled by Unicoi on the same night? Clouldland and UH.. must be down but what are they looking like?
  12. Any idea, creekerballer? You seem to have a inside source
  13. True, hayseed. East does have some pretty good returning players from what I've read. It may take Unaka awhile to get harmonized this year, considering the circumstances. Is Aaron Dugger and McInturf coaching this year? I believe Dugger got hired and McInturf is helping again
  14. I am new to the board and wanted to know when the Rangers play this year? I hear they have new coaches and everything. What is their schedule and how will they be?
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