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  1. Clinton will win a close game. #3 for Clinton was ejected from the Karns game (ref gave the thumb) in the 3rd quarter.
  2. Did you watch the same game that I did? It looked like OR played pretty well but had one matchup that Farragut took advantage of late in the game. I'll bet kids got moved around during the week because what was happening wasn't working....sounds like coaching to me.
  3. Did they scrimmage last week? How did it go?
  4. Probably need to stay on Grace Academy and off the topic we are heading toward. Grace has cheated, everyone in the Karns community knows about it. The TSSAA needs to force them to suspend all athletics until they can account for all of the cheating that has gone on and is going on.
  5. What about the other charges rumored? Anything else going to come out of Grace? They will get the "death penalty" if there is more.
  6. Good post! The administration of the church is in damage control mode. Grace baseball fans, good job yesterday at Hardin Valley.....one of you got thrown out of the game by the umpire. Talk about bad timing!!
  7. Hey SDM, thanks for giving some solid info...I think people would be more interested in your cause if there was more information like what you gave in the last post. I would hope that a list of problems would be presented to the administration. Yes, goKarns, I have had some strong words for the mob, that's just because, as a hs coach, I understand that it is easy for people that are angry about playing time or something like that to take shots at you. (Been there, experienced that, not fun)
  8. SDM, I am a coach but not at your school. I have no dog in the fight...my son plays baseball. I just don't think I have read anything on this site that indicates a reason for the lynch-mob mentality. Holding up signs with plays on them? A lot of teams do that, even in college. I don't really care how many people agree with me or how many are on a petition. The ones that matter are the ones who have what it takes to communicate with the administration after having communicated with the current head coach.
  9. Not sure what you are trying to say "sdm"...was that English? Stay positive Karns boosters...if it is as bad as you are trying to say, work for change the right way. If you run this guy off, no coach in his right mind, would come there. You also need to be aware that there need to be teaching positions for the new folks. It is easy to talk about replacing HS coaches, like they do college, but much more difficult than the uninformed know.
  10. Follow-up race needs to be at Footlocker South. Great race, great venue, great competition.
  11. Wow, I agree with that post! Good job. Go positive Karns football folks. Go 100%, if you are right you will win out! Push for positive change. If you are "blown off" or disrespected the administration will find out...heck you can tell them about all of the positive things you have done and how you were treated. Petitions show you are angry....get past that.
  12. I also doubt that anyone in administration at Karns knows about or care about anything on this site.
  13. Not really far off by W.O.M. The divisions other than AAA were not very good this year. Just look at the results.
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