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  1. BlackMetallic

    all state

    A google search shows last year's came out around July 24....
  2. BlackMetallic


    You should not have any problems other than the amount of money you have to pay...Plenty of parking and the fields are right next to the airport.
  3. BlackMetallic


    The session begins at 4pm....Game 3 and Game 4 are played on the same field so the Game 4 time is an estimate. You probably will not play until closer to 6pm unless Game 3 is a quick game.
  4. Fortunately it is not a poll that determines who plays for the championship so take it for what it is worth.
  5. Funny what a rivalry win will do for you! And you are definitely correct about early! Appreciate you taking a stab at things where no one else did.
  6. East Ham will be one of the best hitting teams this side of Baylor, again; Kelsey Payne, starting off healthy this year, is set for a big year....Once again they do not have a strikeout lockdown pitcher but another senior who throws strikes when neeeded and will get outs if they play good defense which should keep them in most games...good to see Nelson get a bit of comeuppance after the way she was ushered out of Ooltewah...And Chattsoftball may want to adjust his/her rankings. OHS is probably going to struggle a bit this year.
  7. Coach Nelson has been hired at East Hamilton but will strangely continue to teach at Ooltewah....should be interesting....East Ham moves up to 5 AAA next year but it is certainly a different landscape than previous years. http://www.chattanoogan.com/2013/7/1/254292/Nelson-Succeeds-Stiles-As-East-Hamilton.aspx
  8. A serious rivalry game between Chester Co and Lexington to go face GP for the championship...that game this morning should be entertaining as both teams hit really well. Unicoi also had a good team. I don't know Greenbrier's history but they looked a little timid this year...like EH last year when they made their first appearance in Boro. It makes a difference having been there before.
  9. Wild game between Unicoi and East Hamilton with Unicoi tying with a two run homer top of 7th then loading the bases top of 8 only to score no runs. EH then loaded the bases in the bottom and won on a squeeze...
  10. East Hamilton has graduation Friday night so the game is being played Saturday morning.
  11. East Hamilton 3 Meigs Co. 1
  12. Actually, they did play in last year's sectional.
  13. A school down the road has an opening next year, one that still has a shot at state this year...would be interesting to see them bring her on board... She is somewhat a victim of the dilution of talent with that same school robbing Ooltewah of some of their talent base.
  14. http://chattanoogan.com/2013/5/14/251180/Ooltewah-Softball-Coach-Nelson-Fired.aspx
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