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  1. MTSN

    Big coaching changes in Class AAA

    Bert Newberry, Shane Buchanan's long-time assistant at Dickson County, will take over the Lady Cougars.
  2. MTSN

    Big coaching changes in Class AAA

    Brandon McWhorter is now the new Coffee County head coach.
  3. Shawn Middleton is the new head coach at Siegel, taking over from Perry Lyons, who decided to take the job at the new Rocky Fork Middle in Smyrna for family reasons (his mother is sick). Melissa Weiland has left Independence to become the new head coach at Wilson Central, and taking her place at Independence is...Shane Buchanan, who leaves Dickson County after 22 years and three state championships. Quite the coaching roulette to start the offseason. And not only is the Dickson job needing to be filled, so is the Coffee County one.
  4. MTSN

    District 7-AAA 2017

    Been forgetting to post this, but, we have a good race developing in RuCo. As always, weekend regular season tournament info is not entered until the week of. Standings Schedule and results Both documents have a link to the other, so, you can open up one, and then the other, without having to come back to this thread.
  5. MTSN

    Ooltewah softball tournament

    Here: http://ooltewahathletics.com/2017/03/16/2017-jim-frost-ooltewah-invitational/
  6. AAA is certainly a headscratcher. Dickson, Siegel, Oakland, and Gibbs, among others, graduated their ace pitchers last year. I don't know if anybody really stands out at the moment. Stewarts Creek will likely make it back to State; Clarksville, too. But who else? Coffee? Wilson Central? Someone unexpected like Blackman? Might Soddy make it back? What about Ooltewah? Their ace pitcher is only a junior, but she didn't have any bats around her last year; that's why they fell one round short of the promised land. I don't think the picture will be very clear until at least early April. Not to me, anyway. (And yeah, I know you said Midstate, but I'm looking at the bigger picture.)
  7. So, Wilson Central will bring in an interim head coach for 2017, while continuing a search for a long-term replacement: http://wilsonpost.com/bulletin----wc-softball-post-filled-cms-88656
  8. Wow: http://usatodayhss.com/2016/michael-shepard-fired-as-wilson-central-softball-coach
  9. MTSN

    Siegel Home Field Advantage

    Not to mention, the press box has terrible sight lines. You have to crouch down to see a fly ball, the ceiling is so low, and there's no way to work outside if you're a broadcaster, because the bleachers are right next to the press box on both sides.
  10. MTSN

    4 classes in baseball?

    I have heard from Matthew Gillespie (TSSAA Assistant Executive Director, the guy who handles media credentials for TSSAA championship events) that the reason they don't hold the softball championships at MTSU is because all five of those tournaments have an "If Necessary" game to decide their champions. It would be a simple solution for Division II - just hold both games on Thursday, and rotate. If Division II-A needs its "If Necessary", play it after Division II-AA's (possibly first) championship game. But Division I softball would need to go to the same kind of bracket D-I baseball uses, with the eight teams split into two brackets of four, each with their own Losers' Bracket. (I'd actually prefer that.)
  11. MTSN

    7-AAA 2016

    If Blackman had beaten Riverdale on Tuesday, they and Stewarts Creek would've finished the regular season tied at 6-6. Since they split their regular season games, they would've had to go to the second tiebreaker, which is "Record against seeded teams". I'm not sure how that one would've worked out, because they were both swept by Oakland and Siegel; they both swept LaVergne; but Stewarts Creek split with Smyrna, whereas Blackman swept Smyrna; and Blackman would've split with Riverdale, whereas Stewarts Creek swept the Lady Warriors. Glad the tiebreakers were the ones you could easily figure out.
  12. Athens, AL beat Hazel Green, AL 6-3 in the final.
  13. MTSN

    7-AAA 2016

    Here is a link to the district standings, and a composite schedule, just like what David Limbaugh puts together for baseball: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g-YqJye4ubmwFSGC3ZBgfda4COBy8FM-LUei7DQDgUc/edit?usp=sharing I usually add in tournament information the night before tournaments start, since those schedules can always change (weather, teams dropping out, etc.). This week, Rounds 6 and 7 of district play will take place. Riverdale will play in the TSCA Tournament this weekend, while the other 7-AAA teams will be concentrating on the RuCo JV Tournament.
  14. Who did Cookeville replace? Edit: Never mind, I just looked at their schedule.
  15. MTSN

    class of 2016 college softball signees

    Two from Riverdale will sign during the upcoming period: -Mackenzie Case, 3B, will sign with Dyersburg State on Friday -Emily Burns, CF, will sign with Chatt State two weeks from today