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  1. Can anyone tell me when the district tournament for the middle schools in middle Tennessee are? Are they being held in Murfreesboro?
  2. flyer

    Bryan Cartmell

    Great game tonight Bryan. Thought you were awesome.
  3. For your info Sean he is a sweeper, another piece of info is that we haven't lost but one game in the past year and that was last year at state. He was late getting to play because basketball was at the state, but when he returned our team came together and it was all uphill from there. Why you hatin?
  4. flyer

    Best Goalkeeper

    Columbia's Bryan Cartmell, one of the best!
  5. What grade is this young lady in at school? Saw her this summer and was wondering which school she played for.
  6. Willy, not all Columbia fans have dogged Giles County. I do think it was a little harsh saying Columbia only has one good player and if you think that then you don't know the game. One Columbia player stole the ball away from Smith more than once, and they had 3 in double figures. Giles County has many good players and should go far. Maybe Columbia and their rookie coach can get it together next year and have a better year and play a closer game. Hope your team goes all the way.
  7. 40 You don't have to rep your boys they rep themselves pretty good and believe me they don't need someone with your vocabulary and temper (quick to fight) to mess it up. I'm glad you are proud of your team but chill.
  8. To start where the tread began, It was a good game and exciting. The stats will be in Columbia's paper tomorrow but the Tennessean might have them. Ms. Shirley I don't think we were at the same game. Yes I agree Columbia might have had a chance to win if the Coach was a little more seasoned but all in all Giles County has older, and more experienced players all around. Tyler isn't the only good player on the team. They run their plays and hit the open man. They looked well coached and disiplined. Walker and Marable made some good plays and did a good job. I thought all the boys played hard and didn't give up. Without Walker I don't know if Steve would have had all those points. Walker does need to shoot more, but several times he was open and the others don't get it to him. They look like they are running their personal plays they just thought of when they got the ball. wneely, That little comment about Oak Hill and Walker, well he can play with the best and when he does he really can do a lot more than he has shown this year. Watch him play AAU or at camps. Anyway he is too smart to go there and he doesn't need any help scoring high enough on the ACT. (I am not speaking of Tyler here I don't know anything about his grades just others who are there or have gone there.) For youwishyouhada40inch oh yeah vertical Ptown has apparently failed you in education. You can't even get the number of #'s right in your profanity must less the rest of what you call a statement. Seems to me many people are proud of Tyler from Columbia. So SIT DOWN . There was a large crowd there to see him. Giles County was enjoyable to watch and maybe Columbia can give them more of a challenge in years to come.
  9. Yes the game is still on
  10. Big win for Columbia. Very up tempo fast game.Columbia had a lot of turnovers a lot of missed free throws and the refs were bad. They just kept fighting. Shelbyville led most of the game and were even leading by nine or ten at one point. Columbia pulled it out in the last few minutes. Bullock was the one left open to hit the threes. Gray had everyone feeding him and Walker had some big steals, smooth ball handling and passes, and controlled the floor. String played hard defense. Carter played a very unselfish game and looked a lot better for it. Decent night for most all the players. Shelbyville has talented players who just come to play. They don't play dirty or mouth off they just play hard. Good job Coach.
  11. I don't think he has ever won their trust or confidence. The real world doesn't care if they are inner city and Columbia isn't a metropolis. They don't talk like that to everyone only those they know they can get away with it and nothing will be done. How about the ones who do know how to behave how do you think they see this situation? Don't make excuses and don't coddle them or they will only get worse. They have some good guys on that team and apparently their examples don't mean a thing.
  12. If you have a kid who talks back to you in front of the team whenever he wants and also cusses you out do you let him play, for that matter even stay on the team? If a kid is in trouble for drugs to you just give him a light punishment and then let him play? Do you think it is right for the younger players to yell at the senior? Do you think that players also should be held accountable for their classroom behavior when it reflecs the team? Do you ask a player after a loss if he has any ideas and then when he does the coach blows it off? I heard he got on to Walker for "showing off" as he put it when he went for a ball and threw it backward over his head and got it back to one of his teamates. That is really something to get on someone about. I have talked to some of his players and they just don't trust him yet. I think he needs to be a little harder on all of them. If they don't do what he has told them sit them down. Most know they can say or do anything and they will play anyway. I know I am right about all of this because I have heard it first hand and seen it.
  13. My opinion only, is if they respected him they would listen to him and do what he tells them. To get respect you have to have discipline and I know of many reasons which I will not air here that he does not. I do not dislike this coach. I don't even know him personally. I just think he has been put in a tough situation and he needs some help.
  14. You have got to be kidding. It is a coaches fault when he has no offense, defense and most of all disipline. Because he has no disipline he gets no respect from his players. His experience as a head coach has been middle school. He was not the head coach or even close in college level play. It is a whole new ballgame on and off the court when you are the head coach. The people a lot of us blame are the administration for putting him in the position. He is not ready yet for this level of play and in a basketball town. His players are not to blame totally, for Saturday night, yea they missed shots but there is a stradegy to this game no matter what is going wrong with the play during the game and he has none because he has no experience. I know for a fact that many of the players are thinking about a way to go somewhere else next year if things don't change for the better. This will be a sad thing for the team, but the people in charge over there need to be a little more careful in their hiring. I have seen some of these players play in AAU and I know they are better than what they are showing. The coach has to figure out a way to get that out of them. They are really down on themselves and that is another thing he is going to have to deal with. It will be a hard job and I don't know if the coach can do it without a little help from someone who has more experience.
  15. flyer


    As I understand the only head coaching job he has held was a middle school job. I also said he just needed to be wise enough to ask for direction when needed. Also as I understand McBee has retired but does coach one of Central's returning players, his grandson Walker. He has had some of them in AAU.
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