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  1. I don't think "The PIT" ever died, it's just been hibernating. A large number of the season tickets either don't come or sit somewhere else, which leaves a big hole behind the Falcon bench. Tonight, NO Reserved seating!!! I expect a big crowd. If Lincoln Countians will get behind the Falcons, the FEVER could spread like a epidemic again and "The PIT" will awaken. Go Falcons!!!
  2. do you have any scores to go with this post?
  3. A Champion A Champion knows his strengths and weakness, and is always in pursuit of the unattainable perfection. A Champion has control. Emotional and mental control of the situation at hand. He knows the only thing he has 100% control over is he. He knows he cannot control how well his opponents play, the weather, the field conditions, how the ball bounces. He knows he cannnot control the past or the future. A Champion knows that all you can do is all you can do. A Champion has an attitude of assurance that he is prepared to win. He steps onto the field and looks his opponent in the eye, knowing that if he executes his game, he will be a victor. A Champion deserves to win. A Champion will not always be a victor, but a Champion is never a loser. A Champion strikes fear in the heart of his opponent because they know that a Champion will not lose. A Champion is intimidating without even trying to be. A Champion treats pressure as a comfort zone. When the pressure is at its highest his chances of victory are increasing. A Champion stifles his apponents with unflappable concentration and focus and the unrelenting will and desire to win. A Champion crushes his opponents with a fearless attack that does not fade untill the last whistle has blown. A Champion finishes the race.
  4. NGA Falcons beat City Tigers 32-26 in a nail biter. Looks like a lot of good young talent on both teams. Could be good for LC Falcons in 2 to 3 years. thumb thumb
  5. Will the Lincoln Co Falcons spread their new wings and fly Friday night? Or will the Franklin Rebels reload?
  6. Duckbutterbandit

    UT signee

    I hear that Phillip Pettitt has signed to play for the big orange. Can any one confirm this. If so congradulations to Philip. UT got one of the best players in the south east and also the nation.
  8. GO-OOOOOOOOOOOO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!! I hope these folks wash a lot of cars.
  9. I would like to invite all of our neighbors to the PIT Friday night for the Lincoln Co. vs Riverdale game. You can get a free deluxe car wash at Blimpie/ Shell or at Arby's/Shell. Hey that's a $5 value. Almost worth the price of admission. All you have to do is go in and tell the clerk You saw it on COACHT and GO Falcons and you can get a code # for a FREE deluxe car wash. You'll have a week to use the code. So come on, all you Franklin Co., Coffee Co., Tullahoma, Huntland, Giles Co., Marshall Co., Lawrence Co., Shelbyville, Moore Co., and anybody else. Come to the PIT and GO-OOOOOO FALCONS!!!!!!!!! This is good for Falcon Friday Only!
  10. I'm not saying Riverdale can't win cause they will have a chance Friday night. What I'm saying is this, If they are to have a chance they will have to beat our twelth man. That would be the Pit Crew. They are back. I've said it once, and it looks like I'll have to say it again. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, comes in to our house and pushes us around. Not this year anyway!!!!! GO-oooooo FALCONS!!!!!!! KICK EM IN THE BUTT BIG BLUE!!!!!!!
  11. You're forgetting one thing. When you come to the Pit you come to our HOUSE, and Nobody and I mean NOBODY comes into our HOUSE and pushes us around. GO FALCONS!!!!!!
  12. "Riverdale at Lincoln Co, Whats gunna happen" It looks like we're gonna get something to eat
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