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  1. Nobody deserves this honor more than Jeff
  2. Unicoi County and the double horseshoes have been playing a high level of baseball and softball for a very long time. The first time I saw the baseball team play was at a state tourney in the mid 90s. That same year the 13-15 yr old state softball tourney was in Erwin, Tn. I coached the Madison team in that tourney and our experience there was very positive. The newspaper covered the tourney and the officials running the tourney and umpires were great people. I ran into some Unicoi people in 2002 at the Eastman Kodak tourney when I assisted at Goodpasture. I was suprized that they remembered me by name and how welcoming they were. The Lady Devils followed the course for success over the years with strong development leagues, dedicated adult leadership and good work ethic. This year it paid off. Congratulations on your state title. I was with the Goodpasture assistant coach on Saturday afternoon and his comments were that the Unicoi team won with class and acted like they had been there before. Good luck in the future and keep working hard at this game.
  3. It's been 2 years since I posted but I had to chime in on this. In the 90's Baylor and Ryan were in AAA and I believe they both won softball titles.
  4. If you truly believe that I have some swamp land I need to talk with you about. Being up front with what your roll will be is not at all what goes on in general with recruiting. Telling you what it takes to get you there is what happens and once there things change signigicantly. I think that in the recruiting process a player should be told come to school here, show us what you have and if you earn a spot then you will play. Blind promises make for ill will. You have to be given an opportunity to show your talents.
  5. This is the longest post timbdp has ever made. Didn't know he had such an extensive vocabulary. He could have covered it in one of his usual on word posts: Whine.
  6. std


    Yes, I know and I think you know this is exactly why I don't care much for "All-Whatever" teams. Big Mac was instumental in MJ's 2nd place finish in the state and certainly deserves the recognition.
  7. std


    Not a better pitcher on any team than Roark of Mt. Juliet. It's a shame she was left out.
  8. Context has everythig to do with it. Yes Isaiah prophecies were foreseing the coming of a Messiah. And come he did, not what the people were looking/hoping for. A Prince of Peace who didn't hide from the very people who you call "dangerous wild animals." And his last words were the great commission. It did not say everyone over 21 go out and make disciples of all nations. Is it actually putting children in questionablely dangerous morally situation? Certianly you are not implying that there is danger within the public school situation for a child to think or act as Jesus would do when faced with right and wrong. You witness when you make a choice make a choice on what is right in the eyes of the Lord and back up your decision with appropriate action. I fear you suffer from an elitiest attitude that gives the privates a bad rap.
  9. Have you not read the scripture "and a little child shall lead them" Come on do you really think that there is an age limit on being a witness for Christ?
  10. There was integration a long time before the boom in privates. Now bussing to attain racial balance and the establishment of comprehensive high schools with 1500 to 2000 students is probably the real reason. This completely eliminated the public community school concept and was the demise of parental/community support of public high school athletics in the Metro Davidson County area. The parental/community support for a Smith County/Marshall County/etc. remains high because they are a community based school, I don't think you can say that about the 4A and 5A schools in Nashville.
  11. I have serious doubts that any school in the state has athletic program incom that contributes on red cent to the general operational budget of the school. I secondly doubt that there is one single athletic program in the state that is COMPLETELY independent of general operational budget funds.
  12. There is nothing awesome about making this team. I picked up a copy of the Robertson County Times this morining and went to the All Robertson County Softball Team list. My distain for "all whatever" teams has been reinforce with the number of players listed. Shear numbers makes this a joke. There are five high schools in Robertson County. That means there are 45 starters in total for the five softball teams. The All County team had 21 players making the "team" and 17 players listed as "honorable mention." 45 minus 38 equals 7. So there are only 7 total starters left out of the newspaper's All County recognition. The purpose of an "all star" team is to recognize the top players in the game. Literally everyone is listed here except 7 unworthy souls. East Robertson had 7 on the first team and 3 honorable mention. Give me a break.
  13. Moved from another thread
  14. Set the record this year.
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