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  1. Or a Northern Mississippi suburb school. Does Olive Branch come to mind?
  2. Blade was not much better than Stevens. lol
  3. Look on the bright side. Current Head Coach is WAY better than y'alls last one! He screws up at LaVergne this year I bet you could get him back. LOL
  4. Field looks like crap! Why are they scrimmaging on it? There is a perfectly good practice field for that kind of use. I know Coach A let a lot of stuff go to pot, but not using the practice field is plain old wasteful and stupid! We better get a turf field soon because the game field will be nothing but mud and ruts before the season starts good! If any Rutherford County school comes up against a team with a good passing attack they will be in trouble. Only one I haven't seen yet is LaVergne and Siegel.
  5. And an Orthopedic Doctor, lots of ice,...............................and a Goat to trim the grass on the visitors side...
  6. He did not mess with folks drinks. Notice that he is drinking coffee as he did NOT drink. His wife was the drunk in that family. I found that out from the crew chief of his helicopter that went down off the coast of Florida as the wreck was brought to Jacksonville and put in VW-4 (Hurricane Hunters) hanger. I was kidding with the crew chief about the cases of chewing gum and scotch that was on board as to who was using it all. Crew Chief told me Nixon did not drink but chewed Wrigley's Gum a pack at a time. As to the two cases of scotch, it was Hers. There was two full cases until I got two quarts, purely for research. LOL
  7. ORDT, I could have gone all year without you posting a picture of that Georgia idiot that almost got me killed! I hope somebody did something REAL RUDE to his drink that made it that color.
  8. LONG range plans call for two more high schools. That is IF we can slow down the current rate of influx. If not we will have to build and PAY for more. That does not count all the elementary and middle schools to go with them. Frankly I wish we would tell the developers to stick it and post a FULL UP sign at all entrances to the county.
  9. Small town football is FUN football. Some of the schools have forgotten that playing HS football is supposed to be FUN!
  10. RR, Lawton is not that good. The clone is stationed there at Fort Sill and they are trying to get the clone as a Volunteer line coach. Unfortunately he is already doing it at Elgin (suburb) and is where the Grandkids go to. Grandson started Pee Wee this week! I learned about Texas High School football in the middle 70's when I was dating a young Lady from near Odessa. I went with her to her home one weekend. She insisted I get off early so we could get there for the Friday night football game. I asked her what the big deal was and she told me to drive and watch when we got there. That was the first time I ever saw a WHOLE town shut down to go to the game! They ALL knew their football also. Only ones not watching the game the entire time was babies in diapers. From reports I get from friends there still, it has NOT changed. When has anyone in Tennessee seen a whole town shut down for a regular Friday night game. Playoffs Yes, but not a regular game. Maryville vs. Alcoa is probably the closest we have in Tennessee. For fun visit 'SKIDMORE', Texas some time. Family went for the fight and stayed to found a town. When I saw it, it consisted of two gas stations and a cat house. Down near the Corpus Christy Naval Station.
  11. I figure they will smoke LaVergne because Rice has a reputation for running a disciplined program. LaVergne has a reputation of being an undisciplined ZOO! Not having seen any of the other teams they will play, I will go out on a limb and say at least a 5-5 season, with a chance of being 7-3.
  12. I predict Rockvale to be 3 (wins)-0 to start out their season.
  13. OK, but WHO is providing the jobs and where are they? WHO is buying them the homes and WHO's name is the deed in, and finally WHO is providing the scholarships to what school? So many questions and NOBODY is giving a straight answer to any of them!
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