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Lost Old Dad

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  1. Lost Old Dad

    Happy New Years

    To all on here.
  2. Lost Old Dad

    Merry Christmas........

    to all on here as I will be in and out of pocket for the next few days. Please also remember all our loved ones in the service both at home and far away. By their service and sacrifice we all can celebrate and spend time with our loved ones and friends.
  3. Lost Old Dad

    Stewart's Creek opening

    For myself I would love to see Steve Britton apply and get Rockvale and bringing Coach Scharse in as OC. If nothing else it would make co-ordinating their fishing trips together easier. LOL FOLKS I have heard nothing like this from anybody. Just wishful thinking on my part.
  4. Lost Old Dad

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    Bounder, I will really try and make it to ONE game. Would be fun just knowing I do not have to climb the steps UP. LOL Going down is no problem. In fact it is invigorating thinking about all the great players that have done it over the years. Folks that is a small part of what Oak Ridge Tradition is all about and why this stadium could/should never be abandoned.
  5. Lost Old Dad

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    Like my buddy Bounder says, this thread IS fun to watch. Already you have Coach Perry or his rep on here stirring the pot like he really wants to come here. That is an OLD Rankin ploy for a pay hike and/or Booster bonus. Which school was it last year he was 'supposedly' going to? Good Luck Gallatin, I truly hope y'all get a GREAT Coach.
  6. Lost Old Dad

    Stewart's Creek opening

    I am just going to sit back and watch this play out at BOTH SC and Rockvale. Personally I do NOT see GR coming back to EITHER school. If I was betting on him coming back to Middle Tn, I would bet on Warren County before ANY Rutherford County schools. Current school superintendent would NOT put up with Rankin's recruiting like in the past. Also Booster Club finances are watched MUCH more closely than the past. There is WAY more to running a program today besides X's and O's.
  7. Lost Old Dad

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    Think Big Ed will deliver to the visitors side?
  8. Lost Old Dad

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    Just have one question. From the amount of folks on here pushing Perry, I wonder which of them is HIM and who of the others are either friends and/or relatives? GWAVE1, any idea when they will announce? Before Christmas break so the new Coach can start with the new semester?
  9. Lost Old Dad

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    Are they going to incorporate the escalator I wanted?
  10. Lost Old Dad

    Tennessee High School Football Database

    Can it be bought to give to Coach T so folks can have it for reference in the future?
  11. Lost Old Dad

    Whatever happened to the....

    Anybody know if he would sell it to one or more of us so we could give it to Coach T to put on here for a reference in the future?
  12. Lost Old Dad

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    'Resting' means not playing them EVERY play and playing them only one way instead of both ways. Leaving them completely out is a whole different matter. Also scoring low is sometimes done to lull future opponents, then running up the score is done to intimidate. I will gladly give MJ credit for a really good goal line stance. The lines strength was way greater this year over last years. Now beware as you now have a target on your back.
  13. Lost Old Dad

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    Perry was as successful against Oakland for one reason. Oakland was resting some key players for their second game against Maryville and hopefully at the time the Haven. Who ever Gallatin gets I truly wish them good luck and would really like to see them a powerhouse again, which they COULD be. One suggestion. Get yourself a GREAT STRENGTH Coach as well as a HC. Next schedule the entire teams PE period the last of the day and get them into the weight room for it. Then after the weight period either PRACTICE during the allowed times by the T$$AA or devote a couple hours for 'conditioning' as in running and exercising together as a way to really get to know each other.
  14. Lost Old Dad

    Brentwood Academy vs Whitehaven 2019

    OK, now for some corrections for folks who do not know R'dale or history. First off Clan Fraser here and those 'Sissy Boys' do NOT have the right to wear the Tartan! Besides they would freeze and cry when the wind from the Highlands whipped under their kilt and it was only them under there! A REAL Scot does not wear anything under their kilt. I found out the hard way myself and will admit I did almost cry as I valued what little bit is there. Second, the team McCallie beat was good enough to beat anything in the state. It was the Coach they had at the time that threw that game away! The same way he destroyed what was there over the next 10 years. The Coach that is there now is slowly trying to build it back to a semblance of what it was. Not there yet, but the effort is there. Third, Rankin will never schedule BA as they will not even talk to him. He cost them too much in Lawyer fees fighting the Public vs Private split which Rankin pushed. Fourth, Rankin left because the Superintendent that shielded him from the T$$AA for RECRUITING retired. Rankin thought he had the Valdosta job sewed up but a gentleman that went by 2priceless on here put a stop to that with his family there. Then Rankin tried for Hoover and was turned down FLAT. That left him going to Alcoa. Even though he is successful there he still tried for the BA job when it opened. After they got over the LAUGHTER they also turned him down FLAT! Alcoa, enjoy him while he is there. As soon as his son Graduates he will be 'looking' again. He also uses that to wrangle 'Bonuses' from well to do Boosters. How much did he hit the Boosters up for this year for his Gold Ball performance? That is also a NORMAL event for him.
  15. Lost Old Dad

    Brentwood Academy vs Whitehaven 2019

    It takes REAL men to wear the kilt! You have to actually do it in Scotland to understand! Alcoa will never play the privates because Rankin got tired of losing to them in then late 1990's and early 2000's. Only reason he plays Maryville, is he basically HAS to.