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Lost Old Dad

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  1. Lost Old Dad

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    Good to see such a good report. Thank You.
  2. Lost Old Dad

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

    Thank You! BTW have you ever thought about asking ALL the Coaches what THEIR plans were to have web sites for and about their teams? I know most fans would like to know. PUTTING the monkey publically of their back would be nice for a change. Their salaries and supplements is NOT for just X's and O's! Any that do not either answer or try to retaliate against you will not be where they are at long.
  3. Lost Old Dad

    Gallatin travels to Blackman Tonight!

    I used to take folks to the County Jail in Gallatin, and lock them up. Jail and stadium are nothing alike.
  4. Lost Old Dad

    Gallatin travels to Blackman Tonight!

    Ever been to 'The Pit' at Lincoln County? How about Oak Ridge's field? While both are old they give you a special feeling just being there. Gallatin is the same. It is called TRADITION!
  5. Lost Old Dad

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

    David Limbaugh started that way, but it got made official under Mr. Nolan before he retired. Last I heard from David was he was BIG on FB and running for Office he did not get with the County. I do not know if the current Coach even knows about the Old site that Coach Wyatt had set up for Rankin. David's puter knowledge was not up to supporting it. That is one reason ALL the teams are under the schools main umbrella so the school boards techs can ride herd on it. It is NOT a good situation for ANY of the programs. Surely there is at least ONE teacher in the school that could help the teams out. If nothing else get paid a little by the booster club to do it as an independent contractor.
  6. Lost Old Dad

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

    Thank You.
  7. Lost Old Dad

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

    Well it is SAD times for R'dale football. I went to the R'dale site this week looking for ANY information about R'dale football. The results of my search was there is NOTHING there except for offhanded comment about Facebook. Supposedly every R'dale team is 'supposed' to be covered by the site, but try finding anything about FOOTBALL either past or PRESENT! Facebook is NOT a school site or is it controlled by them. Thusly information about the team could be cut off and deleted at any time. This from a team that used to have its own web site that was the envy of most of the state. Of course this was back in ancient times when we regularly played for the State Championship EVERY year or were VERY close. As I do not go on or ever will go on FB, can someone tell me if we are even having spring practice this year? Can we all tell I am about fed up? Yes, I knew we could.
  8. Lost Old Dad

    Coffee County 2019

    There is nothing 'magical' about Murfreesboro. CC could do it with the right Coach and support from the administration. Same with Warren County. It was not that long ago that Lincoln County was giving EVERY school in the Boro all they could ever want. Football is a matter of Good Coaching (plays and discipline) and the WANT TO by the players.
  9. Lost Old Dad

    Haipy Annyverseree two mommaSTARS

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!! Now break out the Little Debbie cakes......the Twinkies............and last but not least the 'Nanner Puddin'!
  10. Lost Old Dad

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    Don't you just love it when FACTS bites a misplaced 'rumor' right in the butt? LOL As they say in Australia, Good on ya oridgecat!
  11. Lost Old Dad

    Ensworth Job open again

    Congratulations Ensworth. Now how many 'staff' does he get to bring with him?
  12. Lost Old Dad

    Ensworth Job open again

    It is NOT his winning I have a problem with. It is how he treats his players and how he wins. Publics are NOT supposed to recruit, but he DOES big time! Also most really good coaches care about grades. He doesn't. A good Coach will tell ALL his players about the NCAA clearing house and the requirements to get there. He does NOT. A good coach encourages College Scouts. He does NOT allow them at practice and does NOT talk to them. Basically his way is all about HIM and NOT about the kids! My son started for him his whole 4 years at R'dale. Son and most of the team literally hated him. Most would tell you what Assistant Coach they played for gladly. If I had it to do all over again, my son would have been at either Oakland or Eagleville. Would not have gotten his Gold Ball ring, but he would have been better off for it. So in a word, NO I do not like or respect him either as a Coach or person. BTW I have also told him that to his face and would do it again if I HAD to talk to him. Also ask BA about him and how much money he cost them in legal fees and about the split he caused between publics and privates. That is NOT a secret here in Tennessee among those who have been around Tn High School football during the last 20 years.
  13. Lost Old Dad

    Ensworth Job open again

    I will bet BIG money that Rankin will apply. Be a horrible hire though if they did. Good Luck Ensworth.
  14. Ahhhh, 'Footy'! Had a friend from there that played it. BIG old boy. He had a neck bigger than my thighs. Like a lot of other Australian things, this can get a man killed too! That comes under a couple of I & I's I spent there. I still do not understand why the military called it R&R as I did not rest or relax the whole time.
  15. Lost Old Dad

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    That's GREAT. Now all they need to do if figure out how to show the menu for Big Ed's on it for the after game party.