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  1. If all this 'stuff' going around is supposed to make me disown my ancestors, it ain't happening. All this is HISTORY and all the whining in the world will not change it. Maryville you have a proud tradition. Keep it! One time in an office full of Liberals made the mistake of asking me my 'Heritage'. The only black person in the office thought my answer was not only honest but funny to her!
  2. Gentlemen, Thank You for keeping us up to date.
  3. Thank You Gentlemen. I take it the field is going to be artificial turf?
  4. T$$AA will encourage Football at least as it makes up over 80% of its budget. Either the $$$$$ flows in or everybody at T$$AA has to get a REAL JOB!
  5. Can someone post some pictures of it. I told a friend about it from there and he would really like to see some. Thanks y'all.
  6. Is it just me or does the T$$AA response sound like a Democrapic 'MAYBE' or 'WHY' ?!?!
  7. The fish place is not there anymore. Its service went to the dogs and the place closed and it got bought and torn down. I 'think' they put up a Starbucks or a Panera Bread and something else on the lot. I don't go to Smyrna much anymore now that my Parents have passed on.
  8. Good Luck Coach Woodward. Seriously! I am looking forward to seeing your team play with some discipline FINALLY there. A LOT of talent in the halls there. Especially now that Smyrna is not borrowing them like when Shad was there. BTW, you are no longer in Metro. Folks will not cut you any slack here for a second. It is all the way to the wall all 48 minutes here. Think Brentwood on STEROIDS. I say all this as the last Metro Coach we got to take over one of our schools had an excellent Metro record. Unfortunately it did NOT translate here and he destroyed one of the best progams in the state. Now he is Coaching a middle school where his talent is par for the course.
  9. Y'all got two options to make them safer. Paint then with what the Navy uses on Aircraft Carrier flight decks. It is called "Non Skid" as it does NOT allow one to slip. NO, I do not have a fiscal interest in it. I can tell you it will take hide off though if you get blown down on the flight deck better than a gravel road! The second would be put down skate board tape on the steps. I would suggest a rest and oxygen station about half way up though! LOL
  10. I am glad for the young men there. NOW maybe they will get a good Coach! On a personal note, I hope the door hit him HARD! Look out Knoxville, I think the bad penny is about to turn back up.
  11. I have decided Oak Ridge doesn't have to 'space'. Anyone that can survive a trip up and down those 'stairs' covis would not dare try and touch! Congratulations T. Now start working harder at home so you will really show up those that didn't work at home and show up to camp over weight and winded! Good Luck this year Wildcats!
  12. Maybe, but at least they will know they have been in a game. When it comes to Oakland vs R'dale, you can throw out all the stats and favorites. It is going to be a battle. Thusly the name of the yearly "Battle of the Boro". While it is not the rivalry it once was when there was only the two of them in the City, it is not a game to blow off as a given.
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