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Lost Old Dad

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  1. Lost Old Dad

    Coffee County 2019

    Oh, OK. I just knew I had never seen him around the local BBQ joints. LOL
  2. Lost Old Dad


    Good to know. Thank You for doing it.
  3. I have decided R'dale REALLY needs to send someone up there to attend 'Stars' recruiter school! Good luck this year y'all! I figure this is another of y'alls Gold Ball years.
  4. Lost Old Dad

    Coffee County 2019

    OK, but who is he? A current assistant or what? ANY Head Coaching experience? Coffee like Warren County SHOULD be an excellent opportunity for a dynamic good Coach!
  5. Lost Old Dad

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

    MidTennFootball, "Rankin is really good at what he does and HS coaches don't get paid nearly enough, so I absolutely understand constantly pushing for pay raises." Does this include the under the table payments from Boosters? How about the kick backs from the equipment dealers? How about the high paying jobs some boosters provide for members of the family? Frankly between the pay and the supplements folks know what the pay is. If that is not enough for them then they need to rethink a Coaching career or find a better paying job!
  6. Lost Old Dad

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

    I will agree he lobbied for Coach McDaniel, and deservedly so. BOTH Coach McDaniel's did a BUNCH for Riverdale. I will also remind folks of the man he PROMISED R'dale to (Coach Wyatt), that he turned on after all those years of carrying the clipboard for him and doing the actual talking to players he wanted to recruit. You know the one that went to Smyrna and won 2 gold balls. He also did pretty good when he had Siegel and played Maryville. Oakland was out recruiting him while he was at Siegel. YES, R'dale was set to win. A VERY POOR choice of a Head Coach from METRO destroyed the program! Man was as lost as last years Easter Eggs when he came to a 5a powerhouse from a 4a so-so program. Especially when he kept getting beat by Maryville. That is purely on a now retired ex-Principal that SHOULD have fired Coach A in year 4! Is R'dale a POWER again? Nope, but it is building again. Deal with that folks. Just need to get a GOOD recruiter. LOL Now back to the original questions, when is SPRING!?!?
  7. Lost Old Dad

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

    Yes, but HOW did he get them and how much credit SHOULD go to his assistants? He sand bagged Crawford out of the Blackman job when it opened, so Crawford went to Brentwood in Williamson county and came back to the Boro and BEAT Rankin for one gold ball Rankin did NOT get. Next he sand bagged Coach Steve Britton out of the Siegel job when it opened. How many of his current assistants has he sand bagged to keep them at Alcoa. I will give him credit for knowing how to build good staffs and how to recruit and winning at any cost, but as a man I have ZERO respect. PaPaLegba, you are MORE than welcome to him. Any bets he is gone from there shortly? I would say as soon as his son Graduates he is GONE! If an out of state offers sooner, he will be gone sooner.
  8. Lost Old Dad

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

    He 'LEFT' because......... 1. His cover on his recruiting at R'dale was retiring. 2. He thought he had the Valdosta, Georgia job sewed up so he could draw his Tn retirement and get a paycheck there. He did NOT have anything sewed, 2painless fixed that! 3. When that fell thru he thought he had a shot at the Hoover, Alabama job. He did NOT get it! 4. Went for a Private in Nashville. They are still laughing about that! 5. Went to Alcoa because they told him he would NOT have to teach anything and is in a place where he can RECRUIT! Some of us have LONG memories, and will not let others forget.
  9. Lost Old Dad

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

    1. When is spring practice? 2. Any scrimmages planned yet? 3. Are we even playing football anymore? 4. Is there any R'dale fans besides me that know how to type on a keyboard anymore? Questions, questions, questions.........................Inquiring minds want to know..........!
  10. Lost Old Dad

    Warren County Vacancy

    Call them like I see them. LOL Now Warren County folks tell me another thing. How long is this one going to last? Are we going to see the kids quitting before spring even begin? Are y'all even going to have a team anymore? YES, I am being cynical and I truly hope it makes y'all madder than all get out. I hope it also pushes y'all to go all out to prove ME WRONG. Let the flames begin.
  11. Lost Old Dad

    Warren County Vacancy

    Oh Ok, Thanks. So basically y'all have made one of the assistants y'all's new Head Coach.
  12. Lost Old Dad

    Warren County Vacancy

    Who is Matt Turner and what is his back ground?
  13. Lost Old Dad

    Warren County Vacancy

    And some of us are former Detectives and Guard Battalion Commanders with connections in both Warren and Smith Counties. Having that kind of knowledge is why GR hates some of us here in Ruco. LOL Besides I know how to read a calendar and count to 9! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  14. Lost Old Dad

    Happy belated birthday to Ole Mary

    Was it 'open zoned' then too? JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Lost Old Dad

    Warren County Vacancy

    That's because no one wants to talk about the circumstances around it and why he cannot go back there to coach anymore per 'RUMORS'.