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  1. They are, but NOT practicing year around like in the Rankin days hurts. Current Coach is building back slow and steady and obeying the T$$AA rules. Only down side I have seen this year is blowing the lead against Blackman. We REALLY should have won that game.
  2. Congratulations Oakland. Was one of the better Battle of the Boro games in quite awhile. Now Warriors, put it behind you and hit the weight room hard again.
  3. I got a dandy sense of humor. Folks can make all the jokes they want as long as they are laughing. You will learn hopefully in life, it is too long without a sense of humor.
  4. Remind me again, just how bad did that little GIRL Snow White beat y'all last year? Now how does it feel to be beat like a rented mule by a GIRL? LOL
  5. I try to always deal in reality. That allowing Blackman to come back from the lead we had took a lot out of what is left of my R'dale swagger. I still want R'dale to beat that 15-0 with 8 shut out season again. Like 9 or MORE shut outs! Until then, they have WORK to do to impress me.
  6. Nothing to be sorry about. Oakland has worked hard for their rank and position. I would never bad mouth that. While R'dale is not yet back where I would like to see them, they are working on it. That's all I will ever ask of them. Now how are the dogs at Oakland this year? They still as big and tasty as years gone by?
  7. There you go making me HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bounder, they play hard and fast. They have finally learned where the weight room is these last two years so warn your line to have their backups ready. It will be a long tough night. They are not as tough as the 2004 R'dale line, but they are close. They also have a good substitute pattern to stay fresh. Not having seen Oak Ridge this year, I will say flip a coin. Please tell the old Coach Hi for me. I just got off the phone with the 'clone'. The next generation turns 7 Thursday. 4'6" and 70 pounds. Bigger, stronger and faster than the 'clone' at that age. Playing school ball in Oklahoma. They play on the regulation 100 yard field and they are all turf out there. 'Clone' says his biggest problem is keeping the Grand Childs mind in the game and OFF their Cheer Leaders! LOL
  8. Hardest I have ever been hit was by my first LB Coach in the pros. I was in full gear and he was in shorts and T-shirt. That Coach was Dick Butkis. That taught me it is NOT what you are wearing but how you hit. Personally I think this was a huge screw up, but that is all it was so send the vulture lawyers home! As I always asked my kids when they screwed up, "Did you learn anything? If so, GOOD, now do not repeat it!". Then I moved on to something useful.
  9. Its a nasty big lizard that makes noise and smells like something died when it craps, which is often! LOL
  10. Kit gets a good strength/line coach and a good OC, look out everybody!
  11. Life in general would be much better if we took the advice of Shakespeare by first taking out and hanging ALL the Lawyers.
  12. Also has to do with there are not that many farm boys around that are used to throwing 1,000+ one hundred pound bales of hay around any more. In the old days Coaches had their teams out working as hay crews because of lack of weight rooms. This had two advantages not found today. First it built up their muscles, and two it built up their total endurance due to the heat both in the fields and putting it up in barns. Today they sit in the air conditioned cabs of their tractors putting up round bales! This was also the time when the T$$AA stayed where they belonged and did not sit in judgment of every aspect of programs. Also a time of tough Coaches instead of 'Friends and Counselors'! Anyone remember that veteran of the Bear Bryant school of Coaching at Lincoln County? How about the one at Brentwood Academy? Those two gentlemen produced WINNING teams and players of strength and character!
  13. It was 'rumored' that 5 wanted to come from Memphis, that wound up in Arkansas.
  14. Stars I love your posts and wisdom, but brother that video should come with a warning. I'll have to use bleach for eye drops for a month! And I thought a picture of Hitlery was bad enough. Happy Birthday Stars!
  15. Yes, but you would have to go back to the R'dale vs Oakland battles of the late 1990's.
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