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  1. sheppy

    Clarksville/Montgomery County

    Heard there might be a change in coaches at a local HS. Hope the rumor is not true.
  2. sheppy

    Spring Practice and Summer changes

    Both request's passed.
  3. Certainly anxious to see if the Legislative Council will approve and pass the proposal's from TnFCA for spring practice and for 2 days of 7 v. 7 in June. Believe there will be more proposal's in the coming year for pre-season practice regulations. The sport is safer now than ever before and we hope a few tweaks will make it even better.
  4. sheppy

    Clarksville/Montgomery County

    Great for Brandon Clark but why wait for 2 months to hire the man you have had in your building for the past 19 months? Congrats Coach Clark and good luck this coming season.
  5. sheppy

    Tennessee HS football

    That is correct. The first playoff game I saw was 1983 in the old Astrodome. I could be wrong but I think Houston Yates was one of the teams and possibly Odessa Permian was the opponent. I think attendance was in the 40,000 range and it was not for the state championship. We had been at Rice for 1 week and had been on the road recruiting and we all got back in town on Friday afternoon and went to the game. Paid our own way so it was legal. I remember watching film at Richardson HS in Dallas. The coach was Winston Duke and he advised me to buy some boots. I wore a pair the next week when I visited! I didn't know UIL played by college rules at that time so it was different watching a HS game played by college rules. Recruited Texas for 7 years, Metroplex and west Texas. Apples and oranges when comparing Tennessee to Texas is an understatement.
  6. sheppy

    Tennessee HS football

    bluedevil58, According to TSSAA enrollment numbers we have 8 HS that would play in Texas largest class. Bartlett, Blackman, Cookeville, Collierville, D-B, Mt. Juliet, Oakland, Stewarts Creek all have 2100+ students according to the latest TSSAA enrollment figures.
  7. sheppy

    Tennessee HS football

    Many differences in Tennessee and Texas HS football. The only class in Texas that has spring practice in pads is the largest class. That may have changed but that was the norm. Another thing is all HS coaches must teach at the HS where they coach, no community or volunteer coaches and that came from the head of the coaches association in Texas.
  8. sheppy

    Clarksville/Montgomery County

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I recruited Houston Co. when Coach Clark was the head coach but that was 6-7 years ago. He was always available to talk and honest with his evaluations of his players. Other than that, it just what I said in my first sentence, I have no idea what you are talking about.
  9. sheppy

    Clarksville/Montgomery County

    Trying to figure out what wardog1970 means by their comment.
  10. sheppy

    TN v.GA / KY v. NC Border Bowl games at Sevier County

    Congrats to Bryce Robinson, Conner Huff and Caleb McQueen for being selected to the Tennessee All-Star team that will play Kentucky in the Food City Border Bowl held at Sevier Co. HS, January 19.
  11. sheppy

    Merry Christmas........

    Merry Christmas to all.
  12. sheppy

    2019 schedules

    Think Rhea Co. has a scheduled game with Northeast.
  13. Way to go Bobcats. Congrats to Coach Rosser and Coach Hughes, all Bobcat players and fans. You represented Black Oak Ridge well!
  14. sheppy

    Prayers for Smyrna’s head coach

    TnFCA sends prayers to the Williams family.
  15. I have known a lot about Central in the past and only yesterday was I told about this current crop of Bobcats. Sounds like an interesting matchup. I know Joel Helton will be looking down and pulling for the Bobcats.