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  1. Clarksville vs. Springfield late 50's
  2. wacojaco, I believe Teddy Gaines coached at Webb School in Knoxville and also at ETSU. Think he played at UT and had a cup of coffee in the NFL. With being said, think that probably qualifies him to coach the db's at DB.
  3. So one can say that we are comparable in terms of pure # of football playing schools. The only difference is that they have 100+/- more schools than we do and those schools that don't play football can coop with another school. Have you looked at how Tennessee would be if we went to this method? What if Tennessee did the following: 4A-I has 40 schools and 16 make the playoffs, 4A-II has 40 schools and 16 make the playoffs. Then you take 3A, 2A, 1A each class has 72 teams and 32 make the playoffs. Privates have 2 classes divided equally, say 25 in each class and 8 make the playoffs. Pretty sure my numbers are not exact but you get my point. All I did is eliminate 1 public class and 1 private class.
  4. Does Oklahoma have 5 rounds of playoffs to determine State Champions like Tennessee? If yes, I'm guessing there are teams in the playoffs with losing records just like Tennessee. Oklahoma has 192 football playing schools in 2A through 6A. How many Class A football playing teams do they have?
  5. OK, thanks. Hadn't seen D-B in years since their renovation. We scrimmaged them every spring and fall from 97 through 04, with each booster club feeding both teams depending on location. Normally, we went to DB in spring and they came to us in the fall. Really good memories with coaches visiting with coaches, players with players, etc. Graham and I have talked weekly for the past 22+ years. Good to see him back in coaching.
  6. How does Melvin Cole become the Guardian of 5 football players in Memphis? To me, that's a red flag right there. I am guessing he is their legal educational guardian.
  7. A question that has absolutely nothing to do with the Riverdale-Stratford-PC-MJ conversation. MidTennFootball, I just looked up your profile and want to know where the stadium is located that is on your profile. I do follow MJ some, since we lived there for over 5 years back on the mid-late 80's.
  8. Didn't think Coach Clark was out of town.
  9. The young man was ineligible because he hadn't MOVED into Hendersonville's zone, correct?
  10. Don't know if this is still true but Cairo, Ga. was called the Syrupmakers.
  11. BarneySox2007, The attendance figure for every single school in the state was sent to me from the TSSAA. Now it doesn't clarify the exact number of football playing schools so I just added up the numbers for each classification. I didn't account for any new schools, i.e. Rockvale.
  12. Just went back and looked at attendance for all high schools in Tennessee. The total number of schools is 431 with many that do not play football, I stated earlier, I believed it was 340 schools that played football. The 431 is an accurate figure that came directly from TSSAA.
  13. blazer1set, I believe the total number of football playing schools in Tennessee is about 340.
  14. Bigtime1950, Not sure owning 2 houses at once is a violation IF THEY LIVED in only 1 house in the proper zone. Always heard the way to beat the rule was move to 2nd house while trying to sell house #1. House #1 is not going to sell when you double or triple the asking price over the market price.
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