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  1. I started coaching in Savannah, Ga. , in 1973. We had 5 days of helmets only, 5 days of helmets & shoulder pads, then the 3rd week we put on full pads. We had no jamborees and no spring scrimmages with other schools. They changed that in 77 or 78 to allow spring scrimmages. Currently Georgia starts the exact same date as we did in Tennessee and ended their State Championship series the week AFTER Tennessee ended their Blue Cross games...2 OPEN DATES! Didn't seem to bother basketball. J/S
  2. When ever your system had graduation date and end of school, you should be good to go. I would like to think TSSAA would look into some days in June for full pad workouts, i.e., M-W-F's for 2-3 weeks, prior to dead period that would take the place of spring practice.
  3. If I understand the TSSAA rule correctly, coaches can meet by Zoom when their school system would "normally" end.
  4. In 2019 the dates were as follow: 1st date for practice - Oct 21 1st date for a game - Nov 8 Complete region - Feb 8 Remember, they started the exact same date as Tenn. did in 2019 and finished the week after Tenn.
  5. The way it should be whether Covid 19 or not. Georgia starts the same time we do and they have TWO (2) open dates and they finish their season 1 week after we do. Texas finishes their season the week end prior to Christmas. How will this hurt basketball? Don't use the statement that football players also play basketball. Guess Georgia and Texas don't have football players playing basketball!
  6. If you only play region games, many will have an open date. Some regions have 4 teams and some have 8-9 teams. Seems like a good reason to drop a class or two so every region could have 7-8 teams.
  7. I was told that the rule for 3 players and a single coach per day was for all sports during the off-season. When the TNFCA questioned it last year, we were told there would be a proposal for a single coach to be able to meet with 60% of the players on a court, diamond or field at one time. In basketball you meet 5 days in a week with 3 players each day, you have met with your entire 9th grade or JV or Varsity squad. In football it takes 4 days just to meet with the starters on either offense or defense. Understand the rational but not good when you have 9 or more that comprise a starting unit. No proof just a hunch, but I bet $100 to a doughnut that rule has been broken by many HS in our state. And if so, what is their punishment?
  8. Since schools have been closed and all spring sports have been stopped, can off season football instruction continue? TSSAA allows off-season instruction with a single coach and 3 student-athletes per day to meet and teach football. Is this opportunity still in effect or has it also been deleted. I know there was strong discussion of increasing the number of football, soccer, baseball and softball players that could be instructed during off-season and I didn't know if that had passed. I know TNFCA was asking for 6 football players to be approved by TSSAA.
  9. If spring football practice is eliminated this spring, will Tennessee do what some states that don't have spring practice allow? "X" number of days during the summer, June and early July, to have padded practices in lieu of spring practice and in addition to summer 7 v. 7.
  10. Prayers for friends in the Mt Juliet/Lebanon area that were/are affected by the storm on March 2. Especially thankful our grandson's and their family are safe.
  11. 4 public classes and 2 private classes.
  12. Don't think that is true but it could be. With regions that have 7-8 teams, the chances of having 4 teams with .500 or above records are far greater than regions with 4-5 teams.
  13. How many public HS in Tennessee? Let's say 300 If you took 8 regions and 8 schools per region and have 5 classes, that would be 320 schools. Surely you can move 1 school around here and there and NOT HAVE ONLY 4 SCHOOLS IN A REGION. Guessing that schools with a losing record and in the playoffs, most often come from regions with 5 or fewer schools.
  14. Best of luck Wildcats tonight. Will be listening to the streaming of the game. Also heading to Murray tomorrow with 3 teammates from AP. One of which had the greatest pass receiving game in the history of college football, 20 receptions from a freshman QB. His record was a national record that was broken a few years later and was an OVC record for 45 years.
  15. Would you also cut a class from the private schools? 3 classes for 50 +/- schools is way too many.
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