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  1. https://www.wbir.com/article/sports/tssaa-football-state-title-games-moving-to-chattanooga-starting-in-2021/51-bec0baca-f6cd-4350-894a-b96a313a7de8?fbclid=IwAR3N6u2ywGQpZ-UQ112kpeiLQO65I78P4xPYBLPMvktDDRVwKj2hGwmgOQ0
  2. 30 points ahead and still has #3 in...put in others so they can say they played in the game!
  3. Maryville 8/20 @ Heritage 8/27 vs Powell 9/3 @ Farragut 9/10 @ Alcoa 9/17 @ Bearden 9/24 vs Science Hill 10/1 vs Cleveland 10/15 @ Hardin Valley 10/22 vs Knox West 10/29 vs Bradley Central
  4. Has anyone heard an update on Carson Jones?
  5. Let me know when your team goes to 20 consecutive semis and has won 18 state championships
  6. i got mine when they went on sale today.
  7. I watched the warren county game and they didn't pass much at all..so i think if we can shut down the run we stand a good chance.
  8. I heard they are losing 22 seniors so it depends on how many seniors were starters
  9. Oakland on the year has 3073 rushing yards and 1196 passing yards so if we can shut down their run game we will come away with a win. I watched the Oakland Warren Co game and Oakland didn't look real impressive.
  10. I talked to Rocky and asked him about the old dead end building. He said they wanted $2 million for it!
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