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  1. If you haven't done so, go to Oakridgetoday.com to read an article about our Wildcats. Many senior players were selected to join with the Rotary Club in helping with a Reading Appreciation activity by the Oak Ridge Preschool. These activity are great for the young emerging readers but also reveal the character of the players. Sports don't build character. Sports reveal character. I am not sure if that is right but it is worth thinking about.
  2. How did the first two days of Spring Practice go? Rained here in Hixson the last couple of days.
  3. Dear Nole. keepitmoving posted that info. He seems to know a lot of high school sports.
  4. I listened to the Friday Main Event guy's show last night on 5A Football. Highlights... * Oak Ridge will miss Mitchell Gibbons. I agree with that but the QBs we do have are ready to take over. * Coach Gaddis runs from nobody when scheduling teams. I agree with that but know we have one big Wildcat fan who thinks he schedules more than we can handle. Our schedule is really tough. * They picked Powell to win our District and have the four best WR group in the state. They are probably right with their talented QB slinging it around. *ORHS picked to finish #2.* Although not in our Region, they spoke very highly of West. No mention of RB and WR Hundley and Rodgers being new Wildcats. I sure hope they are! The Friday Man Event sight has the 5A show on YouTube if you want to watch it.
  5. Who just bashed somebody for no reason? If you are the type of person who make ups reasons to hold grudges PLEASE ignore my postings. I have no beef with you so please let it go. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. Have a Blessed Day.
  6. I sure hope both players end up as Wildcats but I'll have to see them coming down the Steps of Champions to fully believe it. Both are solid good players. Thank gosh Powell did not get them. Great 5A show last night. You are right to have Powell ahead of Oak Ridge in District 3 5A, but Oak Ridge will win it someway.
  7. UT should not be able to beat Bama. Bama is a monster. I do wish the Twins best of luck at KY.
  8. Spring Practice dates.... May 3 - May 20. The team will practice on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thurdays.
  9. Oh, okay. I will respect your wishes because you are right
  10. Oh, come on guys, you can do better than this. The four attacks posted against me felt like being pecked by a swarm of butterflies. Annoying but harmless. Still won't debate people who don't know the difference between FACT or FICTION. By the way Fact or Fiction is a second grade Comprehension skill. Almost everything I post on the T is opinion.For example, in my opinion Oak Ridge was 20 points better than DB last season. Fact is DB easy beat Oak Ridge. LOL. Your turn to respond. If you are smart you won't because I'm just pulling chain and don't care about you three at all. LOL!
  11. I refuse to lower myself to his level and debate a known jerk. However,seeing WaCoJaco being forced to explain his hateful and illogical sick conspiracy theories is hilaracy. Americans are decent people no matter their political identity. The thugs that attack the Capital on 1/6/2021 do not represent the vast majority of Ex-President Trump supporters, The Communist have no influence on the Democratic Party. Name a leading communist in the Democrat Party? No need to respond because your answer will only bore me Now, it is time to sit and laugh at the name calling coming my way. LOL!
  12. This reminds me of the Bullock Twins from Hixson HS in Chattanooga. Fulmer passed on them so they signed with Nebraska and played in the NFL I wish the Wades the best even though they did give ORHS a butt whipping. The Wildcats will be back again.
  13. Anybody have any info on how the QB battle is going? Payton Sharpe tweeted he has been invited to a camp at the Univ. of Wisconsin. Tarwater is probably working hard too. This week it was tweeted out the leaders in weight lifting for the winter. I did not recognize most of the players but hope they earn playing time. Lastly, on a recent Covering the Bases Baseball Show hosted by the Voice, Mitchell Gibbons mention we would have a great player join the team. Was he kidding or do we have a new player?
  14. Thank you BatD. I hope people actually read your post and think how they could apply it to their own life. I have.
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