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  1. Clinton beat Robertsville and Jefferson was victorious in Middle School football
  2. FOR THOSE OUT OF TOWNERS (like me), to watch the Oak Ridge vs Hardin Valley game, Thursday, Aug. 16, go to rivalrythursday.com scroll down to near the bottom and you will see a schedule of the games for the 2018 season click on the Oak Ridge vs Hardin Valley game and a live stream of the game should come up remember the games is 7pm eastern time. David Clarey will also the audio of the game at prepradio.com you might want to go to that site before Thursday and download an app to insure you will be able to listen to the game. I will repost all of this information sometime next week. RWR! If you see I have made an error with the information post a correction please.
  3. As usual the Wildcats are loaded with skill players and inexperienced/small in the lines. Jordan Graham is finally a senior and we have high hopes for him but he might be out of position as a slot receiver instead of a true RB. I trust the coaches so I am not worried. We have a beast in Jeremy Mitchell on defense. Murphy Fair has him preseason all state as a DL but he is more of a LB/Safety. Our QB is a senior but this is his first season starting. A talented runner but has several WRs at his disposal. I have read we have good DBs but not a lot of depth. Our kicking game is a complete rebuilding job but I am not worried since we are a great soccer city and they always find a few to come out for football. Basically, it is the same every year in the Ridge, will the OL/DL improve as the season rolls along. I always feel sorry for the linemen having to live up to this pressure. My guess is the Wildcats will be ready for a playoff run. The regular season is loaded up front with 6A Hardin County, Kingsport DB and Farragut. The last game is against Fulton who has 24 seniors with talent. In the playoffs if we get there we have the possibility of facing Soddy, Rhea County, Knox. West, Fulton (again) and Catholic. No matter what happens, I am just glad we kick off the season Thursday, Aug 16 against Hardin Valley on TV. That means I will be able to watch the game on my laptop while sitting in my recliner here in Hixson. FYI, HVA was 5 - 5 last year but those five losses were by a combined 10 points. We beat them by one. Time for me to put my Willie The Wildcat costume on and Roll Wildcats Roll. Oh, Hamilton County Department of Education hired a former Oak Ridge player to a job as (I THINK) Special Ed Director. Garfield Adams was a stud for the Wildcats and has a son they should also be special. Not sure where is playing but have heard it is a Ooltewah. RWR! Best of luck to all the teams playing BIGBOYFOOTBALL in the Chattanooga area.
  4. I for one am glad to see PA back. Hate his Owls for what they have done to Oak Ridge in the past but respect them and PA. Lets have fun this season. RWR!
  5. Texas? I sure hope he plays like those guys down there play. Too bad we can't get a recruiting pipeline from Texas, Florida and Georgia. Just kidding, I like winning with local guys. PRAYERS NEEDED...Tee Higgins has suffered a hamstring injury and is practicing in a yellow jersey. Coach Dabo says there is no timeline set for his return. You know I have a bromance with Tee so keep me in your prayers because this news is devastating. JUST KIDDING. My guess is Tee will be fine but say a prayer anyway for him. Caleb Martin sounds positive in his Tweets from Eastern Kentucky University. I just read an article on Harden Valley and it has me worried. The Hawks were 5 - 5 last season but those 5 defeats were by a total of 10 points. We beat them by one and they could have been 10 - 0 easily. They lost their great RB but the QB is supposed to be a stud. We will have our hands full next Thursday but RWR!
  6. # 8 tweeted that it is hard being a RB but playing WR.
  7. Dawgs82, no toes stepped on. You made good points. West certainly has a good defense like last season. One question, if Fulton is playing either Central or South Doyle in the State 5A semifinals that means somebody knocked out Catholic, who do you think that is? One last thing, do not be surprised if Oak Ridge improves night and day as the season goes along. We have a lot of talent and good coaching. Time will tell though.
  8. Whoa, don't be so harsh on the Dragons. They will improve as the season goes along. However, I feel a little down myself after OR didn't stand up to Maryville. I wonder just how far ahead of the Wildcats is Fulton.
  9. I think he is playing a Slot position. He is playing rest assured.
  10. It doesn't seem like it was a good night for Oak Ridge but maybe a lot of tough lessons were learned and improvement will be made. I am still looking for a great year. On the bright side, I am glad Sweet Science, froshpop and others are back posting. RWR!
  11. I really do need to meet you all. I enjoy reading all the posts on here. The best thing would be Oak Ridge and Maryville both make it to State in 2018. Somehow OR must dig deep to beat teams like Rhea County, Knox. West, Fulton and Catholic.
  12. Just a few minutes ago on ESPN's Sports Nation's College Football Edition, former Georgia DL All-American David Pollack named the three most exciting players for 2018. Our very own Tee Higgins was listed! He said Tee would make ESPN's Top Ten Highlights every week Weird thing is Tee is still battling two other Clemson WRs for the starting job. I think Tee will run out on the field for the first play but the coaches are pushing him hard.
  13. Barney, dude so jealous of you. If you can let us know what you see with an emphasize on Oak Ridge. THANK YOU! I take these scrimmages seriously but know Gaddis has many ideas he wants to work on. By the way, My Go Fund Me Page to raise the $5 admission charge tonight raised a record breaking $0.00.
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