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  1. Both STILLNUM1 and Sweet Science are correct. I especially liked Sweet's take on the twins. STILLNUM1 take on the talent level caused some concern but then I thought about it more and the Wildcats do play a lot of team ball and do not rely on individual play. The exception being Kell Slater who can take most guards to the hoop without much help.
  2. I couldn't sleep because of leg pains so I got up to watch the OR vs Karns game from last night. The guy doing the pregame show for David ended his talk with the name of the sponsor for the game ( Loren Hart's Mom in honor of Loren's birthday ) and thanked the sponsor because without them they could not bring us the games. Deal with it. Everything is not free. We have some responsibilities. OHHHHHHHHHH yeah. You ever watch the Wednesday Coaches TV shows? Look at the fine print. The TV station asks for donations so they can continue to bring us Off the Glass and Coaches Corner. Okay, I think I have helped all I can for today. Your turn. No, really, it is your turn to help out.
  3. This post is for the STILLNUM! group. How is becoming a CoachT+ member a problem? You can join for 100 pennies but for heaven sake give more. I don't get nothing and want nothing. You don't like me? Boo who. Be an adult and still join up. Now for David. I was like you all and just thought David put the games on radio, Saturday AM and online streaming for free. I recently saw the light and now know he could use OUR help. Dumb me for caring. Well, I will send David another $40 this week because that is all I can do this week. Is the only reason you don't give to CoachT+ and David is your hatred of me? You do realize how stupid that makes you, right? Okay, now is the time to start preparing for the Tee / Bengals party on Sunday . OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You all have given to Tee's scholarship fund for Oak Ridge High students? I doubt you have. OH well maybe Clinton fans will give a darn.
  4. Bottle? YOU are the one who is the baby. You expect everybody else to provide CoachT for YOU. You use me to excuse your selfishness. Sorry, but take responsibility for you baby actions. I don't control you. Oh yes, I drag The Voice into this by sponsoring a streaming game. Stupid me. I helped David with money and you give nothing. Face it, I have made all you non givers look like sheet. Coach Gaddis told me to ignore you all and especially the garbage about me being weird about kids. He told me I was just a true Wildcat fan who put my real name out there ( Steve Palmer ) and I will never let Coach Gaddis, the new Coaching Staff, players, and darn sure not the OL down. Let me down, and become CoachT+ members and help out David when you can.. That will shut me up and make me proud of the Oak Ridge posters.
  5. I AM BACK! Back to raise money for CoachT+ and David Clary's game Streamings. You all have not let me down. I knew you didn't care about CoachT. You just wanted to run down the OL and feel like big bad men. You cats won't even give a dollar. Now this is more serious. The cats will watch streaming Oak Ridge football and basketball for free. Unfortunately, those broadcasts cost David Clary money. Give some. I have enjoyed Social Media to share Oak Ridge sports since around 1992. For God sake give so Oak Ridge kids will always be cheered on forever. I really enjoyed posting about my nephews Soccer Cat games. I am not going away so Do The Right Thing. Thank you to the few who have become Coach+ members. Thank you to Bounder and myself for giving to David's streaming.
  6. Perfect observation Neil. The one thing I hope for this team is it gets some time with the injured inside players before the season is over. Those girls are working hard trying to get well and deserve playing time. RWR! Rebounding is a " want to " skill. Want it Oak Ridge!
  7. The player I am thinking of is two time Class AAA Miss Basketball, Southern Conference Player of the year at UTC and current Head Coach at Harden Valley Academy JENNIFER WILSON. My nickname for Jennifer was Miss Automatic. Back then, I posted a lot on OR Lady B-ball. Became friends with parents like the Barnard's and Coach Burkey. I also became a friend of the Wilson Family the year I taught Jennifer's nephew at Oak Ridge Nursery School. The players wondered how I knew so much about them and who I was. Finally, one day at an AAU Tournament at Roane State, Miss Automatic came up and sat by me. Finally, she asked if I was WillieTheWildcat. We had a laugh and talked for a around an hour. She wouldn't say but my guess was Mrs. Lee ( Jennifer's Grandmother ) gave me away. They were all really good people. Anybody agree that Jenna may turn into a Jennifer someday? RWR!
  8. Tee is one win away from playing in the Super Bowl with the Bengals. All of his hard work, dedication, sacrifice and looking out for his Family and Friends has paid off. Tee did it the Wildcat Way / The Right Way. The Who Dey Way. RWR!
  9. Thank you Mr. Thompson. I probably shouldn't be so happy about David giving me a shout out but my love for the Wildcats is so real I can't help myself. These Lady Wildcats are set to explode. Sometimes I lay in bed and wonder how Oak Ridge is lucky to have such wonderful smart, and skilled young ladies. I hope people aso respect and love the coaching staff. About the Boys coach, Green is top notch. He got Flip Thompson ready to go when he was hurt without many people knowing he had Flip in his back pocket.
  10. Yep, the games are on tonight at the Wildcat Arena. I am really looking forward to the girl's game. I am helping sponsor the game, too. Life is good! RWR!
  11. I am the game sponsor for tonight's streaming of the Oak Ridge vs Powell games. This is one of my proudest moments. I wish you could all feel this way. It is so neat. RWR!
  12. I have been reading the Tweets Coach Ayars has been sending and the Wildcats are in the deep end of the pool now. One of my favorite things he has said is he Coaches them up then lets them hunt. WOO HOO! Brian Kelly is gonna love playing for Coach Ayars. I get a feeling we will lose some players who aren't ready to go 110%. Hopefully not, though. This maybe my favorite Off Season ever. Hope is high. Doubts are low. Take them all to the woodshed. Roll Wildcats Roll! I wish you all a Great Game Day. Yesterday. Today and all day Friday.
  13. Sorry about that Irish. I have been distracted lately with my effort to increase the CoachT+ membership and now trying to help point out the fact it cost David Clary money to have Prepradio stream OR Basketball games. Streaming games is expensive but we live in a society where people just expect things to be given to them. A couple of people have questioned if I am drunk to do this. I doubt I could have lived as a Type 2 Diabetic for the last 26 years if I were drinking. I have to give myself an "F" so far when it comes to results but an "A" for effort. I am human. I have good and bad in me. People have their various reasons for not giving even a $1 and I just have to continue to find a way to get people to help the cause. WILDCAT MOMENT...Who remembers when an Oak Ridge players spiked the ball at the 5 yard line costing him a TD. It was so sad I just had to laugh. Don't say his name.
  14. Well, that is a lie! I do care if you are sick of me. I love CoachT,com and want to make sure it is always around. In my effort I thought it might help if everybody became CoachT + members. I thought Wildcat posters could set the example for all to follow. My effort fell flat and I looked bored and/or drunk. Still, I will not quit in my efforts. Not only will I not quit, I am now asking you all to donate to help David Clary provide live streaming of games. I can't understand why people think everything in life is FREE. Paying the food bill for a Military member in a food joint SHOULD be free. Giving for CoachT or Streaming Oak Ridge games should be your responsibility. As President JFK ( D ) said ask not what CoachT and Prepradio.com can do for you but what can you do for CoachT + membership and Prepradio.com? OK, Kennedy never said it but you get the point, Enough for now but I will leave you with one Wildcat Moment. After the 1991 State Championship game the Booster Bus went to the motel where the team was staying. Sitting on a curb was Shawn Summers and Dennis Friendly, heads bowed whispering to each other.. I thought what a cool sight to see. They will never forget that moment. Don't you all forget your Wildcat Moments.
  15. Neil is correct. I am not going to try and post when and where OR will play. Your best source for info is to check out the Voice's Tweeter account. RWR!
  16. I'm sure you all are sick of me but I don't care. You won't support CoachT+membership but that says all that needs to be said about you. I have always had the blessings of the important people at ORHS and that gave me the courage to stand behind my support for the Oak Ridge PLAYERS. Lecture over for now. I do want to thank Stillnum1 and BoyfromSI for their interest in the Basketball teams at Oak Ridge. and their input on the CoachT Basketball boards. I would mention Bounder but he has his sheep together and is the best Oak Ridge fan I know of. He is a GOAT along with Mama Bounder. Please post on the Basketball Boards and help out David Clary in bringing the Wildcat games to us. RWR!
  17. I have got some BIG news for y'all. Guess what the Oak Ridge Bigs ( Linemen ) were doing at 6:00 AM??? Working out as a group!!! The new Head Coach must have heard all of you wanting to see the linemen getting stronger, faster and quicker. RWR!
  18. SORRY I WAS LATE ON THIS... Yesterday was Tee Higgins Birthday. Long time Wildcat fans will not believe this but I celebrated Tee's B-day with a piece of cake from THE FEDERAL BAKE SHOP. It is located in Hixson, TN. Nobody seems to know if there is a connection to the Fed. Bake Shop that was once in Oak Ridge Downtown. My best guess is they somehow got some of the OR Bake Shop's Recipes. They rarely make them but their Donuts are spot on. RWR!
  19. Me too. I wish things would have turned out different for Vines.
  20. There should be some exceptions like a league for kids with disabilities and all get trophies. Well, I think there should be. But some of you are probably so hard corp alpha male that only Willie Mays should have been awarded baseball trophies in the 50's and 60's. Oh, back to the 5A list. I was surprised Jacob Berven LB Oak Ridge did not make the list. But I can live with it.
  21. Way to go to ALL the players who made the All-State teams. You don't deserve all the comments about you living in the trophy generation. Here is a fact most people do not know, The last trophy I ever received for playing school sports was a plaque given to everybody for playing Junior High School Basketball at Oak Ridge Jefferson Junior High School in 1978. I remember at the time I was proud to get it but that lasted only a few months. I remember the fun I had playing ever since however. Who knew the trophy generation is almost 60 years old
  22. Knox. Central games moved from Tuesday 13 to Wednesday 14. GV at 6:00PM BV to follow. No JV.
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