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  1. For some reason I think this is a dig at DB, not Maryville
  2. If that is the case, then I change my pick to CPA. Thanks for the heads up
  3. Thanks for participating!! I like your picks. You have a good chance at getting a lot of those right, I believe
  4. Every year, I like to see how many of the next year's state champions I can predict in December. I'm not very good, but it is a lot of fun to look back and see how I did once Cookeville rolls around the following year. If anyone would like to play, please make your picks and we'll all look back in a year! Here are my picks: 1A- Huntingdon 2A- Trousdale County 3A- Alcoa 4A- Haywood 5A- Powell 6A- Maryville DIIA- Friendship Christian DIIAA- Knoxville Catholic DIIAAA- McCallie My dad (who is CoachT-less) also made his picks, and I'm listing them here because I want to save them so I can compete against him too :D 1A- Greenback 2A- Peabody 3A- Alcoa 4A- Haywood 5A- Fulton 6A- Maryville DIIA- Davidson Academy DIIAA- Lausanne DIIAAA- Brentwood Academy
  5. I see him staying for a long time. Nearly every program he has left, he's done so for extremely valid family/health related reasons. He's not a wishy-washy guy, and he gets an unfair picture painted of him. If any Carter people are unhappy about the hire, they don't know a lot about Scott. He brings 1000000 times more stability and success than anyone else they could have chosen.
  6. Confirmed by the CHS website and 5 Star Preps. Congrats to Coach Meadows for the new opportunity. Carter does not know how lucky they are, seriously. I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with Coach Meadows and I can say that I have never met someone who cares more for his players and coaches than he does. He will be great for the program at Carter.
  7. Should be a great game...good luck to both teams!! I’ve been looking forward to this one all week.
  8. I went to all the games this weekend and had to buy a rain suit so I didn’t get soaked in the rain, do you think Bernard will pay for my Frogg Toggs?
  9. If you buy tickets for an NFL game, or a NASCAR race, or any sporting event for that matter and it gets rescheduled, you don’t get a refund. You bought a ticket for the 5A championship game, and your ticket will be honored when it’s played. It’s not TSSAA’s fault if you choose to not come back. They made the decision based on player safety, and I fully support that. It stinks that it’s not convenient, but that’s life.
  10. He was using that as an example to show that certain things that used to not happen on Sundays now do happen on Sundays, and saying that HS football could be played on Sunday as well Myself, I like the current Thursday-Friday-Saturday arrangement. Most of all, I DO want all 9 classes at the same site and with no overlapping games. My dad and I watch all 9 games every year, and I am sure there are more like us out there.
  11. Awesome, thanks RR. It’s well worth the fee, IMO, to stay dry tonight
  12. Anyone with any info on how to watch this game online? I’d hate to miss this one, because it should be a classic
  13. Great post, Grey...I’ve been blessed enough to practice three times on Thanksgiving and there’s nothing like it. It’s a special time for everyone involved. Good luck to the Rebels this Friday!!
  14. Will there be any way to stream this game online? Was planning on going, but the weather forecast looks like it might throw a wrench in those plans. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  15. I was there, and it was a slop fest. Every time Gray tried to make a cut, he went down. The mud made more tackles than CPA
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