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  1. I think this is a "if you build it, they will come" situation
  2. Trust me I am by no means defending Cockmans actions. When the ref hits you for a team point that means shut up and do what your supposed to do and get off the mat. Which he did not do, but I do agree that both kids should have been tossed and not just one.
  3. Regions 2 and 3 should be combined, and Nashville area should get an extra region.
  4. I watched the match from matside it was absolutely disgusting behavior. Jones was down by 5 or more with 30 seconds left when he was on top and started smacks to the back of the head you can see in the video above. The ref only hit him for one point. Which I can almost understand giving him a chance to settle down, they restart with Jones still on top he throws a nasty crossface, and fans starts yelling, the ref motions as if it was legal only for it to be followed up by another punch to the face so the ref actually stops it but still only hits Jones for another point. Jones then asked the ref to be in neutral with 10 seconds left, the Page kid backs up and Jones chases him to deliver the final punch to the face so the ref could finally stop the match. Not only was Mr. Jones behavior disgusting, but so was the refs for allowing it to continue when the actions were obviously flagrant. I am also 90% sure this was the same ref that called the Cockman Brentwood match, and he was very quick to eject him... Cleveland preferential treatment? I sure think so.
  5. Small school bracket is out http://tssaasports.com/event/bracket.cfm?id=20187101
  6. I'm sure region 2 will be Halls and Sevier county.
  7. Region 3 Heritage and Maryville
  8. It is amazing! And as I have already stated the real biggest loser in all of this is the champion out Of The other district who gets to face Science Hill for the right to even go to state because they will be the 2 seed.
  9. Did this count towards the district dual championship? If so this could have been done to actually help DB make it to state team duals by allowing them to wrestle the two seed from the other district... Presumably Mo West while science hill would take on the probable champion in Jeff County. This could mean that the beef is between science hill and Jeff county, and not DB.
  10. With Oakland's loss to Stewart's Creek last night does this put them out of the picture? Not just for this poll, but for a shot at the state dual tournament? Not sure how that district is aligned.
  11. I'm sure Science Hill was missing some guys in order to lose to Maryville. And to vouch for Baylor, as much as it pains me to do so, they were without Pace, among a few others who would have placed highly and made the team score closer. Nonetheless the Bros and Baylor will be a very fun dual meet to watch.
  12. Maryville?? Do these guys really not look at results on track? They have already lost dual meets to Pigeon Forge, Gibbs, and Morristown West. I would be really interested to know who votes for them.
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