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  1. Going to be battle at 65, if that is where is he staying, with Ulrey doing a pretty darn good job as a freshman.
  2. Congratulations to all those wrestlers, awesome effort. What happened to Cody? I saw on the scores it looked like he FF'd the consolation. Did he get injured in the prior match?
  3. Anyone know where Dalon is headed?
  4. Good opportunity to get a bunch of high quality wrestling matches in. I think last year between the duals and the open tournament we had 14 or 15 matches in two days. I was really surprised by how few TN kids were present at any level considering the location. There wasn't a single dual team from Tennessee in attendance, not even from PF. I encourage everyone to go as Tyrant does a great job of keeping the event moving and starting on time. We did many of their duals last year and I couldn't have been happier with level of competition and speed. https://www.tyrantwrestling.com/smokeshow
  5. Max Norman putting in some work. In the quarters.
  6. I have to admit I wondered if either UTC or App State went after Hunter aggressively. I don't have to wonder anymore. Do you know if they tried for Kodiak? On another note I really enjoyed UTC posting their matches up on youtube. I think Palmer could get AA if stays hungry. While I know the championships didn't go the way he wanted he wrestled fantastic over the course of the year.
  7. Here is the list of schools that produced AAs in 2022. Tennessee isn't cracking this list on the regular or anywhere close to on the regular regardless of who the coach is (unless they drag Gable, or some other legend, out of retirement). Appalachian State Arizona State Cal Poly Cornell Illinois Iowa Iowa State Lehigh Michigan Minnesota Missouri N.C. State Nebraska North Carolina Northern Iowa Northwestern Ohio State Oklahoma State Oregon State Penn State Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Princeton Rutgers Stanford Virginia Tech West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
  8. How many of the people on the forum would have the answer and could be 100% sure the answer they give is correct (meaning they have seen the numbers for themselves)? Have to believe that is a very very small percentage and I doubt they would be inclined to share.
  9. 195 is really incorrect. Hubbs wrestled Gabe Ferrell of Crockett twice. Lost both. One by pin (team sectionals), one by decision (individual sectionals). Zero chance Medina beats him as they have wrestled/trained together. Ferrell wrestled Atwood in the semis and lost in OT. Should have been the finals but no clue how seeding was done in that bracket as Ferrell beat the two seed as well. Ridiculous. Ferrell's only losses during the season was to out of state competition. He is real handful and will be back for a monster senior season.
  10. He doesn't understand and never will. Many of the better middle, west, and east TN kids were all training under Bosken (at least some) in his camps. I know, I was there watching lol. Can't grasp that we all appreciate what the Cleveland/Chattanooga area brings in terms of opportunities for training and that it was our home coaches who sent us there in many cases.
  11. I think a few of the guys on the forum are die hard Cleveland fans, probably with kids in the program, and they want to believe they are "hated" or at least "disliked". I've run into this personality type before and they feed off of that perceived disrespect. Problem is it doesn't exist in the wrestling population at large. The vast majority of wrestlers and their parents are not on championship caliber teams and are part timers in the sport. They wrestle in season, perhaps a bit out of season, and in the end just want their kid to have a good time in a team environment, learn some life lessons, rack up a handful of wins, and stay out of trouble. Wrestling provides all that. Participants learn that Cleveland and a handful of others win because of time spent and sacrifices made. You learn that individuals who spend the most time practicing generally win titles. Doesn't take long for that correlation to be made, even for kids (if they are honest with themselves). These guys on the forum really believe that coaches and parents sit around talking about Cleveland's program (for more than 30 seconds). By and large they don't. Some do for sure and they are the other programs in the hunt for a state title. What is going on here is the classic "the man is holding me down". When you ask who the man is, well, nobody can ever tell you exactly who that man or group of men are. In this case however, this particular set of forum members have decided the coaches have conspired (or perhaps came to this conclusion all individually) and said, welp, you all win to much and therefore your kids can't have this. The coaches are "the man". Now that is a possibility and cannot be discounted but I'm not having it because that is no different than saying the kid that won didn't deserve it. This same argument was made last year when Chittum didn't win it. I laid a bunch of statistics out in the thread showing how much more dominant Trae was over the course of the tournament. Trae spent 50% less time on the mat, 50%, that is huge. I said go and watch the matches and just let your eye be the judge. Trae laid waste. Chittum was hurt, which nobody knew, and didn't lay waste. One individual didn't even want to hear that. Just said to heck with your facts and Chittum should have won it. Everybody I talk to (for the most part) is very proud of Cody and his many achievements, god that young man works. What didn't people like? He turned 19 after his sophomore year. You read that right. He turned 19 after his Sophomore year. How do I know that you ask? His birthdate was listed on the Pan Am junior games (in which I was 100% rooting for Cody). When people get wind of that type of thing you bet that is going to ruffle some feathers, particularly when everyone is proclaiming an 8th grader won a college tournament. So then you might think well Mr. Oceansize you hate Cleveland. I just created a different thread the other day laying out some stuff I enjoyed and front and center was how good Cleveland really is as a program. What I dislike is this OW didn't deserve it stuff or deserved it less. It is at the coaches discretion. Sammy won and he earned it.
  12. Yes. I see no evidence to the contrary and I do not believe the majority of coaches had those thoughts (I'm sure some did). Your speculation on human nature is not infallible and your complete and utter belief on how others will act under a given circumstance doesn't count as evidence. Everyone had equal opportunity and Sammy Shires walked away with that trophy, deservedly so.
  13. This is the larger point. Every year there are so many deserving hard working wrestlers that put their full arsenal of skills on display. There can be only one OW and I'm fine with the system. I'm sure there are coaches who are jealous and simply won't vote without their bias coming into play but I do not under any circumstance buy that there is some sort of collusion between coaches against any one program. Conspiracy posts are what some people use to drive themselves to greater heights and that's great but let others outside your program come to your defense. Cleveland is phenomenal, just phenomenal. I admire each and everyone of their wrestlers determination and work ethic. The group of Dad's I was with really enjoyed watching their matches at states and there wasn't a single bad thing said about Cleveland or their wrestlers between us, I can tell you that.
  14. You guys are literally discussing how there is a conspiracy against Cleveland, ergo, the kids didn't deserve it and further you two know precisely which Cleveland kid deserved it more. Saying you know which kid deserves it more, is no different than saying the winner didn't deserve it.
  15. Ok, we will let you two idiots go over to Sammy's house, and you might as well go to Trae Morrisette's house (he won it last year), where you can extract their trophies and you two can give it to the proper Cleveland kid. Jesus Christ you two are unreal. Then we can start unearthing all the coaches participating in this conspiracy of "hate" against Cleveland kids. Now you two are going to get on here and say I'm talking about the last ten years. Guess what? Every kid from the last ten years worked hard, really hard. None of them received it by accident. Not a one. There wasn't a slew of coaches in the back room calculating how to deny some kid "X" from Cleveland. I'm quite sure that some time soon a Cleveland kid will be undeniable. Was Kodiak not deserving last year in single A? The year before that? He sure was and yet he didn't get it. How about Hunter? How about Colin Dupill? All of these coaches and parents send kids to Bosken to train over the summer. My son's coach would constantly send me information about Cleveland camps. No hate there for the program or the kids.
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