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  1. Looked like a badly dislocated shoulder. I saw his coach trying to pop it back into socket. He was wearing a shoulder brace so I suspect he was battling through a prior injury.
  2. Met Jake and his dad a few years ago on a summer time traveling team, enjoyed my short time with them. Man I hate this. Like everyone who gets their chance to win a state title the work he was putting in was very clear to me, even back then.
  3. Wrestling again for third, see what happens this time around. Very close match first time.
  4. Yes he is, makes it look effortless. I've never seen the score run up on Max like that but that is what Sealey does.
  5. Couldn't agree more. Sealey is a machine and will test your gas tank which I think is one of Max's best attributes.
  6. My son wrestled Sealey, good times. The best part is me laughing at him on camera just off the mat. Curious to see if Max can score. My son also spent a bunch of time wrestling Max in the off season, so know him and his style quite well.
  7. Freshman Deter Thompson at 106 from Crockett over Luke Higdon of Signal Mountain. Watched it, solid win.
  8. Freshman Deter Thompson at 106 from Crockett over two seed Luke Higdon of Signal Mountain.
  9. Unfortunately Jake was really ill. That kid is tough so it had to be bad.
  10. This link will take you to the event.
  11. Don't take Coach T seriously, remember this is just a tiny amount of people who happen to care, too much, about outcomes and process within HS sports. Nobody walks around making the comments you read here to people in person. It doesn't happen. So this is the place where some come to vent about what they perceive as shortcomings surrounding the sport. With that said I've told actively involved parents with kids who happen to be elite wrestlers to stay off coach t, particularly if thin skinned. The perk of not having an elite wrestler? Nobody talks about your kid lol. Whatever the "best" path for your son and family is I do I hope you find it and I wish you all the best. From one dad to another... Edit: Something occurred to me that was funny with respect to my son. He was wrestling in a tournament and came up against Joe Sealey, well, you can imagine how that went, Joe was in full beast mode. The local paper wrote an article and absolutely scorched my boy, I mean just killed him (it was weird how hard they went on him), and never once mentioned the other kid was ranked first or second in the country at his weight class at that time. I of course showed the article to him. We got a nice laugh out of it.
  12. FYI, there is an option to ignore users like CaptainGuru. Click on your account name, and then click "ignored users". You can then add this dummy to your ignored user list and never have to read a thing it posts. The first user in the history of my forum adventures across many different platforms I've felt the need to ignore.
  13. Remember this, there are only a handful of posters on this board in the grand scheme of Tennessee wrestling. The vast majority of wrestlers, parents, and coaches don't think about Cleveland. Don't think about Alan. Don't care about this forum. Don't care about anything other than going to their kids activities. I said this many times as I've been around many parents, many duals, many teams, across many levels of wrestling. Nobody cares except for the small amount on this board. The vast majority of parents and wrestlers have no real idea of what goes on.
  14. I thought DB's 106 would TF or pin Bradley's guy, but just a decision. The 138 match was weird, DB kid essentially pinned himself (although he was losing when it happened) and I thought he would at least win. Congrats to Bradley. Normans leaving killed DB.
  15. Some of these people really are wrestling parents? Jeebus batman. I thought they were just trolls.
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