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  1. I definitely think Sturgill and Hilton are that next wave. I also think Roark, Uhorchuk’s, Askew, the younger Dupill, and maybe the younger Bond could be elite.
  2. I want some of that bet. Terrell or Uhorchuk will beat Corday.
  3. Caleb and Eason (with a good leg) would be a great match. Corday however doesn’t beat Terrell nor Ethan Uhorchuk definitely not this year.
  4. At 106 I think you could take the Top 5 wrestle them 5 different times and the outcome would be different every time. 138 I’d love to see that match up. Shires wrestled really tough all year. 160 Dalon had more credible big wins to me. I really wish Brenot had wrestled a tougher schedule but that’s not his fault.
  5. I think Eason on a good leg would compete for the Top spot.
  6. I agree but I only included the Top 2 from each division. I think Desselle is easily in the Top 3.
  7. 106 - 1.Bond 2.Dupil 3.Uhorchuk 4.Walker 5.Calvin 6.Hicks 113 - 1.Terrell 2.Uhorchuk 3.Corday 4.Ford 5.Gobbell 6.Ramos 120 - 1.Uhorchuk 2.Little 3.Eason 4.Helton 5.Heflin 6.King 126 - 1.Roark 2.Bond 3.Bradford 4.Lipsey 5.Cable 6.Shriner 132 - 1.Roller 2.Sturgill 3.Askew 4.Laxton 5.Wemawamunga 6.Hawkinson 138 - 1.Dendy 2.Shires 3.Lipsey 4.Gumlick 5.Kimble 6.McLemore 145 - 1.Mason 2.Ivy 3.Norman 4.Russ 5.Jameson 6.London 152 - 1.Dupill 2.McGehee 3.Tisdale 4.Hylton 5.Roaten 6.Cook 160 - 1.Heckert 2.Dalon 3.Brenot 4.Alley 5.Cockman 6.Parcel 170 - 1.Cannedy 2.Bowers 3.Pyron 4.Gibbs 5.Kinsey 6.Watts 182 - 1.Gonzalez 2.Alvarez 3.Curtis 4.Chew 5.Dussler 6.Littles 195 - 1.Harper 2.Boyd 3.Atwood 4.Medina 5.Cavins 6.Hubbs 220 - 1.Fisher 2.Garriques 3.Clevenger 4.Gaines 5.Todd 6.Campbell 285 - 1.Davis 2.Howard 3.Williams 4.Stutts 5.McClure 6.Vaughn
  8. 106 - Rematch Bond vs Calvin 113 - Corday vs Gobbell 120 - Helton vs Eason 126 - Rematch Bond vs Roark 132 - Rematch Roller vs Askew 138 - Rematch Dendy vs Payne 145 - Ivy vs Stigamier 152 - McGehee vs Tisdale 160 - Alley vs Dalon/Terry 170 - Bowers vs Kinsey/Rogers 182 - Alvarez vs Gonzalez 195 - Harper vs Cavins 220 - Fisher vs Garriques 285 - Howard vs Stutts
  9. 4 man bracket wtf are you even talking about. Nobody said less kids everybody just wants a single state champ. Make it a 32 man bracket of all the kids from every division combined into one. One state champ. And if you really want just make it 64 if that makes you happy but One state champ period.
  10. Ok now that we know Cleveland is the best and some just can’t seem to except it let’s get back to arguing which freshman truly has a shot. And these are opinions not facts so don’t get all butt hurt. AA 106 - Walker will major or better the WC kid and should win but let’s be honest it’s not a really tough bracket but it would be if you had Walker(AA)/Bond(D2)/Uhorchuk and Dupill(A). That would be a good one. 132 - Sturgill can definitely push Desselle for the title 160 - Szymborski has a shot and this would be the biggest in my opinion because he’s wrestling mostly all Jr’s and Seniors. D2 106 - Bond has a shot if he can beat Calvin(Ryan) 120 - Helton can win it just not sure who all will end up at 120. 126 - Roark has a legitimate shot if Roller stays at 132. Just would have to beat Bond 132 - Askew can win it if Roller drops to 26 A 106 - Definitely between Uhorchuk and Dupill 113 - Uhorchuk walks away with it. Now let’s hear what everyone else thinks.
  11. Here we go the idea of every body should get a trophy just because they walk out on the mat. That’s why they have beginner tournaments and JV state to have opportunities for kids that maybe aren’t normally gonna place at State or a Top 100. But the State tournament is to find out which kids are the top kids in the state. This whole excuse of wrestling is not growing because of competition is bs. Wrestling is a tough sport that doesn’t bring in a lot money and that’s why it suffers in numbers and growth. It’s absolutely what’s wrong with this world now that people think it’s not fair to other kids to find out exactly who is the best period. Quit with every body needs a trophy bs for a sport to grow.
  12. Which Freshman have the best chances to claim a State title? AA 106 - Walker (Cleveland) 126 - Leach (Summit) 132 - Sturgill (Heritage) 145 - Norman (DB) 152 - Fowler (Cleveland) 160 - Szymborski (Cleveland) D2 106 - Bond (Baylor) 113 - Gobbell (Father Ryan) 120 - Helton (Lakeway) 126 - Roark (Father Ryan) 132 - Askew (Baylor) / Deane (Father Ryan) 138 - Rutherford (Father Ryan) 170 - Demorest (BGA) A 106 - Uhorchuk (Signal) / Dupill (Green) 113 - Uhorchuk (Signal) 145 - Howard (PF)
  13. So when did TSSAA decide to divide Dll up into Big school and Small School?
  14. 1. So what’s your point Cleveland beat both Baylor and Ryan therefore #1 spot. 2. Baylor lost to Cleveland and beat Ryan therefore #2 spot. 3. And Ryan got beat by both Cleveland and Baylor therefore #3 spot Pretty straight forward!!!
  15. You forgot 106 - Uhorchuk 113 - Uhorchuk 120 - Uhorchuk
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