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  1. I hear tale that Ole Coy Dillard is charging 2 dollars for Pirate parking and 10 for Patriot parking. If you buy one of his Squirrel-on-a-skewer's you get a free winder warsh. And you can even pick which one
  2. I believe the coaching is there.. I think the issue is that you cant wait to teach great fundamentals to freshmen.... you need to be teaching this at 6th -8th grade,,, You need to teach this beginning in youth ball ... good blocking technique, how to wrap up and hit someone... I saw lot of scared tackling this year . Lead with shoulders and arms slow wrap up. by the time the tried to wrap up players had squirted lose or just ran through a weak arm tackle . I think you have to find your scrappiest players and teach them to run through a player when they tackle. Not happy to be sitting home for the first time in 10 of the 15 years I been watching but I doesn't change how I feel about the school or the program ... Lets Go Blaze Finish strong.
  3. I am not a coach obviously,,, but I think the two onside kicks at the end were poorly executed. We should have pooched it just over the hands team... the the deep man would be in a foot race to get there. It would also put them back an additional 15 yards ... should we be forced to get a stop .
  4. The issue with hitting anything that moves is a fundamental issue. I have said and will continue to say, until I am blue in the face, if you look at the powerhouse schools (Oakland, Maryville, Alcoa, and so on)they are all incredibly fundamentally sound. You have to preach, teach, live fundamentals. Maryville has won many games that they were out athlete-d and outsized, by playing with great fundamentals and excellent coaching. If Blackman will really get the defense in order and begin teaching great fundamentals at the middle school level it would really bring them back around. It is hard to razzle -dazzle when you cant block and tackle...
  5. Yeah... but as for regular season its done..
  6. The 9th grade season was already over...
  7. No we have had talent, and lacked other areas... but our talent is not as deep as it once was.. It will take time to see it swing back that way.
  8. My point somewhat... When Blackman opened... Riverdale lost some talent.... When Stewarts Creek opened Blackman lost some talent as did Riverdale Eagleville and Blackman when Rockvale opened.
  9. If I am not mistaken or mis-informed he was at school and in the locker room the following day
  10. I don't think that will have any impact at all
  11. Coach Tygard brought 11 coaches inside the building with him... so He did have some pull in that and to say Blackman did not play a part in Riverdale not being a powerhouse is crazy... Blackman won 10 of the last 12 meetings... splitting the talent between Blackman, Riverdale, Rockvale and Stewarts Creek has impacted these programs without a doubt.
  12. Passing will be tough in this game if it is wet... but I was pleased to see a wrinkle or two in Blackmans run game... and they were able to do that against a pretty good Oakland defense
  13. Hadn't heard of an incident happening today...
  14. My hope is that Blackman can come out and be fundamentally sound and hang on to the ball. Rockvale's RB is fast and gonna be a handful. The QB has a good arm. We have got to get penetration and disrupt the backfield We also have to be good with our passing game . We cannot telegraph plays and take long to release the ball...I would hate like heck to sittin home 1st week of November.
  15. Looks like Cecil Joyce and Mainstreet Preps got my Blaze packin it up and calling it done by a couple points. I hope they are wrong and by a few scores....
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