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  1. Yes sir Blaze D played fairly well last night and showed real progress while both qb's were solid and both tight end's played big time physical ball. I thought H'ville played more physical defensively early on , but didn't have the speed in the backfield to keep up with some of the wideouts and considering, neither Page nor Brown played I'll take that. As for the facilities that has turned into a competition of its own...whoever has the nicest , field, indoor practice field, weight-room, jumbotron, concession stand bathrooms, edging around the field , fence .... you name it. unfortunately our restrooms and concession have been in a state of disarray for a few years and just kinda had a band-aid fix put on them and never truly really fixed or taken care of
  2. To anyone that questions it,I grew some a long time ago. Just so happens my ex- wanted those in our divorce settlement as well..... go figure.... but I managed to keep them as a matched set.... I am not fair weathered or thinned skin and I have been a Blackman fan for years and will continue to support the program, the coaches and players. In fact this is my 16th year going to games. In that time I've only missed 3 games, while making the majority of the scrimmages and about 5 years worth of practices when my boys played, I am reminded this is their game not" ours". Heck our days between the lines ended years ago. I am not pounding my chest and saying we are the best but I also don't think we are second or 3rd team in the Boro, but then again that is my foolish pride. I believe we are going to do great every year, some years we do some years we don't. Where any of us finish is a long way from being decided, but I like our chances of doing well on the offensive side of the ball, yet can see we have room to improve on defense. If we are able to coach up a few areas I think we will make some noise in the playoffs. I think Commandos played us well the first couple series tonight and then it got away from them a little bit. Its a scrimmage so I don't look at the scoreboard as much as I watch the level of play at all positions on the field, and try to gage where we are as a team. I think there is going to be some good ball played in 6A this year. As for our bathrooms they are a complete mess whether H'ville destroyed them or not. They truly are disgusting. I will say the grass around the edge field was higher than I have seen it in a long time , but it had a couple weeks since it was mowed due to rain. Thankfully the field being turf keeps our games on a nice surface. @MJG0LDENBEARS @mondo44 and I have had our disagreements but all in all are pretty good dudes, just passionate about their programs like I am .
  3. They are about a week and change in practice, you have some film, I wouldn't be surprised to see Tygard breaking down the individual players and getting them the help and coaching they need. If you are bigger , faster and stronger than the guy blocking you and you are not dominating them it is a lack of technique and a need for some individual coaching. Maryville has made a living on not being the team with the best players in the state, but rather being very very fundamentally sound. Hand placement, feet and shoulder placement, just using great technique on both side of the ball. I think Blackman can get there... and Tygard can deliver that...
  4. It will be interesting this season, I am excited to see the development in the next couple scrimmages... They had 1 practice between BGA and Lebanon... While they have worked the tempo during the scrimmages it has been very vanilla and kinda what I thought we would see. I do agree the linebackers have got to get off blocks and make a play in the run game. I watched some smaller players pushing them around and that shouldn't happen. I have absolute trust and faith in Tygard. He's been around great programs and he knows what the team has to work on, it falls on them to put the work in and and make it happen.
  5. I don't believe there is any admission cost for the Lebanon scrimmage on Tuesday or Friday H'ville either one, but will verify with coach
  6. There was nothing too flashy, like you said. I do feel like they did a better job of defending the run, which killed us last year. It seemed like the offense was playing well but without a real rhythm. Still a little sloppy on some fundamentals on the defensive side, where we hit a player with a really solid hit, but then did not wrap up a couple times. But we are literally 2 padded practices in. These next two weeks will be critical and will reveal a little more each week about what this team and season will look like . I am excited about this bunch of coaches and players.
  7. There have been a number of reasons that have swirled around... I have heard everything from he decided he wanted to finish out with his crew, to he was a good talent but didn't like the discipline. and even that his father decided he was not going to live in the Boro, so like someone said would have been an eligibility issue. There is probably a grain of truth in all those reasons. End result is we wish him well and move on knowing we will be ok.
  8. Yes sir!!!!!!! Count me in as well.......
  9. I would love to say Hi... I've been going to these games for the last 15-16 years now,,,, only missed a handful of games.
  10. Here is what I am certain of, Tygard is a real sharp cookie. He has enough finesse to build up players , while still keeping them grounded and humble. Kids are going to read the papers, look on Coach T listen to family members tell them how great they are, but I would bet money that Coach has that in check. I also would bet he is sharp enough to know that he proved the offense can be run effectively in this division and on just about anybody. He has seen all the film he needed to see to know the kryptonite was our defensive side of the ball. I am sure he has invested heavily and plentiful to make big improvements on that side of the ball. It is also important to remember that they were all very young and under developed and without any real experience Playing a senior heavy competition in this region. I am very optimistic where the team is heading. I watched a couple seasons of little to no discipline or respect on the sidelines. Tygard will not have that ,,,,,put that in the bank. Looking forward to a really good season with some real high expectations. Go Blaze!
  11. Looking fwd to watching Blackman this year... its gonna be a great season! I assume other than Baylor/Red Bank @ Jamboree in Chattanooga all other scrimmages are at home.
  12. Hoping to make the drive over on Saturday to watch ... I think the Baylor Matchup could be a good one
  13. You hate to lose a player of that caliber, especially one that would likely play both ways, however We still have 3 very talented receivers and 1 great Tight end... so as far as being shorthanded for folks who can catch they truly are not, but we wish him well.
  14. 7V7 are great in that they not only work on your pass game, but you also get a lot of work on your secondary on defense...It makes your pass defense better prepared. They added a good linebacker this offseason, and will have a lot more experience and some development compare to the mostly sophomore heavy defense they had last year, Should be much improved ... Ready for the Blaze to be in action
  15. Sorry CPA was who I was thinking... it should be some real good games this season.
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