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  1. No disrespect but Williamson County was not nearly as competitive as they have been in years past. Houston is better than some folks think/ give them credit for but Bretwood was not the world beaters some thought either.
  2. If he did take it at a million, he would be in the same shape Stockstill was in. POOR facilities, and poor fan support. It would be short lived for anyone until they step up and do something about their facilities. No recruit wants to go to a place where it is crap even with a great coach.
  3. I don't think he would take it. He has what I believe is 2 more years to have his tenure in order to draw retirement from Tennessee Teachers assoc, and that would also allow him to coach his son's senior season. At that point I could see a bidding war in the private schools for him. He would maintain his retirement and benefits, plus get paid a ton to do nothing but coach.
  4. OOOOOhhh goshhh I thought they played football by divisions you know like 3A 4A 5A..6A...and so on ... I didn't realize they needed to do it by weight class........
  5. After the game I tuned into the Houston Brentwood game... Houston is gonna be a monster.. they are fast fast and big as well... should be a great match up.
  6. Same Coach is still there... a lot of people didn't don't like him because he is not running his programs the same way every other program in the state does. Don't like the go for it on 4th and onside kicks....Can't argue with stats and numbers/odds... He did get rid of nearly all the staff at the high school level, which some folks didn't like. They hired some back this year.... He's not do it the way everyon else does it kinda coach... I have had the opportunity to get to know him a little better than some folks and he is a pretty good dude.
  7. ...Uhhhh.... no he didn't they are still there... he left because Cleveland doubled his pay... and Blackman would not budge on what they were paying.....
  8. Same to you as well... hope you and all the fam had a great Thanksgiving...
  9. I will say this Bearettesalltheway...after beating Bearden said something to the effect of BC and some team from "memphos book it .... "
  10. @MidTennFootball That was McDaniels era... The George G'Beesee kid (sp) was a stud back then too... special player for sure
  11. Classy post , classy fan... way to represent the Bears,,, you guys have a great team and a heckuva season... congrats
  12. I completely agree. Bradley has a great team and said that from the get go. I also believe both teams understand and respect the other teams talent and I know it is one person who thinks one team is so much more dominant than the other, By now both of these teams have played and beaten quality teams and competed at a high level. They are both well oiled . well prepared teams who will enterinto a slobber knockin snot finging battle and on that day one team will be better than the other, It truly could go either way on any day.
  13. Trey Knox was at Arkansas as a WR and transferred to South Carolina as a TE. They Also had Adonis Otey went to USC and while he did not go on to play college Conor Mitchell was the QB and touted as one of the fastest kids on the 440 relay team that won state that year and had a pretty decent arm. I agree Oakland has played a number of teams that have more "D-1 Talent" year in and year out and find ways to win. You just can't make up for great coaching. This should be a good game,
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