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  1. gbaby

    antioch vs glencliff

    how did glencliff turn a 68 point loss around to a 18 point loss?what was the difference in the game?
  2. how did the tennessee teams do in the showcase.mid state ballerz,tn thunder,tn mavericks,nashville pacesetters,yomca,and tn travelers?
  3. gbaby

    16u substate at Alcoa

    did anyone catch that pacesetters vs stallions game.
  4. gbaby

    15u & 17u sub-states

    15u south was Nike Select and Memphis Magic. does anyone know who won that game. and what was the score.
  5. gbaby

    Jackson North side

    What kind of Defense do they play?
  6. What will be the keys for these teams to win.
  7. gbaby

    Jackson North side

    how good of a team are they?
  8. gbaby

    Glencliff Basketball

    Are they a strong team like everyone says they are?
  9. gbaby

    Top 10 teams

    These are my top 10 in mid-state mark if I am wrong. 1.Glencliff 2.Blackman 3.Hillsboro 4.Stratford 5.Riverdale 6.Whites Creek 7.Lavergne 8.Brentwood 9.Oakland 10.Antioch
  10. gbaby

    GoMab's 2003 Team Rankings

    Glencliff should be somewhere on the list.
  11. gbaby

    Jamboree Results

    Glencliff looked the best and played without 3 of their post players in the jamboree, really watch out for this team to do big things this year.
  12. gbaby

    What teams are good enough to go to State?

    The Glencliff Colts will have a chance to make it to the state,but people are really not given this team its credit for what they can do this year.
  13. I play for the pacesetters and the refs were terrible. I really believe we should have won at least 2 of our games but there was bad officiating. I appreciate you all mentioning our coach because he is also my dad. Yes he is doing fine. We R playing in yboa sub-state this weekend. Has anyone found out who has gotten all-tournament?Also I think the Eagles should have beaten the lightning. The refs gave the game away.
  14. gbaby

    Best Duo in State

    Glencliffs Kevin Pointer and Jamont Gordan will de duo hard to stop this year,both big and very physical with great jumping abilty on the inside plus added on Roman Thompson who has a big body on the inside.The have a good duo on the outside with Lee Bryant and Chis Johnson who both can shoot the ball real well so watch out for them next year