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  1. I know that football classes are different.... are you sure that's how it's going to be in all sports? Since they are already that way in basketball, but in seperate football classifications... It all confuses me.
  2. GP stopped LC on the 20 to end the game... Congrats to GP, I believe this may have been one of the best games ever played... Seemed like all 3 Mr. Football finalists showed up ready to play. I'm sorry to my fellow Panthers, this was the year to do something great, we lost to a good GP team, no reason to hold your heads down. Good job guys.
  3. I'm 700 miles away.... I've looked forward to this matchup since '06.... I hope we can finally get over the GP hump... history says we will lose, but these guys aren't the same guys.... It will be a good game, thats for sure. Good luck to both teams
  4. Goodpasture lost to: Mcgavock(4-6) by 21, JPII(3-7) by 6, Lipscomb(11-0) by 19, and CPA (8-3) by 11.... now how bout those AMAZING teams they lost to... Lipscomb is the only legitimate team... CPA maybe is as good as LC, GP is not... LC by 12... look at the numbers people... If you think we can't stop speed to the outside, watch the game films...
  5. Well i know when it was 34-0 Darshay Sparkman fumbled, and then they brought the 1st D back in and Jake had that Pick 6... Sparkman is JV....
  6. I was doing some research on the opponents, and I don't see GP putting up a lot of points, and I also feel like LC won't put up a lot of points.... the Gameplan in this game, I would think is clock control... We haven't forgotten the game at GP a couple of years ago, I just hope the players this year have. GP is no where near what they were in 2006, and LC is better than they were.... I see LC winning 21-19 even if GP shows up to play ball... LC is just a better team in my opinion, THIS YEAR...
  7. What about FAIRVIEW... yeah! Looks like 37 wasnt enough last time... interesting matchups next week!
  8. headed out for the 700 miles trek tomorrow night.... ready to roll baby
  9. I never cut it down.... i was just saying that it doesnt hurt... and i don't disagree with them being 2A or anything like that... they are good, and they meet the requirements, and they are also one of the smaller 2A schools... especially next year...
  10. Well Alcoa is an open zone district school, if i am not mistaken... which means anyone in that area may attend if they like... there isnt a certain group of people that have to go there, thats where the athletes go, and they do well.... no broken rules, just the way it is... and Alcoa should be #1 until they stop winning championships, i haven't seen anyone in 2A come very close... i remember 2006 when everyone thought Goodpasture would beat them since they were killing everyone... yeah, Alcoa showed up and brought them back down to earth...
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