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  1. What happened? They did not hire the coach that they wanted. Good Grief if you love the game you'll play for whoever the coach is.
  2. Seems like this has become the old coach at Manchester and new coach at Tullahoma thread. Lets get back on topic..... I see that Ben Holl is staying on as an assistant. That's a great thing. I understand they are looking for a couple of more assistants to work with JV and Freshmen I presume..
  3. Who is JT? John Thompson; yes we was outstanding at Georgetown.
  4. It's official Micah Williams is the new head coach.
  5. It's official Micah Williams is the new head coach.
  6. Rumor has it. That today we could finally have an announcement.
  7. Because he was coming from a 2 year stint in East Tennessee where he won 5 games ( 3 of those against a non-TSSAA membership school. I believe it was also at a AA program so a AAA job was a step up.
  8. LOL!!! SUREEEEE!!!! Supplement is 16% plus another 4% for elementary basketball duty. Now lets get back to the original topic instead of sour apples; Who has applied?( Besides MW)
  9. Now that's funny! Didn't Tullahoma get a Moore County player a few years ago?
  10. Micah Williams assistant coach this year. Home town guy. Had his number retired at Coffee. 3 year starter and probably best basketball player to come out of the program. Graduated in 2005 I think. Played at ETSU and played pro ball overseas. Is that more clear?
  11. Volleyball won the district and went to regions this year. Solid program year in, year out. Track program is at the top of the district every year; with several going to the state as well. Golf teams are solid as well. Girls finished 2nd in the state last year. Baseball has had winning seasons almost every year. Many district championships and has a good team this year as well. So yes it is more than a softball school.
  12. If you are winning, a lot of problems go away. I know Micah, he is an awesome young coach with a bright future. He will get a head coaching job someday, maybe this year. But its the X's and O's that will keep any coach employed long term; and that would include Micah.
  13. So who is interested in this job? Good supplement and good place to work. Any thoughts?
  14. After a rocky start, proud to see the kids and the coaches get rewarded the last two weeks with wins. They have worked hard and last night was an exciting game to attend. I just wish more people had shown up for homecoming. I am AMAZED at the lack of support and lack of school pride as both sides were empty for a great rivalry game, especially for a homecoming event. Hope a good crowd attends this week for senior night for the players, cheerleaders, dancers, managers and the band. The KIDS deserve it. And you can listen live on 101.5 Fantasy FM.
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