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  1. outsider

    Ravenwood opening

    Matt Daniels announced at 3:00.
  2. outsider

    Father Ryan

    G, I guess stirring the pot on the baseball thread wasn't good enough for you, now you have to spread your knowledge on the football team as well. Exciting times for Ryan with the stadium project but unfortunately the football team is still in the building phase as well!
  3. outsider

    Ryan vs. CPA

    Ryan is presently 0-2 in the region. The JP2 game was a non region game. However the Webb game is a region game. I don't know why it is listed differently.
  4. Any word on who looked good today at Maryville C.
  5. outsider

    Hillwood Interviews

    Who are the top five?
  6. outsider

    Metro Football

    Brawler, I think you are about to get in way over your head. I would dare to guess that shadow has a pretty good idea of what makes a good coach and how to achieve a fair amount of success.
  7. outsider

    Antioch's New Football Coach

    I vote for the mexican hairless for best in show!
  8. outsider

    Mt. Juliet head coach

    Jack's name has been poping up in a lot of places.
  9. outsider

    Mt. Juliet head coach

    Jack's name has been poping up in a lot of places.
  10. outsider

    Father Ryan Football " Purple Pride"

    Who have you heard might be added to the staff? Pittman? Rankin?
  11. outsider


    Coach Smith, Congrats on Ezell's success. I'm sure that Mac would have would not have turned down good help however I know that if your not a teacher in Metro or at least certified to teach, his hands are tied. I don't think he would just dismiss your interest. In fact Antioch has had new coaches the last two seasons. Best of Luck vs Goodpasture
  12. outsider


    I look forward to see how well Hillsboro and Whites Creek do in 4A. Pearl Cohn should advance a few rounds in 3A. The 5A schools have to find a way to win in the first round and then anything is possible.
  13. outsider

    Week 8: Antioch @ Undefeated McGavock

    Will they still get pizza if he doesn't play
  14. outsider

    Fastest Players in Tn

    Brown ran a 4.4 at the Nike camp. It was the fastest in camp, as posted on Unapproved Website
  15. outsider

    murfreesboro football and Region 4-5A in gen.

    Who are the two kids from Antioch that are now at Lavergne? I know the bears lost some kids to McGavock.