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  1. Being from Mid Tenn I'm going for CPA but I dont think they have much of a chance. Peabody has something you can teach and thats experience. Also who does CPA have that could contain Jessica Bobbitt? I hope CPA pulls off the upset but I just dont see it.
  2. Great job to all three players, it would be great to see all of them make the final cut.
  3. McEwen fans Puckett is a very good player and a pretty good dunker, hes not the best though. Niccahaeus Doaks would cram it on him like he was yesterdays news. I have seen Puckett get hung on the rim more than once, although he has stepped up his game and his dunks this season hes no match for Doaks.
  4. If they contain Daniel Puckett and hold him to 15 or so and guard the perimeter well they have a good chance to win. If they try to collapse on Puckett every time he touches the ball he will kick it out and those lil buddys will fill it up from deep.
  5. I have to agree, it was pretty serious
  6. All of Ezells recruits went on to play college ball.
  7. I seen him rip Louis Williams twice from behind though. You make no sense with your point theory.
  8. Seeing to as I havent been there in 2 years I'm not really sure who they played. I was staying on topic and just like its always been some dumb McEwen fan has to say something about my name wich really has nothing to do with the post at hand. I guess some things will never change.
  9. now that will put a damper on respect and rankings
  10. He dominated on a much lesser scale but he some how averages 18 points and 10 boards a game for one of the top 3 teams in the Nation. He's special because he's probably the best passer in HS basketball and has one of the best verts. What did he do that made you want to bash him anyways? Give credit where credit is due! A top 15 player in the 05 class putting up 18 points a game for Oak Hill is pretty good if you ask me.
  11. How are you gonna say Louis Williams abused Jamont everytime down the court? Jamont kept him from scoring more times than not. Louis scored most of his points with someone else guarding him. Jamont probably had 20 points and over 10 boards. Louis Williams is a better player but you dont have to out right bash another player for whatever reason. Mike Mercer can out right throw it down. But I say if Oak Hill plays SG 5 times they would win 4 out of 5. However it was a great game and both teams are the real deal. But I have to agree with Gomab that Monta Ellis is the #1 player in the nation, not Louis Williams.
  12. Oak Hill plays South Gwinett on css today at 4. A match up of 2 nationally ranked teams and a pair of highly ranked guards.
  13. I will probably have to agree with you that Monte Ellis is the #1 player in the nation. He did drop 48 on Oak Hill in a losing effort. He single handedly beat one of the best teams in the country. He seems to be unstoppable.
  14. Looks like some things will never change. Well atleast I'm not in the middle of it all anymore.
  15. Gomab refer back to my post about your coments about that matchup! A star studded roster with 5 D1 prospects vs 1 D1 prospect. Its crazy to judge whos better when one team has a terrible coach and no supporting cast. Like I posted earlier, let Northside play Oak Hill and see how Jamont and his new supporting cast would do against Reginald Delk. Better yet see how Reginald Delk would do playing with 4 scurbs and a terrible coach Vs. Oak Hill and Jamont Gordon. Its just not fair to judge from that game.
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