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  1. cobrakid8

    TN Coach's Poll for 14 January

    So who are your picks and who is garbage? As i said in my poll itself pretty much 1-8 is ok i just mixed around CB and Baylor, however after 8 it goes downhill fast! Oakland forfeited at 113 for some reason although their 113 wrestled that night and the next and it seems he is as good as the 113 Stewarts creek trotted out there. However we really don't know who is 9-15 really because they are all pretty average at best since Stewart creek beat oakland but lost to pretty much everyone else like Summit and Centennial although those teams ALSO lost to a bunch of other teams in that same 9-15 scale. so please put some knowledge on us ole pleebs and tell us who should be ranked where?
  2. cobrakid8

    CK'S Top Teams: week 1/14/19

    Eggxactly! So far we haven’t had the real Baylor stand up since Nov and some of December. I can’t wait to the state duals because this can all be settled on the actual mat and no amount of keyboard talking will change who takes home the trophies. I will say Baylor and CB both beat Arlington by about the same amount. Of course Baylor early in season and CB last week. I think they are closer compared to what some give credit for. AAA on the other hand is to see who is second best and as we saw last year though, seeding just like in individual tournaments matter on who might finish 2nd. I mean we had Cleveland, WC and Arlington all on the same side.
  3. cobrakid8

    CK'S Top Teams: week 1/14/19

    Dual meet strength for who is the best team: I have a change at the top! 1.Christian Brothers 2. Baylor 3. Cleveland 4. Father Ryan 5. McCallie 6. Wilson Central 7. Arlington 8. Bradley Everyone else below is a jumbled mess: 9. Science Hill 10. Brentwood Honorable Mention: Blackman, Centennial, Oakland, Pigeon Forge
  4. cobrakid8

    Wrestling Updates and Tidbits...

    They don’t ask me so I don’t care what they think, but yes I think it’s stupid they do a team one for NCAA instead of just recognizing the duals champ! So what happens if somehow Penn State only qualifies 6 of their wrestlers because a bunch don’t get a wild card into the NCAA? Yet all 6 place but an Okie State team qualifies all 10 in an easier Big 12 and they win NCAA because of it. Yet head to head Penn State beat their butts. So is Okie State still better? Heck no!
  5. cobrakid8

    Wrestling Updates and Tidbits...

    Nope, never did before to me, way to much stuff that can happen with seeding or non seeding and even how many qualifiers you have go on compared to others teams. Head to head that’s how the big boys show who is the best, if not it’s pretty much like UCF claiming a national championship!
  6. cobrakid8

    Wrestling Updates and Tidbits...

    No! Head to head in a dual Baylor kicked Wilson Central all over the mat! This is why individual tourneys don’t matter on who the best team is!
  7. cobrakid8

    TN Coach's Poll for 7 January

    But if that was to happen you would cry like a little girl there wasn’t a poll to begin with! Doesn’t surprise me that you would shy away from having balls and put a poll out, you are who we thought you were! I did and you are more than welcome to tear those apart, but again don’t complain about someone doing a job you yourself won’t do!
  8. cobrakid8

    TN Coach's Poll for 7 January

    Well, I am ready to see yours OW! I mean you expect coaches who do a whole lot more compared to you to spend the time, the LEAST you can do is put a top 9 or 10 together and let us all see it! I will be waiting with bated breath on it to finally come out, I mean if we want wrestling to improve and become relevant across the country we also need FANS that are part of that process and part of building this sport up, so I am ready to see you put together a poll and shows us your work like I did (although I did hold some stuff back because I would like to see others opinion and analysis and see how much they compare to mine). So get to work OW TN wrestling needs you!
  9. cobrakid8

    TN Coach's Poll for 7 January

    yeah, but most nobody knows all the variables. you don't know what someone weight decent plan is, usually thats between coach/wrestler/state and you arent privy to that as another coach nor a fan. Also you are a little bit wrong on the Centennial vs Oakland matchup. Yes Centennial was missing a kid or so, but that doesnt change as much of the swing that happened. Here is a short breakdown: joe bell lost first one but won second one that is a 6 point swing, king oakland got stuck by humphries centennial first time but won by pin over sandford who wrestled up a weight class the first matchup and got stuck there. 182 though was won by suddeathcentennial 7-6 first time but lost second time 5-3 another 6 point swing first time 285 was wrestled by oaklands 220 pounder was won by pin but now just a decision so a loss by Oakland of 3 points, 113 centennial kid won by pin first matchup but lost by pin this time to same kid, so a 12 point swing. I show Centennial without 3 kids from original: Harvey with a tech, his backup won by major, Humphries with a pin at 152 and Sandford who originally wrestled 160 moved down and got stuck and frye who got stuck first time while the one who replaced him only got reg decisioned.
  10. cobrakid8

    CK's Top 9 wrestling poll

    Polls aren't really important at all, and the banter is whining because we have people that don't put any time to put one up themselves(because that information took me some time to do, I worked on it a while) and yet expect coaches who spend countless hours in their wrestling rooms with their wrestlers and going over the numbers for money and weights for their wrestlers and everything else and expect them to vote accurately on a statewide poll. Really track isn't detailed enough or easy enough to know the differences between teams unless you know who the lineup should be EXAMPLE you guys! Just like Bradley sending a JV team to Hixson's duals and they won it(but I wouldn't have known if I didn't have a dad there at the tourney), while Cleveland sent a JV squad out to a varsity duals tournament and got beat, but yet someone that hasn't a clue or wasn't there will be like, BUT Cleveland got beat by so and so when a JV squad posing as varsity went to the tournament. There are way to many teams that don't wrestle anyone of any competitive nature and are 25-0 and think they should be ranked but once they step into state duals get their butts kicked. After that you have the ones that split through the season and you have people that think one dual score can be put towards another team that hasn't even wrestled each other. I wished they didn't even put out a team poll or rankings of any kind. Team strength has way to many factors such as being able to move kids up and down to take advantages of matchup's, having good depth enough to maybe move a JV kid into the lineup to move other studs around to take out other teams studs and none of it matters until the end to begin with. Kids can wait so late now to drop down to another weight class before state's begin that lineups aren't even close to set yet. I can say right now that again it is pretty much Cleveland in AAA with nobody else really close and fighting for second and D2 is Christian Brothers and Baylor with everyone else chasing after them. And as Coach Henry used to say to us, "second place was like kissing your sister." Sucks we didnt win more state titles, but thats what happens when you have the Bradley's and Cleveland's to worry about.
  11. cobrakid8

    TN Coach's Poll for 7 January

    Math doesnt work very well in Wrestling, especially in duals. You state that McCallie is ranked top 5 while Centennial beat Summit worse. However McCallie also BLASTED Arlington AND Wilson Central prob 2 of the top 3-4 public schools in the state. While Centennial lost to Blackman and Oakland the second time they faced them. Arlington beat Centennial 60-15 while McCallie beat Arlington 46-10. Again your math doesnt work here, it just doesnt always make sense, like Centennial badly beats Oakland 53-23 but turns around and loses 38-34 the next time around. what happened to that 30 point margin?
  12. cobrakid8

    CK's Top 9 wrestling poll

    as a matter of fact everything after 9 is a mess, so I am taking Gibbs off and making it a top 9 Even Gibbs doesnt deserve 10th spot because they got beat by Jeff County who lost to Page and Signal Mnt. Page got beat by Brentwood 54-24 and 57-24
  13. cobrakid8

    CK's Top 9 wrestling poll

    Here are my top 9 for state of TN wrestling teams. Baylor-1st tier Christian Brothers-1st tier Cleveland-1st tier Father Ryan- 2nd McCallie- 2nd Wilson Central - 3rd Blackman jumbled mess, lost to wilson central but finished higher at Black Horse compared to Arlington since OW likes to use individual tourneys Arlington- beaten badly by McCallie, Christian Brothers and Baylor, as well as lost to Father Ryan. beat Bradley Bradley- lost to Cleveland, Arlington and McCallie but beat Summit 64-9 Honorable mentions: A Jumbled mess of nothingness. The reason these are so hard: Blackman- beat Beech Centennial and Summit, lost to WC Centennial: Beat Summit and Oakland, but later lost to Oakland and Blackman Summit: lost to McCallie, Bradley, Oakland, Blackman and Centennial. Beat Whitwell by same margin as Soddy. Rossview- lost to MBA and Clarksville and also Beech and Wilson Central, did beat Oakland though Heritage beat Science Hill but lost to Notre Dame Brentwood- beat MBA who Rossview lost too, but lost to Summit. Beech- lost to blackman, oakland and Riverdale
  14. cobrakid8

    TN Coach's Poll for 7 January

    problem though is the one tier is way higher, after that is random throw in. I will start a new one and put my top 10 and you all can chew those all up. but i will put my reasons
  15. cobrakid8

    TN Coach's Poll for 7 January

    Thats the problem MC, there is a top tier, a mid tier and the rest are mediocre at BEST! I mean brentwood hasnt beaten anyone of significance and lost to Summit, but Summit got killed by McCallie AND Bradley also lost to oakland and blackman and also Centennial Centennial beat Summit and Oakland, but lost to Blackman and Oakland later on.