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  1. Which is why Georgia doesnt have to have theirs' sign a NDA, of course they have pretty good leadership. Of course if my youngest kept wrestling I would prob have traveled the extra 30 mins to let him wrestle out of Georgia instead, because they seem to have their crap together from elementary-high school kids when wrestling AAU and USA wrestling. It really shouldn't be all that difficult, seems that people just make it really difficult.
  2. again, HE has been at MANY different weights every since he graduated, not sure if he cuts weight to go into an easier class or just not worry about cutting to participate in a tougher class. Facts are he has been in the past 4 years at different weight classes bouncing to and from with a low i saw of 60kg and a high of 79kg. And its not just him as he gets older his weight goes up, he wrestled that 79kg i found in 2015 but wrestled a 66 in 2018, he is just a natural jumper and thats always a plus because he can be used anywhere someone see's fit. so again I dont care what he weighed his senior year(i weighed 150lbs my senior year and wrestled 170 myself, although i wasnt very good i was good enough to do that weight difference and do ok with it). the higher you get up the less difference of it and why we go all the way from 195 to 220 up to heavyweight 285. The entire point though is that Michael is a heck of a wrestler, has been since he won state as an 8th grader and that McCoy in no way proves a bad wrestler because he lost to Hooker in the grand championships 5-1, which was actually one of his closest matches for the entire season. The weight itself doesnt matter a darn bit!
  3. Well, he does jump around a lot, so maybe at that time he wrestled up, I haven't a clue and don't care, he jumps weight at pretty much every tournament, he wrestled 77kg a few times last year and even a 66(145) in 2016 and 71 in 2015, so this past weekend in no way proves a thing at all about his high school exploits, although I understand doing what's best for the team and when you are that good you can afford to.
  4. Hahahaha, you might want to stick to being a grammar nazi, because your wrestling knowledge sucks, which is probably why all you will ever be is facenthecrowd! Also your reading comprehension sucks just like your posting! You said flat out McCoy wasn't a very good wrestler at all, he allowed Hooker to move up weight classes and beat him..... well you fool so did everyone else that wrestled that year as Hooker was undefeated for the season. So it doesn't take anything less than a mental midget like you to make that leap that because he got beat by Hooker and you said he wasn't very good and it was only 5-1 that you were stating Hooker wasn't all that good! Maybe next time you can just say you didn't think Newberg was all that great and leave it like that, instead of making a fool of yourself! So keep going grammar nazi!
  5. AMEN! And that dang Hooker was such a chump LOL https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Athlete-of-Week/2016/February/22/Michael-Hooker-named-USA-Wrestling-Athlete-of-the-Week PRIOR TO UTC: Undefeated state champion and 2012 graduate of Father Ryan High School in Nashville, Tenn. spent a semester at the Navy Prep Academy in Newport, R.I. … began his prep career at Chattanooga’s McCallie School … five-time state finalist and three-time state champion … holds the Tennessee high school record with 240 career wins … competed at the 2013 ASCIS University Nationals in Akron, Ohio, earning double All-American honors at the event, finishing third in the Freestyle and fourth in the Greco Roman brackets.
  6. are you retarded or just slow? Are you talking about Michael Hooker that won 3 state titles and the year he beat Newberg he won state at 170? Because i show december 2011 is when he beat McCoy 5-1 and in Feb 2012 he won state AT 170. Some people need some more wrestling education because obviously they havent a clue! Also Hooker was a 5 time finalist losing the other 2 times 3-2 in the finals, once to Alex Johnson christian brothers and Stuart Doster from Baylor also a returning state champ. Now I don't think he was the greatest ever, but Hooker was tough as nails and so mcCoy was pretty good
  7. So would a bunch of other schools: Clarksville, Soddy, Tennessee, Knox Halls, Heritage would be close, Franklin. All have less school population. Bolton is already moving down and I think another school I saw is also.
  8. There are a ton with 3, I said 4 of more and with that only 3 are from outside Chattanooga area, along with 2 5-timers. There are a few 3 timers, but I am not showing any 4 or 5 timers missing in that link, I mean if you want to go 3 that's fine also, still would be led by Chattanooga area. 45 3 timers(counting Raymond) 27 of those from Nooga.
  9. just a little correction, but still needs to be made, your opponent had to make it to the semi's for you to be carried on, i know that since it happened to me lol, but the rest i agree on.
  10. pretty easy if you put in the work, go to past results and pull up the programs they give out, they have a copy in there, you can pull them up and count each region and the teams, after that you can look at the results themselves and see which teams did and did not have a wrestler just like you can in trackwrestling. Or you can go to track and pull teams that way also, it isnt all that hard.
  11. and that is great, however i just dont see growth coming because of the split itself. I mean you can go by the numbers i pulled in regions from the last year before split and this year and see a decline, or you can go through track and pull up the teams under the TSSAA umbrella. I do show that this year region alignments show 175 teams with 56 in A/AA 92 in AAA and 27 in D2, but there are a few of those listed that have no wrestlers, so if you have no wrestlers do you have a team? I mean you could also go into state results for the past 20 years and pull up how many teams were there(yes i know some might have had no state qualifiers but it should be easier for teams to qualify at least one wrestler to state tourney with 3 splits compared to 2 but that also shows a decline. I am just not showing a rise in wrestling programs even with the growth in new schools in the state, the numbers just do not compute. Now those programs that dropped i have no idea, i am just counting the participating schools with actual wrestlers and adding those up without even caring about the school name, but if someone can prove different have at it.
  12. This might be the most well rounded and closest weight in the state. Daniel very much should be up close to the top, but really all of them are so close that anyone could win it all. Jacob Haney pinned Jackson Bradford, Eason beat Bradford 9-8, but Jackson also beat Gavin Nix 8-4 while Daniel U beat Hix only 5-2, but Daniel did beat Samuel Shires 10-2, while Bradford beat Shires 6-2 Borders lost to Bradford 11-8 and 7-5 while also losing to Trey Bates 6-4 and 5-2 Eason beaten by Holloway by pin and 8-2 by Braman while also Eason beat Braman early in year 8-5 Braman won the title in OT over Holloway the only loss for Holloway who beat Braman last week 5-4. Braman just got better throughout the year(which you hope all do) started by getting beat by Bates 12-5, Eason 8-5, Griffin jarrett and Gavin Nix who both Daniel U and Bradford beat. This weight is a complete toss up on who wins it all!
  13. combined all the teams that wrestled at each region, i figured it isnt all that hard to do and tired of people saying it has helped grow wrestling in state of TN when it shows it hasnt at all, all that it has done is watered down competition and allowed more to get medals. I mean i guess we could add the girls teams to it and come out with the sport has growed
  14. And for those that want to see who has the most state champions since that matters to newest guy and OW, there is a list here. And just as a little FYI it doesn’t have many others besides Father Ryan carrying the banner for outside of Chattanooga. Heck Red Bank before the split had more then most other outside Chattanooga schools. Out of the 16 with 4 or more state titles only 3 of those come from anyone outside of Chattanooga and also Bradley that team that finished 2nd a few weeks ago but didn’t do as well at your individuals, hunt they are on a bunch of these lists of the best wrestlers and most state titles http://tssaasports.com/history/records/view.cfm?type=championship&sport=wrestling
  15. Keep going, let’s see what the not small guys have done. And newest guy, don’t worry I am sure you saw the lights of the gym a few times, no matter how you go into a match the outcome isn’t always what you want and it’s great to have 3-4 champions and the rest a bunch of scrubs, but the best teams the actual best teams in the country top to bottom are the best with no holes, that’s what Bradley and Cleveland have done for years and I guess the way you guys look at it we can put it this way, Cleveland won, Baylor second with McCallie third and Wilson Central was 4th. See when you don’t wrestle head to head you don’t prove who the best is as a team. You find out who the best individual is, but not the best team. So we mine as well add 2 more Chattanooga area teams and just push back mighty Wilson Central to 4th, maybe it makes Bradley looks worse, but it’s funny to see the jealousy of those out there from everywhere else. OW has proven an idiot, we have seen that time and time again, his gate blinds him to the fact that even last year head2head his team Arlington lost to Soddy but yet Soddy being ranked he sounded like a whiny girl! So how about this, when another team from anywhere in the state wins a state title come back to me at that point, again Soddy themselves have won 4 titles compared to all other public schools outside of Chattanooga have won 3 total with 3 different schools! You aren’t on the Chattanooga level an it pisses you off, so instead of running your moth on a message board, get to work in the room, that’s where champions are made!
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