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  1. You said That Rex chickened out and ran from Cleveland. I literally said that was because Knox offered them to come to Cleveland and wrestle, you said it didn’t say anything about the where and guess what moron! The first dang offer was to come to Cleveland Duals! So maybe quit talking out your as$ when you are that stupid! You can go back and look that entire thread up and see how stupid you looked! You said Rex and Baylor ran and were proven to look stupid, even your own text proved you were an idiot! Thats why no one takes you seriously on here! So run on along Trey Bandwagon
  2. say it! Are you too scared to rep Soddy on here after kissing Clevelands as$ the entire time you post on here! As I said there are some in that gym with you that would love to know who you are on here if you are that close tot he program! So let it fly!
  3. Only one that’s looked a fool on here so often has been you! Made you look a fool for a long time! Even made you look a moron when I said I bet the first thing Knox offered to Baylor to wrestle had to be at home and you said it was never even mentioned lol. You posted the “text” and the first dang thing it said was come to the Cleveland Duals, weeks later was the offer for a dual! You looked a fool then and look one now!
  4. If that’s the case say his name on here, I mean someone think first mistook me back in 2004 for someone good, mistakes can be made. So all he has to do is quit being a chicken and say it for the group! There are plenty of people on Soddy side close to the program that don’t know who it is or hope it’s not who they think!
  5. It would surprise you what your kids talk like when you aren’t around, those the strictest with what you call bad language are usually the worse, from the language they talk to the music they listen to. Hate to tell you that! If rasslinking is to chicken to put his name on here, he can’t be to tough! I think it was you said something about people hiding behind their screen names here. I’ve said mine multiple times since I’ve been on here since 2004(heck maybe before that). I did pro rassle after graduating, it was fun while it lasted, met some good people with it. Even met AJ Styles, was a fun time till injuries start to pile up. Rasslinking was never that, if he was he wouldn’t ever hide his name!
  6. Also I went back and looked since I cant find the video. But Davis was beating Russell at the Keller Classic 3-0 when he got thrown and pinned. That might not happen in folkstyle since after the first TD they wouldn’t have been stood back up to neutral and Russell would have maybe spent 2 mins underneath a 285 lb guy.
  7. Were you? Because you to chicken to say your name on here! We already told you, you didn’t rassle but were you any good at that? Prob not since chicken to say the name!
  8. Dirty mouth lol. Boy you haven’t been in a school it seems in about 40 years! Maybe you don’t need to be sending your kid to a public school at all! I guarantee when you aren’t around they talk just as bad if not worse, I spent a few years in a classroom, my mouth isn’t nearly as bad as your kids or pretty much ANY kids when you aren’t around!
  9. Speak what truth? That there are some good folkstyle wrestlers that aren’t as good at FS or some great FS wrestlers that aren’t as good at folkstyle? and finally I have what? You keep making a fool of yourself, I know a few Soddy people that would love to know your name, are you to chicken to do so?
  10. I guess for you I am going to have to always spell out who is who since reading comprehension isn’t your thing. So I will say this. In Folkstyle which is what high school wrestling is I think the state champs for D2 and single A are Gentle and Davis. I’m not even 100% sure what Russell wins AA, but I do wish them all luck in the coming weeks with good health and great wrestling!
  11. Both as in Russell and Crowder but nice try. Since I was talking about the Powerade tourney. That was I think the very first time I mentioned I thought Davis would beat Russell after I said Gentle would beat him.
  12. Please go and find exactly where I said that Davis beats both…. I will wait because I never did. I said Gentle beats both and that Davis beats Russell. You need to again work on your reading comprehension! You have done that before and had to say you were Wrong so go ahead and do it again because that was never said! But I’ll go back to my original statement that I don’t think Russell has any chance against Gentle. Point blank! Good luck to your Raiders in the coming weeks!
  13. Watched that match, was a good match for Russell for sure. I think when Crowder got his pin it was a close match and not a thrashing. I’ll have to go back and watch it. But again why didn’t Russell pin Crowder at Powerade? Started off on fire with TD’s and letting him go and just faded after that and even gave up a TD.
  14. One was one season, another was another season! If all you want to look at there are several past champions through the past 25 years that would have never done so if the past years results made the next years results! Rasslinking isn’t one of my people, he’s a blowhard and prob is a Cleveland fan, he’s been up in the laps giving them blowies everytime someone says anything about one of their wrestlers. Even ones that would lose for sure he’s came to their rescue, so no one I talked with at Soddy claims him, so maybe he will make his name known! Crowder has wrestled Heavy mostly ALL year long, he was losing 8-1 in 2nd period against Davis win he got pinned, Crowder wrestled Russell at heavy at Powerade and lost 10-6 to Russell. I’m not sure I have another common opponent between them and it seems to me Russell gassed at Powerade which is why he wasn’t able to pin Crowder. That is sometimes what happens when you are not a full 285lb which Russell is not. Davis is a full 285 and Russell would have trouble with him now and I’d take Davis to actually win that match. I also say that Gentle is much better than Davis is much is why I don’t think Russell would have a shot to beat him. Maybe I’m wrong and it sucks we won’t find it out, but we also might find out Russell isn’t the best 285 in AA to begin with just like we might find the same with Davis.
  15. I said I think Gentle would beat them both and Davis would beat Russell. Davis has surprised the heck out of me this season watching him. Absolutely manhandling guys out there while last year he didn’t at all. Heck he didn’t even make state last year, he’s taken a huge step forward. So last years results don’t really matter because Russell wasn’t even a heavy last year, got beat at 195 by Medina. But again, why wasn’t Russell able to pin Crowder at Powerade? Davis didn’t have that same issue. Davis has lost once this season to a guy from Dalton, that same guy got beat by Gentle which again leaves me to believe that Gentle would beat Davis and since Russell couldn’t put Crowder away but Davis did I believe Davis beats Russell. Should be a good time the next few weeks, we will see if all of them even win a state title.
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