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  1. Nope, I have a 5th grader that they are calling me about just like McCallie is trying to get him to come to school there. I know exactly how much I would owe, except for the fact it changes and has lowered each time they call. Hmmm I wonder how that is happening, especially considering I make more now. So dont tell me I don't know something when I am dealing with it right now. I mean I guess some rich person must just be willing to help offset some costs of his education.
  2. 1. I was around for that success in the 2000's as i was helping coach there during it, Soddy also had success in the 80's and 90's and would have won a few more state titles if not for the Bradley juggernaut teams at that time which would not even wrestle the privates. So don't tell me he ran off the reason they were good during that time period. Now if you want to say losing Turner hurt the program a lot that is probably a true statement but even Rabbit wrestled for RED BANK before he transferred over and Soddy was successful before that point even winning the first ever large division state title with Henry at the helm. Now if it was my team after Henry retired Shane would have been coaching the team, but lets not pretend he would have stayed there, I love Shane but he didn't even stay at Boyd for a minute. As my example earlier even Yost (you know a Soddy boy) left Cleveland while winning state titles to coach at McCallie (head coach in waiting) because public schools cannot come close to paying what a private school can. So again please try and give me a history lesson, because it won't work for you. 2. TSSAA rules have NOTHING against a private school having a youth wrestling program so that's not a real excuse, as a matter a fact they could actually offer it for free and bring in kids that might not be able to afford the sport and maybe build up some really good younger wrestlers. I mean the endowment is huge there, spend a little bit and get it done. 3. EVERY sport has its kids that are studs and they are given leeway on their transgressions. I have seen it in wrestling in private schools while not as much in public. I mean one former Soddy wrestler that was a placer and very well going to be a state champ was kicked off because of getting caught with weed, seen the same in private school kids where daddies money kept mouths shut. Also please don't even try and make all these private school wrestlers are there because of being so bright they need the best education, it would probably take me a few days to get their grades and what classes they take and when I was around these places in the mid 2000's wrestlers and football players were not taking hard classes and passing with all A's either. Just like with big time NCAA schools there are some really bright kids brought in that are elite but there are also some real morons that can barely tie their shoes there doing just enough with their tutors to pass to stay eligible. 4. Sure there are and again I stand by my statement the school can get what you pay brought down to what you want to pay very easily as I have a kid that isn't even elite in sports about to go into middle school that we have talked to both these schools as well as Boyd on him going to school there. But how about this, NotSurprised, you are right, there is no advantages for private schools. So answer me this, why are people if there are no advantages sports wise where privates across the nation usually have to have their own classifications stupid enough to pay above the costs of some college education to send their kids to private schools? Before you say academics I say BS, I spent time teaching in both, a smart kid is going to be a smart kid no matter where he goes to get his education. My son went to Soddy, he had a full ride to many schools and a 31 on the ACT, his younger brother will probably do the exact same thing and after all those years if I had sent them to private I would have saved tons of money sending him to public schools that I can spend on his college OR if he gets a free ride like my oldest I can spend on myself. Never have really understood why people think they have to go to a private school for a great education. As long as you the parent stay involved and help them to grow and learn a public school can be just as good academically. I guess sports wise neither of mine will ever get to walk in everyday to play inside the SAC or walk onto a college like campus like both McCallie and Baylor, but I also get to race cars and spend that saved money elsewhere.
  3. Again, I don't mind the recruiting that Baylor, McCallie or any of the other privates do. As stated above it raises TN wrestling up to a higher level I am all for it. HOWEVER to think that not having an elementary school is an impediment to that shows ignorance! As you stated before it seems they had a great program many years ago and no longer have that. Also there are so many ways around how much a kid qualifies for when it comes to financial aid that it's not even funny, that is the reason both state pretty much exactly this same statement "need is determined by School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) and by Baylor’s Financial Aid Committee." Do you know why they put "Baylor's Financial Aid Committee?" Plus both also have day and boarding school student scholarships in which the school themselves are in charge of handing out. Read the rules for TSSAA and let me know if those also are allowed by TSSAA for the athlete to still be eligible. RMC, yes your nephew would have wrestled for Soddy Daisy and been a state champ for Soddy Daisy DANG good wrestler!
  4. You do know that Steve Henry is the Principal at Soddy Daisy high do you not? So to say that he doesn't prioritize wrestling at Soddy would be one of the most idiotic things I have seen on this site! Also Yes back in the day Baylor did have a pretty good kids club, but I don't see that anymore and not having an elementary school does nothing to change the fact they no longer do considering I have MANY friends that their children SWIM with their elementary age kids club swimming program while there are many other swim programs around here. Same can be said for McCallie, heck my kid goes to summer camp there and participates in soccer camp as well as academic ones like 3D printing and CAD drawings for engineering. They just do not care to have a program when they can pick kids up from other clubs to wrestle once they reach that age. I mean do you not think either school has enough alumni now to have a complete wrestling kids program? Heck most of Soddy's wrestling club now are parents I graduated from in 99. Also, do not tell me that privates do not have huge advantages, they can pick and choose exactly who they want in their schools(and how much they pay, and for anyone that wants to fight about this I have stood in the rooms with those at both big private schools here and was told how to get around filling out that "financial aid" qualification form as well as the other day and boarding scholarships they offer). Do you think Hardy who helped McCallie win a state title this year was there because of his shockingly good grades and great behavior? He was already kicked out of Baylor for his actions and I can promise you his grades are not all that good (just good enough to get him into college and that's about it). He is at that school just like a ton of their athletes because he can play a sport, not grades or anything else and ALSO if what he had done at Baylor had been at a public school he would have been kicked off his high school team and never played again. Instead we had the old privates cover up the misdeeds and he was kicked off just to turn up over at McCallie. Privates for sure can get away with a lot more of that and covering up compared to a public school and all because of their big prize sports!
  5. If I cared anything about grammar I wouldn’t be on a wrestling board at all. Considering you have a pro wrestling pic as your profile you probably aren’t very smart to begin with good grammar or not!
  6. Tell me how many of those there was because I would bet you they didn't split it because of what you are saying! So to back that up please bring out the facts because again that's not at all what I heard from some coaches on the reason for the split for all college divisions and I can go back and look up all the champs and it's littered with wrestlers from Oklahoma, Okie State, Iowa and what not and it has grown exceedingly even more the past few years. I mean if you think UTC can recruit even close to the same caliber wrestler that Penn State or Iowa or Ohio State can I am not sure that you are all there. There's a much bigger difference between the private schools compared to big and large school. One which can actually house their students, pay their coaching staffs handsomely (or why do you think Yost jumps from Cleveland to McCallie?) they have as much room in some of their athletic centers compared to some schools have in their entire building(I trained in the SAC so I promise I understand what it means to a kid walking into that beautiful building compared to walking into the Soddy Daisy wrestling arena which is probably older than you are.) oh and also let me know how many wrestlers the kids club for both McCallie and Baylor have in them because I have seen you as well as a lot of supposedly knowledgeable people on here State that youth wrestling is the lifeblood for a school to be competitive and in my 25 plus years in wrestling in TN as well as North Georgia I haven't seen a ton of youth kids developed through a youth program for one of those private schools. Now I do with Father Ryan and to a point now CBHS, but seems like to me Baylor and McCallie wait until the kids are developed and go out and pick them up when the hard work for years has been put through.
  7. The same thing on why most D2 or FCS schools don’t play or wrestle against D1. I mean heck why do they have divisions in college at all for wrestling, I mean they should all be the same and all wrestle together for one trophy!
  8. Woodland has an enrollment of 1575 or about so right around where Cleveland has, so yes they would be a large school in TN, it’s just because GA has some schools that have over 3k students is why they are not in the highest classification while Collins Hill is. Also it seems in GA the power switches every few years on who the best is depending I am guessing on coaching. CH back before you ever came along in late 90’s ran roughshod over people even into the 2000’s. Buford took a turn and some others took a turn ever since. Unlike with Bradley and Cleveland pretty much taking the reigns in TN with a Soddy thrown in for good measure(I think since 1998 only two teams from outside Chattanooga area has won a AAA or when only 2 split a non private school team title and that was Clarksville in 2000 and Franklin in 05). Also if you don’t think Privates don’t have an unfair advantage I don’t know what to tell you. If they didn’t why is your son there at McCallie and why is your best friends son going to Blair? Both private schools and one in which the school recruited an athlete from Over 700 miles away! In my best ESPN voiceover C’mon Man!
  9. Sadly they did not, but I agree with Matt, Woodland Cartersville would easily be a test if not beat Baylor, they won the 5A 47-15 in the finals and they also beat Collins hill 56-18 this past season. They are tough as nails and they killed it at the McCallie Tourney.
  10. I am guessing if these great beautiful campuses did nothing to recruit people we should tell D1 schools to quit, they are wasting their time with these multi million facility upgrades. heck I would almost bet McCallies Sports and Activites Center is bigger than a lot of schools. You dang right if I could afford it my son would be going there, so let’s not pretend public and private schools are apples to apples at all.
  11. Maybe back in the day Collins Hill, but pretty sure Baylor would have slapped them around this season. Baylor was loaded and I think they would also have had a shot with Camden. As far as the rest of the state, Camden isn’t even close to the biggest school in your state and still would have the highest student population of any TN high school, Collins Hill would be about 1000 more than our highest Collierville. Now maybe if you said Jefferson I would agree, they of course would still be considered a big school in TN instead of a AAA school as they are in Georgia. But again still not sure which if any GA teams would have beaten baylor this year.
  12. I agree, looking at him on track he done very well this year and I think he beats Mason Smith, just not sure he beats Bowers. Looks like Dalon pinned Evan Anthony and beat Hurst also, so he would be a tough out for sure!
  13. Very true, we had the same issues with “travel soccer” huge amounts of money I finally just got tired of paying. I will say that Chattanooga area for sure is blessed with some very generous donors to give back but Lord knows both Memphis and Nashville have more Millionaires compared to Nooga area, maybe someone should start beating some bushes to see if an ex wrestler or even someone who just loves the sport will come out with some money. And yes the end of this is a joke
  14. Ethan didn’t win 106, I agree with most yours except Jackson Bond, I think Thomas beats him and prob pretty badly. I know it was at 120 but Luke Belcher from Bradley pinned him and I think Thomas beats Belcher.
  15. So far I have- 1-9 2-2 3-2 4-22 5-10 6-19 7-10 8-10 hopefully that is correct
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