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  1. Same here, I was in college and away from home at 17, have never understood why anyone would do this, it’s wrestling and it’s very hard to make a living doing so after you are done with the sport unless you stay to coach and heck you can do that even if you didn’t graduate high school at 19 almost 20. Of course the same thing happens in college where they take an Olympic year, a redshirt year and if that got the Covid year they could be pretty old(college age that is) and still wrestling college.
  2. 106 - I'll take Lane in this, kid's going to be a stud when he gets into high school wherever that might be 113 - Ritchie- Been working hard with boom ranch and minions, think its time he beats Tran 120 - Jakob- Should be a really good match 126 - Uhorchuk 132 - Little 145 - Desselle 152 - Deane 160 - Norman 215 - Szymborski
  3. cobrakid8


    Yep, known Jordan for a very long time, prob before about anyone around here since I went to church with him when they first moved into Chattanooga. But there have been plenty that live out on Lookout Mnt and even Signal that wouldn't be worth spitting on if they were on fire that went to McCallie or Baylor, heck a few I knew went to both. So yeah, quite a few out there that are just absolute a-holes, heck its much more common for them to be an a-hole with a much smaller population compared to those that went to public schools. You must have went to a private school and hate being called out for your a-hole behavior, is that it LOL. Also by the way do you want to know the 2 best wrestlers we have had come out of TN what they have in common? Not that they went to private schools but that their dads were both COACHES and their dads are both really good guys also! But I'm not talking about the kids that go to these schools, I am talking about the adults they lots of times turn into when they grow up. Like I said, lots and lots of self entitled brats that think they hung the moon and again plenty that think they are above the law. Guess the one good thing I have seen and learned from wrestling is that it really instills so many good life lessons that can overshadow the a-holeness that comes from private school education that supposedly is so much better than that of a public school.
  4. cobrakid8


    I work with many and also helped quite a few and hired a few, sorry you can think whatever you want but person to person richy-richy people are a-holes more than those that are not as well off, the funny thing is those that go for things like sports end up picking up some of those same bad habits of looking down at people. I spent a really good amount of time in ALL kinds of different schools including privates when going through for my education degree, heck even spent time in an alternative school lol. So yeah the private school kids can be real A-holes and stuck up individuals. Just like a lot of them think they are above the law when they get into trouble with the law. So yeah they can go and get a good education at Baylor, but they can get a good education at any school in the country as long as someone is willing to put the effort into it. I had the chance and spent a few days at a private school back when I was in school, transferred my happy butt back to my public school, both my kids had a chance to go to a private school, but it's just not worth the squeeze for me(of course one size doesn't fit all) but at the same time someone doesn't say that going to Baylor will make a better person out of someone or make them reach their full potential, sorry that comes from the person putting their effort into things in their life, has nothing to do where you went to school. Plain and simple if they did transfer they did it for wrestling and in the end good luck to them, but lets not pretend its for a better education, its to take advantage of a school that pours a huge amount of money into all their sports.
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    this is true also LOL
  6. cobrakid8


    I, for one, think it's a good move for the Norman kids. Baylor's schedule is one a the best in the southeast and I think they will be pushed academically & athletically to be better versions of themselves. It's a tough go for DB but likely, really good for the kids. This is what he said above, so to be pushed athletically thats most likely completely true, but he did say pushed academically and to push to be better versions of themselves. Yeah, not sure any of that is true, I've ran into MANY a-holes that graduated from private schools even more so than those that graduated from public schools, usually its the sense of entitlement that comes from them. So yeah he did state academically. So I think it just needs to state they will be pushed to be better athletically and be better wrestling versions of themselves, although I think they still would get that from DB or any school they went to since they have spent the blood sweat and tears to get to where they are.
  7. cobrakid8


    please don't take this the wrong way, but just going to Baylor isn't going to get you a quality education! I've coached kids from a lot of different schools back when I used to help, I have a kid that could have went to Baylor, I've had plenty of friends with Baylor and even McCallie children and you first have to take advantage of the education you get and that goes with ANY school! I know kids from Cleveland(not wrestlers) that are in the TVAC program and they will graduate from high school itself with a 2 year associates degree already as a high school senior. Girlfriends daughter doesn't even attend classes at Cleveland anymore because of the program and she will be at MTSU to finish her 2 years there for her BS in education and still be 19-20 years old. My son is a freshman and is in a program that will teach him how to code, how to run computer systems and by the time he graduates he will be able to step into a job(last year they had 100% job placement) OR he can go into college with pretty much an associates degree! You can go to pretty much ANY public school and get a very good education AND go to about any college you want as long as you put the time and effort in to take advantage of the education! You don't have to leave home and stay on campus as a 14-15 year old by yourself(yes I know they have house masters) but you don't have to have that to get a GREAT QUALITY education, I've seen many morons graduate from Baylor and McCallie(I work with quite a few LOL) just as I have from any school out there. The reason they usually do better is you have to usually pay very good money to send your kid there, so parents stay very involved in their child's education. I mean my oldest graduated 3 years ago from a public school, 31 ACT score and plenty of offers to go to a college he wanted to attend(Ga Tech, FSU and a plenty others).
  8. if you count the girls we actually have 14, but I am only counting 12 on the boys side so where am I missing? U16 FS- 5 U16 GR-6 Jr FS- 1 Jr GR-0 U16 Girls-2 U16 showed out this weekend, but good job by ALL the wrestlers that took their time to represent TN at Fargo!
  9. it really was, I don't think they beat last years record if they keep at this pace, juniors took it on the chin for sure, so hopefully the U16 can make some noise for TN like they did in FS
  10. Looks like his stuff says he wrestles for Wyoming Seminary
  11. Dang, that's a large cut from 107.4 to 94lbs(I actually show the weight he had for weigh-ins at TN U16 Freestyle was 92) for Jose, did he get really sick during "off-season?"
  12. What's the most Team TN wrestlers to get stop signs in one year? I'd never heard of Regan before, but I see he's another that went out of state to wrestle
  13. Looking at the brackets am I right that those in the condo’s have to win at least 1 more match to place? Of course those in semi’s are now AA’s.
  14. he's been a slow starter today but turns it on later in the match. Dupill just won, Chase Walker just won, William Phillips just won in the conso's. Some more coming up, Team TN has been great representatives and wrestling their hearts out!
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