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  1. MaVsSoCkR3

    Anderson County @ Knox West

    I'm not finding the game on knoxivi.com Anyone know where to find it?
  2. MaVsSoCkR3

    AC vs. Powell

    Mavs pull it off!!! AC 24- Powell 21. Congrats AC, keep it rolling all the way to state!
  3. MaVsSoCkR3

    M. West vs AC Mavs

    AC comes back to win... 36-29. Will meet Powell in the 2nd round. Should be a great rematch.
  4. MaVsSoCkR3

    M. West vs AC Mavs

    At the half- Mo. West 26 - AC 14. Upset in the making... hope AC pulls it out in the second half.
  5. MaVsSoCkR3

    M. West vs AC Mavs

    14-10 AC @ end of first.
  6. Have played soccer all my life, and some in college. Continue to play for a club team now. Coached a U12 team and wanting to get back to coaching. High school or middle; head or assistant. Would like to stay in East Tennessee area. If any positions are available or if anyone is interested please contact me at [email protected]
  7. MaVsSoCkR3

    anderson county vs stone memorial

    anyone know the score of the game?
  8. MaVsSoCkR3

    Region 2 district 4

    definitely does. thanks.
  9. MaVsSoCkR3

    Region 2 district 4

    anyone know anything about post season yet? Trying to catch some district games.
  10. Jeremy Chesney, Asst. baseball coach of Pigeon Forge High school and graduate from Anderson County High School, was killed in a car accident Sunday afternoon. Please pray for the strength of the families and friends dealing with this tragedy.
  11. MaVsSoCkR3

    Smoky Mountain Invitational Tournament

    I played at Anderson County a few years back and had the chance to go to a few practices this year. Their front side of the field has some very talented players but they are missing the team aspect of it. The back line plays well together but is missing the talent that is up front. Coach Woodfin is an excellent coach and always expects the most from his teams. AC will bring determination and speed....CAK is always very skilled and well coached. Should be a great game. Good luck to both.
  12. MaVsSoCkR3

    Best Trash Talker

    eddie came and looked around at etsu. hadnt heard anything else though...