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  1. They would be in different division now because they have grown so much, there division would be MBA, Brentwood Academy, Ensworth, Father Ryan, Pope John Paul, McCallie, Webb. Thats a lil different than before. As far as the game goes Catholic is extremely physical and should be a good game for football fans.
  2. You missed my whole point, Irishbball was downing a public high school and I was simply stating they get to choose who enters there school and public schools don't, 8 to 15 % of kids in public schools are on free lunch; wonder how many go to Catholic: probably the same amount of special ed kids that go there ZERO, Catholic has over 600 kids, if they played in the same private division Webb did they would be going .500 every year, and as far as traditon goes when has Anderson County ever won anything in Football or any other sports beside volleyball.
  3. You might be right. There are more opportunities at Catholic, but no matter how u slice it, it is still a private school. At Kingston they play with players they get, Kingston doesn't get a choice on who enters their school and Catholic along with every other private school does. State law says if you live in the district you gotta take that kid, not the same for Catholic they can pick and choose athletes and students they want. The coaches may not recruit but the facilities and opportunities makes kids wanna go there. Basically the school recruits itself. As far as not teaching grammar and how to spell, if I recall your Head Coach and Dean of Discipline are Roane County School System graduates , I think they do alright for themselves. You would rather be at Catholic ok that's your choice but don't knock public schools, not everyone can afford Catholic. I like public schools they represent community involvement and tradition and thats why Kingston will have more people there Friday. By the way this is a football board not basketball, what you gonna bring up next Catholic girls softball, oh probaly not since your football wins double those to.
  4. Once again Ram Fan you are right you are so smart, your right, there are some 1a schools that could possibly beat Kingston; so what you wanna cookie; and as I recall Alcoa has been the second best team in the state for 4 years running, what a great comparison, Harriman played a great game last night, emotions were high and they were ready to play but they came up short, It's hard to beat a team 17 times in a row, so it's still a win. And as far as all them 1a schools Oneida and Hampton both should be 2a, and I would like to see any of those teams play Kingstons schedule and come out with a winning record Alcoa and South Pitt would be the only two, But I expect comments like that to come from a guy who probably never played football and ended up playing the tuba in high school. So whoever you cheer for; whether it's Tyner or Rockwood little league rams Good Luck and blow that tuba proud and loud.
  5. Yea I know Kingston and Midway played in 87 and 88, I played in both those games, Midway couldn't beat Rockwood last year, so I don't know what you base your opinions on, and that 88 Midway team was probably their best ever, your right Kingston did play better teams back then but they also had better talent, there were only 3 divisions back then and private played in the same regions as public. I'm not saying Kingston's non-region games are tough but they already play in the toughest region in football, I don't hear you talking about Maryville, or Catholic, y don't they go play Brentwood and MBA. up until last year Catholic was playing Wartburg. Just call Fulmer and ask him y does he play Southern Miss and Wyoming every year. These county rivalries are priceless. I wouldn't trade them for anything, I had a blast competing against my friends from other county schools, they have played for 50 years I hope they always play county teams.
  6. Well since you know so much, what's the score gonna be tomorrow night that way everyone can stay at home and not worry about going to the game and as far as you knowing Kingston football , well you should know not to make crazy statements like Midway beating them, you said the results will be the same well maybe, but thats why they play the season smart guy.
  7. That's funny "queenston" , you guys crack me up. But whats even more funny is that you probably wasn't even born the last time Kingston lost to Harriman.
  8. Hey Ram Fan as usual you don't know anything, Kingston didn't play ooltewah back in the 90's , if your gonna say stupid things at least get the facts right, it doesn't matter if Kingston is 3a and Harriman is 1a, the community loves to watch the county teams play and as far as having a tough non region games , thats makes a lot of sense to travel to play a bigger school when these programs survive off the gate money, lets see I can play william blount and make 6,000 in gate money or play rockwood and make 15,000 thats an easy decision for me. What about the fact that Kingston is one of the smallest 3a school in the state, and the smallest in there region, 700 kids compared to AC's 1200 Fulton 960 and Catholics 500 without the multiplier and as far as Midway beating Kingston be real now , I think Midway has a good football team but they r not gonna beat Kingston.
  9. Your right Dana Puckett was the guard and Amy Morton('89) was the post; I was wrong about her playing D-1, although she had offers from Tennessee Tech and MTSU she tore her ACL and ended up accepting a scholarship to Carson Newman. She was one of the best shooting post to ever play there.
  10. I will agree that 1 or 2 players could have played but I don't think would have started, when I went to school there the girls won the district, region or went to the state tournament all 4 years when I was in high school. The point guard and one of the post signed D-1 scholarships; now I don't know if that will ever happen again, but If I recall you offered a lot of advice to this team during the season about what scheme to run and certain strategies and personnel to play right here on this board, Especially during district tournaments, so maybe your the one who knows everything and can fix the problems.
  11. I have read a few post on this board and I agree with some and disagree with some, even though I agree losing does not help maintain a positive attitude, but if I had a kid that acted the way some of these players act then I wouldn't wait for the coach to do something I would not be letting her play. If I would have acted like a punk during a high school game my dad would have yanked me out and not allowed me to play the next game, kingston lead the league in technical fouls because of running their mouth to the official. The way some of the players act is ridiculous and I know that falls back on the coach but parents have to take some responsibility also. As far these girls playing college ball: Not to many post players 5'9 in college. Kingston has had a lot of great girl basketball teams over the years but only a handful have played college ball, this game has evolved so much the last 15 years it 's getting harder to play at the next level.
  12. 5193


    Of course they are limited fundamentally. But that is not always a effect of coaching, sometimes; but not always. You can teach any kid fundamentals but usually the ones that are more athletic and talented catch on quicker and are better at boxing out or a bounce pass, my point is if your playing against a team with more talent and just as fundamentally sound; they're gonna win against the team less talented. Kingston's problem is they don't have depth and they cannot score, they are holding opponents to 45 to 55 points, which is not bad, but only scoring 30 to 35, hard to win ballgames scoring that many points.
  13. 5193


    Have you seen this team play? If you haven't I suggest you go watch them. They play at home Friday night, a man with your basketball experience should be able to recognize if this team has talent or not.
  14. 5193


    Are you a coach? I think coaches should take some of the responsibility but not all of it, just like when you win, there is one thing you cant do is make someone have talent, but you can make talent better, if this team wins 15 games next year the athletic department or the coach is not even an issue, and yes Kingston does have a sixth period athletics. It's a Coaches responsibility to put kids in the best situation to be successful on and off the court, cant make kids participate; 20 years ago maybe but not today , of course if you are a coach and are around high school kids then you already know that.
  15. 5193


    Your example of Austin Clark and Mike Snow is not a very good one. Austin Clark started at UT and Mike Snow played for the university of TN Chattanooga, do u know when the last time a player from Kingston went D-1, if you recall let me know. Those teams in the 60's and 70's had so much talent, Kingston was good in every sport, Kids are different, teachers are different and the community is different. Plemons works hard at coaching he is just in his second year, this team has 1 senior and 2 juniors. Since you have so much experience you need to come and watch this team play and judge for yourself, better yet come up and put an application in, maybe with your experience they would be undefeated.
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