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  1. ECS Sophomore Emily Lytle. 6 foot shooting guard averaging 16 PPG (55% FG% and 80% from FT line), 6 Reb., 2 stls. and 2 assts. Can play all 5 positions.
  2. Last call for teams interested. We now have 9 teams and will draw brackets over Thanksgiving so if you are interested you must send in registration over next three days. Following are the teams thus far: ECS Fayette Academy FCA Nighthawks St. George's Collierville Ripley, TN Brighton St. Agnes MHEA Link to flyer in first post above.
  3. Now have 8 teams. With tryouts Monday and Tuesday we are expecting a bunch of additional entries this week. Please get your registration forms and payment in ASAP to secure your spot. Link to flyer above.
  4. I just found it! http://www.tssaa.org...ok/football.pdf It is the cutoff between playoff class 2A and 3A that is also the cutoff for regular season class A versus AA (there are two playoff classes in each regular season class). This is projected by the TN sports writers to be about 528. Indian is correct.
  5. I wasn't aware that there was a different classification for regular season versus playoff classes. Where can one find those and will that show us where the 525 comes from?? I've seen projections from some TN sports writers showing a 361 cutoff projected for D1 "A" versus "2A". So this is NOT the number we should look at to determine what cutoff will be used to split up D2???
  6. ECS will again be hosting it's annual Girls JV tourney on December 19th thru 22nd at it's Legacy Center gym located at 7600 Macon Road, Cordova, TN. Entry fee is $180 and you are guaranteed 3+ games. Last year's participants included: Collierville JV, Fayette Academy JV, St. Agnes JV, MHEA JV, ECS JV, Westminster, FCA Nighthawks, Brighton JV, Briarcrest JV, White Station JV, Bartlett JV, Louisville, KY and St. Georges JV. We will close registration once we reach at least 12 paid teams and no more than 16 teams. Click on this link for flyer, contact and payment info.: http://www.ecseagles...urney_Flyer.pdf
  7. Collinwood had good size as well.
  8. Can't believe they would use a coin toss instead of net point spread between the tied teams (with max of +-13)? This needs to be changed for the future.
  9. Why would anyone use a coin toss when they could use head to head record and then head to head net point spread amongst tied teams (with max of +-13)? Coin toss makes no sense when you could do this. What am I missing?
  10. Kayla Keys from Memphis Harding Academy.
  11. Only room for one more team. Now have 11 paid teams as White Station JV is committed: *ECS (Evangelical Christian School) *Briarcrest JV *Collierville JV *St. Georges JV *Westminster *FCA Knighthawks JV *MHEA JV *Fayette Academy JV *St. Agnes JV *Brighton JV *White Station JV *your team? Call 901-277-1444 asap to grab the last spot!!
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