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  1. Knowing Bobby Sharp as I do, I also know that he would welcome me asking for you all to remember him in prayer. Coach Sharp begins treatments for his illness today and has a lengthy treatment process ahead of him. I am proud of what he has accomplished as a football coach at LCHS but am more proud to call him a brother in Christ. He and his wife are people of strong faith and they believe in the power of prayer. Bobby is one year older than me, still a fairly young man by today's standards, and his journey makes all of us realize that sickness is something that will come to most of us. He has a genuine love for people, especially his current and former players and has made many sacrifices to help those in need over the years and now we can all join together and pray for him and Sue daily. I know I will and I hope you will join me in doing so.
  2. Tonight's game was a great one. Goodpasture went up 28-14 with about 5 minutes left in the game and it would have been easy to fold the tent but Lewis County showed a lot of character in coming back and scoring to make it 28-21, then holding the Cougars and getting the ball back with less than a minute to go. The Panthers drove from their own 40 to the Cougar 20 yard line with 13 seconds left. A final pass play was stopped at the 8 yard line as time expired and it wound up 28-21. And now for observations... Goodpasture has an exceptional team and Cunningham will no doubt puinch his ticket to D-1. They also have great character and class. It was refreshing to see these two teams show mutual respect and sportsmanship during the game. In games like these, no one could ever be satisfied losing but the facts are that someone wins and someone loses. On this night, the Cougars wound up a little better and advance. They have a lot of talent, excellent skill people and good line play and should have a fine chance of continuing on. I have left a lot of seasons being totally frustrated with the outcome, tonight, that is not the case. We left nothing on the field and gave great effort all night. The Cougars were a lot deeper than we were and it took its toll on occasion. But when the time came that we could have laid down in the fourth quarter, we showed true character and came within a few yards of scoring near the end. I am extremely proud of our team and coaches for giving all they had and never quitting. People can talk about our schedule all they want and they can also talk about one and done but folks around the program know that this year was a special bunch and they have brought a lot of joy and excitement to our community. They fought to the very end and simply got beat by a team that was a little better and there is absolutely no shame in that. God gives us all kinds of tests in life to see how we react. Life is not always about winning but sometimes it is about building character, faith, teamwork, love and family. I thought that both teams exhibited so much of what high school football should be about tonight. And I know that the Panther team made some remarkable progress since week zero, not only as a football team but also as young men and a close knit group of friends. I give God thanks for him giving me the chance to be a part of this season and see these young men grow. and wish them nothing but success as they journey through life.
  3. A tad bit of jealousy showing through with that post?
  4. Observations: Lewis County was penalized 13 times for over 100 yards. Waverly 5 for 44. The officiating was horrid and I mean that for both sides. Waverly had a player injured and the officials called their coaches out to check on him. They helped him off and the head linesman asked the Waverly coach if he was going to call a timeout, he said no. He asked him again and he said no, I am not. The ref then flagged him... crazy! On one of our dozen plus penalties, Coach Sharp was pointing across the field at the flag lying on the ground when the side judge told him not to be pointing at him! Coach Sharp told him he was pointing at the flag and he told him not get smart with him. I watched the game from under the goal posts and witnessed this kind of behavior from these two men all night, on both sides of the field. I am not telling anyone that we didn't commit 13 infractions, I am telling everyone that both teams put up with ridiculous behavior from the officiating all night long. I thought Waverly was one of the toughest teams we had faced. They were the most physical team we have played. They were far from the team we had beaten earlier in the season. They had a few bad breaks or could have made it closer. And yes, they did drop several passes in the opening quarter but I thought our defense really stepped it up afterwards. Our ground game continues to look really strong with over 300 yards again tonight. Congrats to Waverly for your playoff appearance and good luck next year. You truly did make great strides.
  5. Places to eat in Hohenwald --- Rio Grande or Rio Colorado (Mexican downtown), San Antonio Grill (Tex-Mex on 412 East by Wal Mart) Rong Garden (Chineese buffet downtown) Snappys Pizza (downtown) Pizza Hut on 412 East. Junkyard Dog (Steak house downtown), General Cafe (Southern foods downtown), Big Johns BBQ (412 East) Subway (Across from court house) Hardees, McDonalds and Sonic all on 412 East
  6. I believe the year was 2002. Lewis County had played Harpeth early in the season and romped over them in a no contest. We played them early in the playoffs and really had no reason to expect nothing but the same. We felt confident that they could not stop our offense and as the game progressed, they didn't. We ran for well over 300 yards and scored 35 points. What we didn't expect was that Harpeth was going to develop a pasing game between the two games that was going to give us fits. They aired it out, exploited our weakness and threw for over 300 yards and we escaped with a 35-28 victory. I feel our team has gotten better every week this season and right now we are playing very well. I also know that Waverly has improved as well. I also know that they are throwing the ball very well. Honestly, I am not sure that Waverly can stop our ground game with consistency. But I also fear the Tigers ability to throw the ball. I do not expect another 37-0 game. I suspect that Waverly will be a much more formidable opponent this time around. Now back to my rest.
  7. Thanks, trying to finish a story and thats the only one I didn't have.
  8. Your rant would probably hold more water if we had lost to someone other than a team we had already beaten. You are engaging in an argument that is not logical. I deal in facts not hypothesis.
  9. Just one thing.. There is not much differance in a private school and open-zoned public schools. They can both pick and choose from a larger base. Carry on.One other thing, I wouldn't be so quick to assume that Goodpasture moves to round three. Camden has a fine team and they are playing at home. I wish them all the best!
  10. Have any of our devoted Lewis County fans ever heard of locker room material? Why don't you see if you can give the Bulldogs some more while your at it. I know your love for the Panthers runs deep but try and stay civil and stop making outlandish predictions. You're just helping the opponent with motivation, not that they need any extra. The two teams are about as evenly matched as can be. I don't see either team beating the other by 20 plus points. I can tell you this much, usually in games like this, the team that lost the first time has an advantage the second time around. It is very difficult beating a really good team twice in a single season. It can be done, just look at Goodpasture/CPA but look at how much closer it was the second meeting. I would like to see both teams keep it civil and show some class. The two schools are both great teams, and both have a legitimate shot at going deep into the playoffs. Let's try and respect the two programs this week,,, hey?
  11. I don't think Hickman County is in danger of heading back to Class 4-A any time soon.
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