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  1. 50-14 BA. That's pretty close to what I expected. Best of luck to the Irish the rest of the year!
  2. I would miss the heck out of him at BA, but I completely agree.
  3. I was a BA sixth-grader that year. I'll never forget Tito Lee's game-winning run. We were sitting next to his mom and she was overjoyed.
  4. Can you believe that until tonight, Brentwood Academy had never beaten MBA in a state title game? In the Eagles' long history, this is one of their greatest wins.
  5. Pure class as always. Props to the Big Red for a stellar performance.
  6. Brentwood Academy head coach Cody White is a superb coach and a better man. I am ELATED for him and these kids. MBA is a fierce rival. It's always special to beat them because they're extremely well-coached and talented. Great season for the Big Red. It's great to be an Eagle.
  7. I'm thankful neither team won state on that debacle.
  8. Tennessee's best prep football classification has been given Tennessee's worst officials.
  9. No matter how this one ends...man, it was a classic. Both teams should be incredibly proud.
  10. Why don't personal fouls grant automatic first downs in prep football?
  11. I am eager for tonight's game and expect to witness a close contest. Nobody has a more explosive offense than BA, but Baylor proved its resiliency and toughness in the last meeting. The Eagles may have the talent edge, but both teams are well-coached enough to pull out the win. I think we'll see some points scored tonight. I'll put the over-under at 65.5. BA 37, Baylor 28.
  12. Dominant performance by the Eagles. Their coaching staff had them very well prepared. MBA will learn from the defeat. We'll hear from them again this year.
  13. Ensworth has an exceptional football program with great coaching and strong administration. Mercy-ruling them is big, even if they're down. And they appear to be way down this year. Great job, Eagles. I'm proud of the players and the coaching staff.
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